Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not So Super Wednesday ?

3 big mtts as promised. just crashed out of ladbrokes $1,050 when i raised over 20% of my stack preflop with QQ only to get set mined by the chipleader. finished 9th/24 $14k winner and $10k residual paid 2nd-4th so annoyed to be bust by such dumb play.

had sicker bust earlier though in 43player (5 sat out) freeroll for $10k package. 15 left excluding sit outs and i manage to get table idiot overbettor allin on a Jxx flop. I had AA he had A4ss and running spades obliged :( . big pot that as standard awful and would been 3/15 with 60xbb stack.

So 1 left thankfully just got nice double so plenty of play left. 6/10 at mo pays 1 wsop package. Played ok tonight tried to keep it fairly abc although as i typed this i just typed this i bet flop and turn on a AQ88 board after raising with 99 and being called on flop. Good spot though as he let it go on the turn. Prob update later...........................

In running time. After last post i took nice pot down with 88 then bust another guy A10 vs K10 on a 10 high flop for a huge pot.

Lots of overbetting about so need maybe more luck than normal in this situation but currently 1/6

GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lost JJ vs K6off to have gone 30k 1/5 with total 77k in play :(
Damn these pesky overbettor !!!
Still joint 1/6

4 left joint 2nd-4th i big chip in first. def need some luck now although fortunately escaped A9 on a AJ10 flop thx to people betting too fast. (A10 and KQ there in blinds and i had raised cutoff)

still 4 couple of levels later, becomes a crapshoot nxt level. 2 shorties have doubled and i have stole and resteal (inc an 86off) to almost up there, stacks are all v level really now. 17-23k all 4 1k blinds.

Sick, reraised with 88 and guy happy to go with AJstd for 17xbb stack. Obv i lost the flip joke, would been 37k/75k in play with just 3 of us left if held.

Monday, April 28, 2008

OMG Sick

Well i can safely say i have never had such a bad day on cash tables since i took up omaha. I cant remember making any bad plays but i run so bad its unreal. Seriously i must have had 12/15 or more lost big pots when i was 45-70% to win when chips went in. Chasers check calling draws, idiots playin junk and getting in trouble only to runner runner it. Absolutely unbelievable. I dont want to count up how much ive lost today as its totally sick. Could put so many histories down here its just totally sick.

Confirms once again why i cant play higher stakes, i know sometimes i dont play as well higher but this was for me a "perfect" session. Despite that i lose almost every key pot imaginable. Most of this was on crypto where i was on 1/2 --- 5/10. £670 down , just looked and doesnt tell the full picture i think i lost 9/10 pots that were $500 or more.

Played 1 mtt and 3rd hand KK runs into AA. Played limit and dropped daft amount of blinds in 10 minutes so stopped.

Finally this really takes the piss, i moved to 3/6 and 5/10 omaha on boss and within 4 hands i call a raise from sb with KQQx 3clubs. flop is Qx5c2c and i chk raise matey button , he obliges allin and i fill up on the turn with a sweet 2. Oh then the $1500 pot gets sipped to him as he had hit a 1 outer with his 8622 he was raising from button with for quads.

Its 8:30pm, i was gonna play most of evening but im banning myself before i tilt which aint happened yet. bye bye £1000+ even with perfect play, this i cant take and stakes are gonna b considerably lower in future. Anyone that think i dont roll myself high enough can go *** themselves. I hate losing and every time i move up i get outdrawn beyond belief. I see it now as similar to how i run in big live mtts as thats fast becoming a joke with the beats and flips ive lost at key times over the last couple years.

No Sunday MTTs

Couldnt face any mtts. A bit hungover so went for action junkie mode and played nearly all omaha. Had sick swings both ways losing about £400 on crypto before finishing +£50 but made a nice chunk on other site to recover 600euros of the 900euros i lost yesterday drunk !

May try some slightly higher stakes this week on cash and see how goes seeing as its end of month but nothing silly just a level or so higher than the normal grind.

