Saturday, September 10, 2011


Lots stuff happened since last post.   Dnno where to start so ill just waffle on in rough order of that title.

Much needed break 2moz (maybe from evening and maybe including sunday if hangover bad).   Put a lot of hours in this week and its showed today.  Im not nearly as focused, im not enjoying it as much and i found myself losing my temper over daft things again which has resulted in yet another chat ban.  Looking fwd to hitting the booze pretty hard as i was close to doing it tonight but have to go out tommorrow and am trying to only get drunk once a week at the mo !

My 1st WCOOP was unsuccessful.  I lasted errr quite a few hours and had 3 or 4 pretty crucial pots in that time.  My table was tight preflop so i fished and fished and fished and when i did hit i got paid off but simply just didnt get enough good situations and these players were not giving away large chips easily.  In fact no one bust on our table for 3 or 4 hours.

First pot i had minraised the button and called a underpot reraise (very deep so stacks dont matter) .  I think i just had top set on flop (might have had bad low draw)  but mateyboy had AA2x wiht nut flush draw and nut low draw.   Low came but flush didnt so i split a huge pot that could have gone either way.

2nd pot i think i called a minraise in position with A266 and flop wasnt a great AJ6ddx.   Still when the only other active player (only guy i bluffed big once when he chkraised bluff me and i rebluffed him on the turn in an earlier hand)  led for pot i was happy to get it in here putting him on a 2 pair or draw type hand.   Turned out he had AJKQdd.   I havent run this one through %odds but as above its pretty much a cooler that could go either way.   Turn blank but river shipped him with a J.  (he finished top20 or so)  We were deeper when that pot came so pot would have put me 40/240 550ish entered but instead i was left on 10k which while weak it was still a managable stack.

Exit hand i dnt think i can remember exactly but again it was a cooler as i saw it.   I think i had 2 pair,2nd low and a double gutshot on a low flop but matey had nut low with a pair.  It either conterfeited me or gave him 3 of kind by river but i had a similar number of outs to scoop it as he had no extra low protection. 

Was happy overall but table could have been easier.  Think i lasted around 5 hours and cash games were good alongside.  By time i stopped for break 6.5hours in i had covered the buyin back short of £50 .  ($615 to enter that mtt)    Later i ran well and finished up 2 or 300£ on that Thursday.

Didnt make much today but im happy as it could have gone a lot worse with some bad swings a few times before recovery/get out of jail.  Decent games still seem plentiful but that also means i could lose what ive won quicker if i hit another downswing.    Profit now stands at +£3,453 .

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