Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Best Online Cash Games Day For A Long While

Amazingly it only gets better after that last post.   Early in the day i received a credit of £310 for an ipad2 rake promo instead of waiting ages for one which i would hardly ever use. I had a couple of steady decent sessions prior to the football this evening but was knackered so figured that would probably be it for poker today.  Well things changed as i fell asleep during the football so figured i could play for another 4 hours or so from 10pm.   So glad things fell into place like that as i had one of those sessions (especially the first 2 hours) where i was hitting nearly everything.  Its been so long on cash games since ive had anywhere near as good a run in a short session that i certainly thoroughly enjoyed it !  My confidence was good even before that session and im finding the desktop so much better to play on as i get more and more used to it with every hour played.

Anyway lets talk figures, when i sat at 10pm i was about +£1,850 for the month and when ive finished after 2am im now on +£2,682.  No games higher than 2/4$ and most were lower.  I know this start to the month cant last forever but im kind of in shock how everything appears to be turning around the last couple of weeks.  I started the day at £1,295 so ignoring the credit i made almost £1,100 on the day !  More run good to come tommorrow please :)

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