Reminder to self: once again must give cider up, luv it too much but aint half ****** me up twice this week the day after and i still cant decide if its really worth it. Main prob is lager dont taste so nice now ive made the transition :(

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just for the record in case i forget 2moz yip i lost a small fortune on cash but no i didnt do nout wrong and fish got bttr of me in nearly every big pot. sick they are so bad but it pays in long run and hopefully i see that 2moz although make take day off gettin bit bored of it all again

Saturday, April 26, 2008 go ***** yourself

I can safely say i aint gonna play that site for a long long time unless i see some massive value. The fact i near got to Australia for free back a few months ago has no relevance to my mood.
I am more annoyed because i got outflopped every key hand possible but the 3 issues below really got to me.

1) it said seating 1 minute before the start. at about 3:04pm i finally got my seat, missed a few hands not sure how many could been 5-10hands but just think system was struglling with the tourney.

2) first break it counts down from 5 minutes to 1 second remaining then freezes. it was not my end as i was active on other stuff at the time. Only missed 1 hand but started to panic a bit obviously.

3) second break it does exactly the same as first break but doesnt bring table up properly. more panic this time and frantically try to get seated again but miss a couple of hands i think.

Software is awful anyway i wouldnt recommend it to anyone and after that joke i think it will be deleted off my list for a while.

So **** you 888


Friday, April 25, 2008

Tiring 3 Hours

Boy that was knackering i guess i put effort into them all. Played a total of 5 wsop satellites and came close in 3 including 1 which i got through on. Total outlay about $500 but into a final worth $1090 and could have got through to 2 or 3 with a bit more luck so i guess good result. May play later but Friday isnt my lucky day and ive ran as usual at a loss on cash tables although nothing big.

So tommorrow is the $1050 cash mtt

Wednesday i have:
1/14 wsop mtt
er 1/30ish wsop mtt but i suspect value so less
and 1/20ish wpt final

And next Saturday i have a 1/30ish wsop mtt

Fingers crossed everybody !!!

WSOP 2008

Whilst im almost definitely going over this year late June / early July i think its finally dawned on me that i need to get my ass into gear if im going to try and get in the main event. Recently, mtts are not my most favourite type of poker but im hoping i can put that aside and play sub qualifiers on a few different sites very soon. My cash games have been very good for the limited amount ive played this week and if i can put some serious effort into some wsop mtts hopefully i can grab a seat within the 2 months left.

So far my attempts to qualify have been very very limited. I was almost definitely going to rake a package recently on a previously mentioned site which decided to move network after i was well on target at 25% and not overplaying and actually enjoying the challenge 90%+ of the time. Thats gone to bed now as has a freeroll a month or so back (win only) where i came 3rd/60. Whilst i was also close on a couple of occasions to vegas lite or full packages on crypto these finals almost never run now due to limited numbers. Even if i had won i doubt i would have bought into the main event with the funds passing through my bank account. I always say for every package you win you come close in probably 2-3 others and its still something i sometimes struggle to get used to.

Having a 10,000euro package on hold (likely to be used on CPC cruise and not really appropriate for wsop) and having just used a $1500 one to pay for most of Newcastle GUKPT £1,060 main event i guess its only understandable ive not really been interested in mtt satellites into others.

I think my outlook has changed recently though, im relaxed and enjoying some types of poker a lot and i think im starting to relish the challenge of obtaining that WSOP package now time seems more limited.

Last year i grabbed one in what was probably my last satellite on Mansion and the rest was history. I learnt a lot from the main event last year and its long enough ago now that most thoughts are positive when i look back at it now despite the nasty way i eventually busted. I pretty much paid for the trip anyway with a 3rd in a Caesars mtt and without looking back at blog entries i know i was very unlucky not to cash in a largish (7 or 800) $550 field in the Venetian.

