Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Desktop Works .....So Far !

This is taking some getting used to (since it arrived fri evening) but its all going almost too well so far.  I havent put in that much volume due to the weekend but when i have its just been a combination of good luck, playing well and finding some really bad players at my tables for a change.  Im not really changing the number of tables much having played 4-9 most of time compared to the steady 5-6 the 2 weeks before.  It must have been 4-5years since ive not played on a laptop but i probably should have made this move sooner. 

Right i havent had a losing day yet so lets curse that here !   Now sit on +£1,295 .  Appears i will have $500 added to that (prob 2moz) for an ipad2 i had raked in a promotion, happy with cash alternative for all i would use it.  

WCOOP on pokerstars, appears 1st game i should play is 11am !!! on thursday $215 6max 1 rebuy, 1 addon so if i make it up in time lets hope its a long day.

I havent felt this relaxed, confident and happy with my game for a while so im really hoping i can push on from here and turn in a really really good month.

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