Monday, May 25, 2009

MAY it not be over soon

As much as im itching to get out into the WSOP scene the month of May has been fantastic for me. Next post will contain final profit before i get on that plane but barring something drastic i will post my 2nd best ever month. Ive also got those relaxed & confident feelings that i felt big time in Feb this year and know this can only do good things for my play at the tables.

Ive made $3,500 and £1,000 investments in staking two players in events out there so hopefully will get some fun from following them if they go deep in anything. Any returns are a bonus, its a +ev move regardless of results as i know them both personally and have played with both before. Looking for other possible staking opportunities out there too if my $ last long enough.

Had complete day off from poker today after 2 nights on the booze and a couple of +ive drunk sessions at the tables. I think every other day since the last post has been in profit which is obviously great. Better than that i had a £10,000 daily profit in there where i played for under 4 hours and thought i would get compacent so shut very early on a nice high.

Right i guess i better start packing :( but it is worth it :))


Fenix35 said...

Nice string of results! Now you just need your heater to last through whilst in Vegas!!

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