GL to any reader also trying to qualify, if you havent played in the main event before it is highly recommended and believe me if you get the right table the standard can be pretty shocking sometimes. Either way i guess i can look forward to a holiday similar to previous years and it surprises myself i havent been back to Vegas since July 2007. I guess ive just had enough trips away not to be too bothered, i know Australia made a big difference on my motivation for a Vegas Feb or March trip this year.

The sites have been investigated and noted in the diary, let the serious quest of qualifying begin here !!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friday Night In !!!

Solid 3 days on cash tables, enjoying the steady profit game a bit again.

After a few failed attempts ive finally satellite my way into a $1,050 game on Saturday so im banning booze Friday night !!! ( and Saturday if no early bust )

Still, may go out tommorrow instead to make up for it ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unhealthy Weekend

Played fair bit Thursday and ended up losing about £500. Friday wasnt much better when i came home drunk and lost 400euros although from what i remember (aint much) im pretty sure i was outdrawn :(

Hangover of hangovers today, i seriously need to limit my cider intake. It dont have mess me up the next day. Anyway managed to play and get back 300euros. I also qualified for a 530euro wsop final although i think im allowed to deregister from that and may do that tommorrow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cashed In

Withdrawal came through safely and hit the bank. I expected it to but worried anyway as i know how much it would screw me up if it didnt. Also gave me excuse to not play for a few days, may return tonight but only if in the mood.

Ive also cashed out about 10 other accounts as bank decided to send me a new debit card which i didnt need and i know the hassle you can get withdrawing to a new card. So my poker accounts now hold the lowest they have for well over a year. Will stick some money back in a few as and when necessary.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Was Running Well

But once again my focus has gone. Could be tricky weeks ahead unless my funds come through.

Im currently stuck with a significant amount of money in pokertrillion on the boss network. Whilst they say they guarantee any funds unpaid by webdollar i personally dont (and dont want to) understand the legal goings on and just want my money asap back in my bank account. This all has a negative impact on my poker and my motivation to play. Also im in the dark as to whether to continue playing at all on that network until things are clear.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back For Good

Similar to when i returned from Australia in January out of pocket ive started Quarter 2 off very well. Its only been 4 days of poker but already im showing a very good profit relative to the stakes ive been playing without any big individual win to speak of. Steady profit suits me as i know i can be such a bad loser. It doesnt harm for me to build up slowly and treat the game like a job as much as i can sometimes.

Hardly any multis played, i tried a chunk tonight and got some stacks early but only went real deep in one before losing AK vs AQ to go to average chips at the time. Didnt cash in anything and didnt particularly enjoy much either.

My main game currently is a mixture of cash limit holdem, no limit holdem and pot limit omaha. Seem to be making money with ease which means im running and or playing well. Enjoyment factor swings as usual but definitely aint as boring as im finding most multis at the moment. Im also considering raking a WSOP main event package on a different site im playing. I will probably see what my mood and rake is by end of April before making any rash decisions there. Saying that im already over 20% cleared and enjoying the challenge so far as it seems to be giving me something to focus on which seems to be key for me this year.

Im almost definitely playing Newcastle GUKPT £1,060 event in the middle of May using some spare package $ i was owed with a small top up from myself to almost enter for what will feel like a freeroll when playing. Look forward to that as have several good poker mates from that region so should be a good crack if nothing else.

Beyond that regardless of main event entry im almost definitely going to Las Vegas for the last week of June and first week of July. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

San Remo Review

Good break away, glad only 4 days as very happy to go home after busting the main event. I didnt play any side events or games at all as i was happy not to. Bit tired as only got back couple hours ago but i will put a few hands below of interest including the worst live beat %wise to date ive had to bust :( Not gonna waffle on generally but gained plenty more experience so i guess ive taken something from it.

25/50 playing starting stack 10k ish i call an UTG raise of 200 with AA. Flop comes K85 and i call 200 bet. Turn is an 8 which i truly believed at the time to be a great card. I call 400 more. River is a harmless looking 6 and i call 2000 pretty quick confident im ahead. Im shown 10,8std and muck and im down to 7000. This turned out to be 1 of 2 bad reads the whole game (other prob below).

