Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poor Week

Nout great since last post.   Had 3 awful days losing between £300 and £600 (earlier today) .   Rest between boozing was break even, small loss, or small wins.

Playing a bunch of mtts tonight, mostly small for  a change.  Interesting to see if tilt, get bored, get angry or whatever.  Might update below later.  +£3,150 b4 i started this evening.


oh dear , only played 6 mtts and was just plain bored throughout.  I havent gone deep in any and ive only got 1 left.     Obviously more concerned with how much im hating this.   I guess after such a good start to the month it was only ever gonna hit a huge frustrating wall at some point.   The question is do i carry on and which games do i play.  Mayb should try just sngs again but ill probably struggle to focus on them given the stakes relative to the profit ive done so far.    Arrrgh in theory this is a nice problem to have but im not so sure.  After such a poor 4months prior i just cant help but think about the chance it will keep going bckwrds.   Sposed to be playin pl hi lo 320 wcoop 2moz 7pm too hmmmm.

2nd edit:   yeh worst day in weeks.  min cashed in that last multi but just got completely destroyed on the cash tables on fairly high stakes.   Now sitting just under £2,600 .... yuk yuk yuk

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