Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final May Profits

After another couple good days all be it without actually playing that much !

Actual profit = £77,824

Take out investments in staking others for wsop and final profit going on my books = £74,490

Enough said bout this in previous posts. In Hilton Gatwick now and Vegas 6 weeks starts tommorrow :))


Pinky said...

Very nice! Hopefully we can hook in Vegas.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

quite possibly. i will be trying to let people know on here my plans most days. srry to be vague on % but totally depends on $cash i have when you arrive as my pokerstars and full tilt accounts are near empty currently.

Anonymous said...

Sick sick month! I'd be happy with £700 profit never mind £70k+!

Rocky said...

your link is up :D

Anonymous said...

All the best Rob have a great time and be lucky! i`ll send you a text when im over.

Amatay said...

£77k!!!!!!! You sick fucker.