Was very nervous first 30mins but i managed to take some pots down with some harder betting and play soon after and from then on i was comfortable the whole tournament. Cant remember all the smallish pots i was taking down but on level 2 this is an example of one of the pots i took down with aggressive betting: 50/100 i call after 2 limpers with 76dd. 2 more limpers behind and 7 of us see a Jc6s2c flop. SB leads for 200 and utg calls, i pop it up to 1600 and all fold after nice dwells of course.

Anyway after 2 levels i was on 8400ish but happy as i was on the up. Got back just in time and half the table didnt so we were 4 or 5 handed for the first 2 hands. 1st hand scandie makes it 5-600 and button calls. scandie only has 2500 total and i know his range is huge given bb sat out as well so i reraise 2500ish with 88. He moves in and button folds. Its only a flip 88 vs J9std but i hold up.

Next hand both blinds r sat out and guy in 2nd position moves in for 1000 total. Cutoff (button last time) almost calls with king high but folds and i instant call with KK and bust his 10,4off.

Next hand im on button and take blinds with A10std. Card rush over im now on over 12,000
and so glad i made it back in time ! Break was only 10mins and a lot of people thought it was 15 as most breaks were that.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrm, i got a lot more involved than before now and confidence was flowing. I seemed to get a lot of respect especially from some turkish guy who immed folded middle pair face up when i raised missed and continue betted. He also limped utg and when i led with A8 from the sb on a 789 flop he proudly announced "J,10 ?" before folding a 9 face up ridiculously quick ! Seriously u had to be there to see some of the shocking stuff.

Generally now my stack went steadily up, most of which came from reraising with a couple of AQs an A10 and an AKstd , nothing going to a flop. Had 16,200 at next break which was dinner and returned happy enough, also knowing table would break within an hour or 2. Again stack climbed steadily without too much risk or big hands or big flops etc. Peaked for the day and tourney at about 23k before losing an AQ vs 77 and moving immediately after to new table.

blinds were now 150/300 25 ante and i got involved in a couple of hands on this table i can remember cos i wasnt at there too long. utg+1 700 im bb and cant resist topping up for 400 more with 10,7off. Flop comes K,10,x and i lead for 1200. I led into a lot of raised pots this tournament which is new for me live and its amazing what info can be obtained doing this. When this guy called i immed put him on AQ or AJ and hated the fact a jack came on the turn. I shut up shop and we ended up checking both streets only for him to show AJ :(

next hand in sb with AQstd and choose to play it aggressively reraising utg+2's raise who had less stack than me. he tanked for ages, folded and heard him murmour AQ to guys next to him who told him they think he was beat.

next bb 1 round later and again its same guy above (10,7 hand) with an even smaller min raise utg+1, button calls and i have to peak my K3off. I lead on a king high flop and show the king when they fold, i want them to think im betting my hands so they respect my bets as im starting to like this table.

then comes next hand in sb which definitely was my other bogey hand. this and the AA were only hands i really think i made any kind of mistake on and compared to the stuff i got right i wasnt too unhappy with that for the whole tournament. folds to me with 10,8off and i top up , bb checks. flop is AK3 with 2 diamonds and i bet 60%ish pot which is called. turn is a 2 and i again bet 60%ish of the pot. river is a 6 and i know i only win by firing. I know he is as likely on the flushdraw and im happy to stab for a similar bet to the turn to make it look like a strong pay me bet. he actually dwells, looks a bit to raise and i, in a last ditch attempt use my only speech play of the whole tournament, ask him if he missed his flushdraw. he calls and showed 2 pair which he had flopped (K3) , my speech play made no diff as he was always calling but obviously i wanted no raise from him if he was on the busted draw !!! I lost about 9000 on that pot :(

