Friday, September 30, 2011

End Month Figures

Managed to just tip over the £6k mark in the end (barring a drunk 2am session 2moz !!!) and finished at £6,015

Last session was nuts.  Was playing hu 30/60 hi lo limit for 2 hours, 45minutes of that on 2 tables.   Went +$500, then down $1,100 before finishing about +$300.  Sooooo tired now though, it really took it out of me.  Busy day 2moz but no poker thankfully !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finish It Like I Started

Since Monday i just cant seem to lose on cash tables.   Im probably an obscene amount above ev, its exactly how i started the month as well.  I havent even been playing large numbers of tables but fish have been around a lot and the situations u want against them just seem to occur a lot !   Yesterday maybe broke my days record from earlier in month (havent checked what that was) as i made almost £1,200 as well as clearing a £375 bonus.  Think it was about £600 day b4 and today its around £400. 

Still amazingly im a bit disappointed though as i entered 2 mtt on ongame for their gsop series.  Obv both hi lo $55rebuy and $5 rebuy.    After 5 hours i bust both within 15 minuters of each other to finish 25th/399 and 25th/660odd for only $200 profit.   Didnt enjoy it at all as really tired and wouldnt have played tonight if these werent on.  Still i guess it was worth it all the same for the cash games alongside as well. 

I wont play at all Friday as busy and tommorrow maybe just in the evening based on how i feel now.  Barring a -£400 day tommorrow it will be my 2nd best month of the year so far and its currently at £5,631.  Hoping for a +£4,000 month next month before i take half of November off to lie on a beach in St Maaten. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drunk Poker Escapades

Right ive no idea wtfs goin on but i think i just lost a shed load then got a load back, maybe more ?   i know i won a big pot on 5/10 but i lost a lot of allins before that so dnnno wat stats are.   gonna tally up now im think it was a big escape neway.

Yeh big escape hope i dont play anymore 2nite.   TBH its a massive escape i was just hrowing it around .    stop nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tough Comeback Day

Started ok today making £100 first session then the 2nd session destroyed me.  I basically did fine on all tables apart from the one 2/4 table i had going where i lost 4 allins for £200 a go pots where i had 50%ev or bettor in the pot when the cash went in.   Licked my wounds finding myself below £2,500 on the month and wondering if there was a low point at which i should ban myself from anything other than sngs for the rest of the month.

Had a long dinner break and fortunately it came back together in the evening.  It wasnt on as big stakes so it felt like really good grinding winning sessions and by the end of the night (10mins ago) i can see im sitting -£20 on the day (LOL) at +£3,071.   Thats fine, ive put in near 10 hours today so rakeback will easily more than cover that anyway.

Unsure of weekend plans, i expect volume to suffer as usual and it will do me good to have at least one whole day off anyway.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WCOOP 51 - $320 pl hi lo (in running)

Wasnt sure about this one after a shocking day yesterday but ive made about the buyin on cash games earlier and took a couple of hours off to see if i was up for it.  Just logged in at 7pm and missed 1 min of play but got there for my first hand to hit nut nut and get a healthy 800 added to my 5k starting stack, hopefully its a good sign.  Just hope i dont lose in cash games alongside, heres a to a long night with any luck !

after first hour i had peaked at 7500.  just been slipping back since and now 5k again :(    All decent hands came in first 15mins really !!!    as i write this im committing to a Q43 rainbow flop with AQ38 but mateys folded his cont bet.  AA45xccc nxt hand minraised and been reraised so gotta pot it right up now.   only 930 preflop but with 2 low cards i cant really fold postflop i think.   flop K108xcc so im committed.  6200 now and signing off here for a bit.     generally a very nitty table so am trying to get involved as much as i can but no easy $ really.


Out absolutely livid.  Missed a load of outs to scoop or chop for 9k pot when i pushed putting guy on a weaker hand fair enough but left with 3800odd.   Sit tight and at 100/200 get it in on turn when committed on flop 3way on a Q749 board with AA39.   Im against A278 who should have raised flop to shut other guy out and J456 (J456 WTF).  River 6 and they chop , come on WTF is this.  If i wasnt already chat banned i would have got one there, so mad.  Cash games no better, only reason im sitting on +£2,864 is cos i cleared a £375 bonus a few mins ago.  Might play later but off for an hour break min.    1 more WCOOP left but its Friday at 10pm and i might b out boozin, $215 NL hi lo , just have to see.  Not Happy.

