Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finish It Like I Started

Since Monday i just cant seem to lose on cash tables.   Im probably an obscene amount above ev, its exactly how i started the month as well.  I havent even been playing large numbers of tables but fish have been around a lot and the situations u want against them just seem to occur a lot !   Yesterday maybe broke my days record from earlier in month (havent checked what that was) as i made almost £1,200 as well as clearing a £375 bonus.  Think it was about £600 day b4 and today its around £400. 

Still amazingly im a bit disappointed though as i entered 2 mtt on ongame for their gsop series.  Obv both hi lo $55rebuy and $5 rebuy.    After 5 hours i bust both within 15 minuters of each other to finish 25th/399 and 25th/660odd for only $200 profit.   Didnt enjoy it at all as really tired and wouldnt have played tonight if these werent on.  Still i guess it was worth it all the same for the cash games alongside as well. 

I wont play at all Friday as busy and tommorrow maybe just in the evening based on how i feel now.  Barring a -£400 day tommorrow it will be my 2nd best month of the year so far and its currently at £5,631.  Hoping for a +£4,000 month next month before i take half of November off to lie on a beach in St Maaten. 

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