Im down to about 12,000 now but i dont go nuts and manage to pick up a few more k from the tight guys blind before moving to my final table for the day. The next table was golden (full of weak players) but obviously i wasnt stacked so i went for small info bets a lot and floated between 11,500 and 17,900 which is the stack i finished the day on. My cards were not great there but small pot poker was fun and i will try and list a few more hands below:


bb 85dh, utg calls sb tops up. flop is Qs10s4s all check, turn is As sb chk i bet 2200 utg folds and sb dwells b4 folding a baby flush.

folds to sb who tops up, i prob should raised here with K2dd but i check. flop is 986ccc chk and i bet 1200 which sb calls. turn the 10c and i shut up shop although i was itching to fire again i couldnt justify it to myself at the time. river is xx and check check. he shows Q7off for the straight ! :(

i managed to push a mid raiser off 99 when i shoved AQstd on the same level at the same level but b4 the 2 pots above.

i also stole with a couple of junk hands when in cutoff to an italian guy in bb who immed looked at his cards every round and just gazed off from the table when he had junk !!! . This guy though put me to the test with an interesting hand below, my read was kind of right but the table was that weak that i think i was justified in folding what was my toughest decision by a mile in the tournament.

he limped utg+1 and i had seen him do this with Axstd b4, i topped up J4cc and bb checked. flop is Jh5h3x and i lead for about 1800. bb folds and utg+1 moves allin for circa 11,500 more. if i call im left on 1000ish if lose, if i fold im on about 12,500. i tank tank tank watching this guy for anything i think he aint strong but my read isnt great. I realise im either up against a higher jack or a flushdraw with obviously poss overcard. The poor table factor kicked in as i still figured i would get a better spot for almost my tourney life even if my read was correct. Still i aint rushing and clock is called and first time ever in live poker i time out completely still in the hope of a futher read. he shows A7hh but it doesnt bother me as i know where i stand at the table and had thought through this so much for the 3-5mins i took.

when they finally announced final 7 hands i was looking at near 16k if i folded them all as i was bb last hand. i couldnt resist 1 more cheeky steal from mid with 89off and it got through. 17,900 seemed a fair relection maybe of my day. My cards werent great but my luck had probably been average roughly and 1 double up would be required to be on average chips.

On return for day 2 blinds were 500/1000 with 100 ante and i bust on this level. There were 220ish left from the 701 entrants and 72 were being paid. 1st hand i raised with AKstd utg+1 and took it. 2nd hand i raised with AJoff but folded to an sb reraise. 3rd hand sb topped up and i as good as shoved pre with 56off. 4th hand it folded to me and i raised with AQstd but bb instant folded. so after 4hands i prob looked like a nutter which wasnt ideal with my stack and becos of the reraised hand i only had gained 1000 or so chips ! Anyway onto the busto hand below:

we are 7 handed now as 1 guy moved and another bust hand b4 this. i have about 17,000 and button makes it 3200. i have already peaked at my bb hand of KhKd when no one was looking but look again and show weakness basically the whole hand to try and suck this guy in. i am looking for a double and i dont put him on much so just flat call preflop. flop is Jd9x2x i chk lookin to chkraise but he chks, turn is 8d. i now bet a weak 3500 hoping he will shove a number of hands, eg any 10, a flush draw or even some weird slowplayed hand. if he does flat call im happy to play on instinct to any river card to be honest. he tanks for 30-45secs then announces allin. i hav mp3 in and he aint moved chips forward so i take them off to double check he is allin then snap call. he immed says "u got me" and turns over 56off . Bang Kazoom Kaboshhhhhhhh 7d river, my head is low in disgust. I say nothing i dont even look at him and step away from table only returning to quickly chuck my seat card in. Pot give or take was 35,200 and average must have been about 40,000 as i finished between 165-170th/701 i believe.

obviously gutted but wasnt particularly mad or enraged, at end of day i knew how well i played the hand and i guess if it was for 70 or 80k i would have been more miffed. still for sure if that 10/11 or 91% held up i know i was >50% to cash and who knows how deep, thats poker.

i aint checking this back as knackered so bad grammar dnt matta but if ive left a hand out where i should hav said what i had or opponent let me knw and i will change or put in comments.