Late edit.  Ok returned about 12:30am for 90mins or so.  Did a lot better and finished at +£3,091.   So knackered, def time for bed early at 2:10am !!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poor Week

Nout great since last post.   Had 3 awful days losing between £300 and £600 (earlier today) .   Rest between boozing was break even, small loss, or small wins.

Playing a bunch of mtts tonight, mostly small for  a change.  Interesting to see if tilt, get bored, get angry or whatever.  Might update below later.  +£3,150 b4 i started this evening.


oh dear , only played 6 mtts and was just plain bored throughout.  I havent gone deep in any and ive only got 1 left.     Obviously more concerned with how much im hating this.   I guess after such a good start to the month it was only ever gonna hit a huge frustrating wall at some point.   The question is do i carry on and which games do i play.  Mayb should try just sngs again but ill probably struggle to focus on them given the stakes relative to the profit ive done so far.    Arrrgh in theory this is a nice problem to have but im not so sure.  After such a poor 4months prior i just cant help but think about the chance it will keep going bckwrds.   Sposed to be playin pl hi lo 320 wcoop 2moz 7pm too hmmmm.

2nd edit:   yeh worst day in weeks.  min cashed in that last multi but just got completely destroyed on the cash tables on fairly high stakes.   Now sitting just under £2,600 .... yuk yuk yuk

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dnnno How But More +

Days been a blur.  Tried to play here and there inbetween paracetamol breaks.  Seems it wasnt a hangover only and ive got a mild annoying headache/chest infection. Frustrated but still managed really good profit and had won an ok amount yesteday too so its all adding up nicely. 

Missed the WCOOP badugi which i almost played but got distracted around the starting time and was looking for an excuse really.  Still planning on playing the 11am NL hi lo tommorrow as long as im not too tired. Option of an evening 8 game too but cant see me playing both.

Decided to cash out a bonus on party.  I had originally been planning/hoping i would reach top vip level to get equiv of 40% but this seems very unlikely in the near future as my games are spread across 3 or 4 sites regularly so figure its time to cash in these points for 30% rakeback equiv. which will clear gradually over the next few months.

The only thing thats changed since last week is i dont seem to find time for sngs.  Not an issue while im still playing and running good on cash games but i do keep meaning to play some more sessions of these along with more mtts too, we will see.  Sitting on +£4,394 for Sept currently, no complacency please !!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Hangover

U know it was a big big booze up when u still feel almost as rough on the 2nd day after.   Brain not functioning right so while i havent lost ive hardly played and when i have its not fun.   Gonna try jogging in these gales in a mo to try and get rid of this sluggish sickly feeling.  Sposed to be playing some tiny freeroll later so cant give in and just another day off really but i suspect it will be an early night.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Lots stuff happened since last post.   Dnno where to start so ill just waffle on in rough order of that title.

Much needed break 2moz (maybe from evening and maybe including sunday if hangover bad).   Put a lot of hours in this week and its showed today.  Im not nearly as focused, im not enjoying it as much and i found myself losing my temper over daft things again which has resulted in yet another chat ban.  Looking fwd to hitting the booze pretty hard as i was close to doing it tonight but have to go out tommorrow and am trying to only get drunk once a week at the mo !

My 1st WCOOP was unsuccessful.  I lasted errr quite a few hours and had 3 or 4 pretty crucial pots in that time.  My table was tight preflop so i fished and fished and fished and when i did hit i got paid off but simply just didnt get enough good situations and these players were not giving away large chips easily.  In fact no one bust on our table for 3 or 4 hours.

First pot i had minraised the button and called a underpot reraise (very deep so stacks dont matter) .  I think i just had top set on flop (might have had bad low draw)  but mateyboy had AA2x wiht nut flush draw and nut low draw.   Low came but flush didnt so i split a huge pot that could have gone either way.

2nd pot i think i called a minraise in position with A266 and flop wasnt a great AJ6ddx.   Still when the only other active player (only guy i bluffed big once when he chkraised bluff me and i rebluffed him on the turn in an earlier hand)  led for pot i was happy to get it in here putting him on a 2 pair or draw type hand.   Turned out he had AJKQdd.   I havent run this one through %odds but as above its pretty much a cooler that could go either way.   Turn blank but river shipped him with a J.  (he finished top20 or so)  We were deeper when that pot came so pot would have put me 40/240 550ish entered but instead i was left on 10k which while weak it was still a managable stack.

