Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Omaha Hi Lo Day 2

Back at 2pm today (10 hours time) 3rd/19 . Hoping i might get some sleep soon but need to wind down a bit more yet.

1st target was to cash
2nd target is to make final table
3rd target is to hear "god save the queen" as they play national anthems for bracelet winners this year :)

What will be will be and im remarkably relaxed about the whole situation. The type of game helps big time as i know if i was this deep in a nl holdem tourney i would be 100 times more nervy i think. I havent even looked at the payouts since day 1a start and wont unless i get a weaker stack as laddering is more of a tactic in omaha hi lo limit used for medium to weak stacks.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vegas - Day 3 (in advance)

Made day 2 of the omaha hi lo limit. At one point i was prob top 10 or so chipleaders with 40% of the field left and 3.5 x the average stack. Peaked at 46k but last level hit me a bit and final count was 34,300. Average is just over 20k so sounds good but blinds are getting nasty so 1 or 2 lost or won scoops can swing the stack big time. Over 900 entered with 197 left and pays 90. The fun starts at 2pm, need some sleep badly now but have to wind down a bit before i even try after a 14 hour long day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegas - Day 2

Played the $1,070. Stack all over shop as norm for me but didnt get above starting stack until several levels in. Yesterday i felt like bloggin loads hands but i really cant b bothered now. Basically 138 players and i finished 30th. Final pot was AJ vs KK vs J10 to have got back to a under average but chunky stack. My key pot earlier was 22 vs AK to have prob gone about 5th with 40 left but i lost the flip and was left on only 10xbb. Overall was happy with my play and surprisingly i wasnt pissed off at all after busting 10 hours in.

Had some drinks and food with Amatay and Azi after the tourney and also made it to the Rio to register for the $1,500 today. Didnt sleep that great and guess im tired from that 10 hours effort yesterday but i can play omaha hi lo limit almost with my eyes shut so am not concerned. May play the $1,000 stimulus event Saturday if i bust the hi lo today. Apparently its capped at 2800 a day and as of last night had 1600/1100 entrants so is likely to sell out i think.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegas - Day 1

Unless sommat big happens out here im just gnna do boring titles for blogs as above.
After repacking my overweight rucksack at check in into my case then getting my rucksack searched at customs i finally got on the plane. Paid bit extra for some legroom and managed to get off the plane 5th as i was right next to the exit door. Even got a few hours sleep = bonus. Despite getting through US customs quicker than ever my luggage still meant the usual wait but at least it wasnt in a queue which does my head in. Had to fill out the >$10k cash form but go no hassle from the security and made it to Bellagio bout 4pm as plane had left 45 mins later than scheduled.

After chilling and sorting me room out i ventured down to the poker room and got on the 30/60 hi lo limit omaha game i had played a few months ago. This had the usual "half-kill" which basically means if u scoop a pot the limits are 40/80 and u post a compulsory extra blind of 40 in the next hand (unless already in a blind in which case its 40 total). A few hours later i left for a $1,100 profit, my eyes are very tired now and im hoping to get a really good nights sleep.

Thursdays plan is the noon Caesars $1,060 if im up for it then maybe some more limit or plo cash later depending how long i last in it. If i do bust earlyish i may well head to the Rio to check out the action there and buyin for the $1,500 omaha hi lo limit tournament which starts noon Friday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final May Profits

After another couple good days all be it without actually playing that much !

Actual profit = £77,824

Take out investments in staking others for wsop and final profit going on my books = £74,490

Enough said bout this in previous posts. In Hilton Gatwick now and Vegas 6 weeks starts tommorrow :))

Monday, May 25, 2009

MAY it not be over soon

As much as im itching to get out into the WSOP scene the month of May has been fantastic for me. Next post will contain final profit before i get on that plane but barring something drastic i will post my 2nd best ever month. Ive also got those relaxed & confident feelings that i felt big time in Feb this year and know this can only do good things for my play at the tables.

Ive made $3,500 and £1,000 investments in staking two players in events out there so hopefully will get some fun from following them if they go deep in anything. Any returns are a bonus, its a +ev move regardless of results as i know them both personally and have played with both before. Looking for other possible staking opportunities out there too if my $ last long enough.

Had complete day off from poker today after 2 nights on the booze and a couple of +ive drunk sessions at the tables. I think every other day since the last post has been in profit which is obviously great. Better than that i had a £10,000 daily profit in there where i played for under 4 hours and thought i would get compacent so shut very early on a nice high.

Right i guess i better start packing :( but it is worth it :))

Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Build Up With Time Off

Didnt play too much last week after the last post. Managed a couple of £1k-£2k day profits despite that though. I then managed to resist playing and have a complete full 2 days off including a very drunk Fri night which didnt result in a laptop being booted up and a memory loss session thankfully :)

Today i made a quick £5,000 on the usual $10/$20 pl omaha but returned later for a long up and down session. Stayed in profit though and after dropping some of that earlier stuff i finally got it back and finished £5,500 up on the day. I wont mention my May total profit on here until im finished but its looking locked up now to be a great month even if i drop some back in the next week before i leave for Vegas. I keep reminding myself i did lose £12,000 in March and £12,000 in April and this seems to have motivated me beyond anything else this month. It helps to run good too :) Ive also avoided the 25/50$ games apart from that one $2,000 slip so the discipline has been good for me. Could do with leaving for Vegas now as my attitude, effort and enjoyment factors are all just right but i'll just have to keep it that way for one more week.