Exit hand i dnt think i can remember exactly but again it was a cooler as i saw it.   I think i had 2 pair,2nd low and a double gutshot on a low flop but matey had nut low with a pair.  It either conterfeited me or gave him 3 of kind by river but i had a similar number of outs to scoop it as he had no extra low protection. 

Was happy overall but table could have been easier.  Think i lasted around 5 hours and cash games were good alongside.  By time i stopped for break 6.5hours in i had covered the buyin back short of £50 .  ($615 to enter that mtt)    Later i ran well and finished up 2 or 300£ on that Thursday.

Didnt make much today but im happy as it could have gone a lot worse with some bad swings a few times before recovery/get out of jail.  Decent games still seem plentiful but that also means i could lose what ive won quicker if i hit another downswing.    Profit now stands at +£3,453 .

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Beware Of Carnage

It was sooooo almost another massive day but i finally hit a wall about an hour ago and lost loads back.  Earlier i had made a small steady profit in the afternoon then hit some higher stakes games later on.  They all went really really well again including winning a $1,400 flip allin on flop on 5/10.   I peaked at over £1,000 up but lost lots of buyins in the last hour and finished up at only +£375.  Dont get me wrong im still very happy with this figure but its reminded me how volatile the games are, especially when i play at the higher stakes.

Still hoping ill get up in time and be in the right frame of mind to play the 11am WCOOP.  Finished early tonight becos of above really but i had planned to try to shut early to encourage me to get out of bed early 2moz.  May do an in-running if bothered to try and focus me more but will see.

Best Online Cash Games Day For A Long While

Amazingly it only gets better after that last post.   Early in the day i received a credit of £310 for an ipad2 rake promo instead of waiting ages for one which i would hardly ever use. I had a couple of steady decent sessions prior to the football this evening but was knackered so figured that would probably be it for poker today.  Well things changed as i fell asleep during the football so figured i could play for another 4 hours or so from 10pm.   So glad things fell into place like that as i had one of those sessions (especially the first 2 hours) where i was hitting nearly everything.  Its been so long on cash games since ive had anywhere near as good a run in a short session that i certainly thoroughly enjoyed it !  My confidence was good even before that session and im finding the desktop so much better to play on as i get more and more used to it with every hour played.

Anyway lets talk figures, when i sat at 10pm i was about +£1,850 for the month and when ive finished after 2am im now on +£2,682.  No games higher than 2/4$ and most were lower.  I know this start to the month cant last forever but im kind of in shock how everything appears to be turning around the last couple of weeks.  I started the day at £1,295 so ignoring the credit i made almost £1,100 on the day !  More run good to come tommorrow please :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Desktop Works .....So Far !

This is taking some getting used to (since it arrived fri evening) but its all going almost too well so far.  I havent put in that much volume due to the weekend but when i have its just been a combination of good luck, playing well and finding some really bad players at my tables for a change.  Im not really changing the number of tables much having played 4-9 most of time compared to the steady 5-6 the 2 weeks before.  It must have been 4-5years since ive not played on a laptop but i probably should have made this move sooner. 

Right i havent had a losing day yet so lets curse that here !   Now sit on +£1,295 .  Appears i will have $500 added to that (prob 2moz) for an ipad2 i had raked in a promotion, happy with cash alternative for all i would use it.  

WCOOP on pokerstars, appears 1st game i should play is 11am !!! on thursday $215 6max 1 rebuy, 1 addon so if i make it up in time lets hope its a long day.

I havent felt this relaxed, confident and happy with my game for a while so im really hoping i can push on from here and turn in a really really good month.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Not Quite To Plan

All over the shop today.  First 2 sessions were bad then really good at normal games.  Evening time though there were some juicy higher stakes cash games around and i couldnt resist dabbling.   Rollercoaster downwards to begin with led a frustrating time but it came back eventually and on the day i lost about £50.  Still leaves me in profit as i got £120 rakeback at the start.  Supposed to be getting my new desktop tommorrow early evening now so looking forward to that.