Maximum Vegas Anticipation

I might have been to Las Vegas 7 times before but ive never been this excited about it before. Ive only played 2 WSOP events before (main 2006 & 2007) and this time i plan to play between 5 and 15 events at my best estimate. Combine that with events at the Bellagio, and ones at the Venetian and Caesars. Ive even got Golden Nugget and Binions possible tourneys. Ive done a big excel sheet with nearly all my possible tournaments to choose from listed with a few obvious definite ones highlighted. The one im unsure about is the main event and this will rest on how ive done in the weeks before and how well i feel about my game and my stamina so will be a last minute decision.

All being well the first WSOP one will be event 3 - $1,500 limit hi lo omaha midday on the 29th May (arrive on 27th) which should ease me in with nice easy decisions for an experienced player like myself. I may well play Bellagio or more likely Caesars $1,060 the day before though if im not too tired from the travels.

Im also looking forward to playing limit hi lo omaha cash in the Bellagio again although the locals i befriended there informed me there is likely to be a juicy 75/150$ game at the Rio during the WSOP which can be a donkfest. Hopefully get some PL cash omaha in somewhere too.

Ive only ever stayed 18 nights max before (main 2006) and actually wanted to go home early that trip (the only time). This time im planning to be there for 6 weeks. As i probably mentioned in a previous post im staying in the Bellagio until June 11th then i move to Meridian Suites (see links at side) until 9th July if i survive. I will play more live poker than ive done before so it will be interesting to see how i cope with it all. I definitely will blog on here regularly at the very least just to try and stay sane ! Looking to buy a house in the fall and 6 weeks may prove to long for future trips. I wanted to give it one good 100% effort attempt to see if its my cup of tea and make decisions for future years hopefully a bit easier either way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

£13k and very happy !

Wasnt expecting a day like today and when i woke up i even considered a day off ! Didnt play that well first couple of hours but ran well even when behind. Played well later on and got a lot of hi lo 2 and 3 handed in that paid nicely. Long may it last :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

£6k and not happy !

A tale of 2 halves today. Played fair bit and was winning well for hours. Then knew i was tired but decided i would push my luck further. After a break this resulted in bad play (obv bad luck as well) and tired unable to play on instinct pots being all indecisive. Result = my £12,000 profit quickly shrank to £6000 profit. Would have lost some neway but prob lost a good portion of that due to bad mindset.

Sunday i played £1,500-£2,000 worth of multis including the 1060euros on boss network. This was the only one i lasted several levels in but it wasnt many more after this pot. 10 handed guy utg+2 ships allin 2500 at blinds of 50/100 and manages to beat my AA with A9off . Unsurprisingly he bust before i did with almost as bad a move. I know freerollers get in these events but this was my biggest direct buyin online to date :( I'll save the luck for vegas, actually looking forward to live multis despite the fact i can hardly face online ones these days !

Thursday, May 07, 2009

All Over The Shop

Been a strange week or so. Lost to begin with and floated between 0 and -£4000 for the first few days. Proceeded to climb in profit steadily for a few days and peak at £10k up. Then ran so bad for 2 days i was probably lucky not to lose more. Over £5000 a day lost but knew i wasnt doin much wrong so just went back as soon as my head was clear the next day. I also did $2,000 on 25/50 trying to spin up but in the context that could have been a lot more so wasnt too disasterous. Then Tuesday i ran great 1st hour and made £5,000 on 10/20$ but didnt stay in profit for long. Later i actually went down £4000 on the day before recovering and finishing £3,000 up. Still i knew i could have had a massive day as there was some shockin play about. This left me £600 down for the month until today (Weds).

Basically until my last 20mins (ive just finished) ive ran almost as good as i can. Nearly all 10/20 with tiny bit of 5/10. I peaked at £21,000 up for the day but i lost a $6,000 allin AAK5 dbl suited vs QJ109 1 suit (60/40) and thought i had better take that as a signal my luck had changed. Was tired as put in 7 hours or so just like the day before so needed to stop anyway.

Final profit for the day £17,500 which maybe is the most since my £50k win but is 100% my best daily win playin 10/20$ max omaha to date. I personally believe i was long overdue but then everyone says that so thats just a matter of opinion. Now just hope i dont get another downswing and i can use today to spring forward for May and record a decent figure before heading to Vegas (itching to get out there last few days, less than 3 weeks now). Sorry for this blog just being figures but i really just cant be bothered to post hand histories for omaha and wouldnt know what to put on anyway the 100s i play a day.