Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday MTT Report

4 MTTs excluding fees were $300 , $500, 150euros and 50euro rebuy (effectively 150euros)
$500 started ok but folded AK to raise, reraise and allin halfstack b4 me a few levels in. was only 10s vs QQs so wish i had gambled as straight hit river too. I then lost QQ vs AK vs same guy that had that QQ and was left 40% of stack. Got back in a bit then lost bit being reraised before shoving 10xbb or sommat as level had gone up with Axstd to run into tightest player at tables AK
150euro game was sluggish for ages but didnt lose patience. Eventually hit a few hands as its total fish tourney u always get paid off and my stack went up nicely. Then came a nasty exit which would have put me top 10 with half of the 650ish entrants left. raise mid AQ and get 2 callers 1 behind. flop AJ3 2 hearts , i continue bet bout 1/2 pot and guy bhind huge stack covering me (i hav a big stack already obv) flats me almost instantly which i knew was weak and big draw at best. Other guy shoves in but only 70% of my orginal bet more so i couldnt isolate. Turn is a 7 and im left with like 6800 and 8500ish in the pot. I have to stick it in and idiot behind me has A7. Miss my 6 outs and im gone (other guy had missed flush draw).
50euro rebuy was sluggish at first too but similarly just waited for hands and was nearly always paid off nicely. Crucial hand was annoying as hell too as had average or better stack i think. Basically raised from cutoff to 1200 at 200/400 with chunky ante. BB only playing 8000odd flats me. I cant fold on a K24 flop when he chkraises me and his trappy call AK dominated my KQ. Such a bad call should be reraising pre with that stack imo. Sick flop too :( Anyways left with 2000 odd my 77 wasnt good enough for KJ utg+1 limper and i bust couple hands later.
$300 topped if off really. Cant complain bout start as raised with JJ and got J10x flop vs 10s. From there on i think i was only allin, called and almost covered once 99 vs A8 which held. Then approaching the bubble i knew a hijack raise was weak (guy had been on my table from start and folded all time to reraises too) so reraised with A10std but sb shoved allin for 35k odd. My reraise was 9500 and i almost had pot odds if he was on a KK type hand but being near the bubble and i knew it wasnt quite pot odds i let it go. Next hand i make a marginal K10off shove for 9xbb from cutoff only to be looked up by A3std in the bb (for almost half his stack) and i miss and go out 107th / 800odd with 100 paid sick as a parrot. Annoyed as lowest of my range there was K10 if i consider QJ to b better to shove with and i know i was folding nething below this so mad at being looked up by A3 nutcase.
Anyways cashwise had a bloody nightmare on hi lo yesterday. First time in ages top end stakes were goin and i got donked off all over shop. Fortunately got a bit back tonight and more than covered the entrance fees above but still annoyed to lose about £3,000 yesterday. Aint a lot in respect for me but ive been on lower stakes all week partly to grind and partly cos of this flu thing and had basically won that through hours and hours of play. I know i dont post omaha or hi lo history much but this one took the biscuit so i will put the details below:
5/10 omaha hi lo pl hu vs a regular that normally doesnt play me hu (also the **** left after this pot having only played about 8hands, i exploded and followed him around hurling the most abusive language i think ive used all year but thats another story)
Im bb and first to act postflop. preflop he makes it 30 and i pot it to 90 with AAK4 with 1 suit not relevant. Flop comes K94 rainbow and i bet 140 into 180 which he flat calls. Turn is 8 which is a 2nd spade. I bet pot 460 and he reraises allin for about another 800. I instant call and he has AsQx3s8x. 8x hits river and he scoops roughly $2,500 pot. Dont care about the outdraw but WTF is this guy thinking flat calling the K94 flop with AQ83. He is really really tight abc player normally full ring but i know we have history in chatbox so obviously it had effected his play on this instance but sickly was rewarded.
On a positive note i aint in as bad a mood as i might sound from above and should hopefully make it to Cardiff this week as feel a lot better than a week ago.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Swines

Timing could have been a lot worse (eg day b4 EPO open all paid for) but i finally caught this pesky flu. Luckily for me i seem to have recovered a lot faster than my dad and brother who both had the same symptoms. It probably helped getting Tamiflu very quickly having witnessed the others suffering so highly recommend this if anyone reading this thinks they have caught it.
Househunting has reached a disappointing lull with the half a dozen or so i 2nd viewed or wanted to 2nd view either being sold , above what i truly can afford (eg restricting my poker roll too much), or still way overpriced in my opinion.
On the poker front my heads been spinning too much to play last couple of days but have been surfing web looking at possible live stuff for autumn/winter. Im now considering travelling even more than i did last autumn/winter. I can still keep an eye on the housing market but hopefully i can bring in a few more bucks. I think i would rather buy a house i can see me living in for 10years+ rather than sommat im likely to want to upgrade in 2-5 years time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not The Month For Poker

Not feeling it this month pokerwise. After last post i played no more than 1.5hours in the 6 days after. I have played more this week but still not a large number of hours. Lots of break even sessions and finally a run bad, play bad, lose my head large loss a couple of days ago. Got a bit of that back yesterday and still good profit for month but that is in danger if i have another bad run and or lose my head again (would be only the 4th time this month, oops). Ideally i should drop down stakes and focus on some sort of promotion or race to get back into it but im not in a hurry until next month now really. Still undecided on Cardiff gukpt in 10ish days, see closer to time if i fancy it, maybe even a last minute decision.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Escapes (2)

Stop playing like a tilted miserable fool. Get a grip or take a few days off before u donk wads off. Lucky not to have just done £18,000. Went £12,000 down finally hitting the deck just before i would have bust an account and escaping with £1,000 loss. Dont play in a bad mood, oh i already knew that i just played anyway like a thicko. Abused other players enough so only fair i abuse myself here.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Luton Trip Report

I'll try keep this one short as not too much to talk about unless i mayb put a few hands down from the £1060 main event.

£330 omaha , less said the better. Lets just say a $10 online mtt or even a bingo hall were good comparisons.

£1060 main, couldnt have gone much worse at start anyway. After the first 2 levels i was down to 1675 from the 10k starting stack. Missed 4 or 5 draws and hit nout. One of those was an up and down straight flush draw vs a set (would/should gone broke in if raised pot pre). Another key pot was raising pre to 200 after a 50 limper with J10suited on button. Flop A1010 turn blank river blank. i got chk called on every street after betting 400, 650 and 2000. Matey took 1 minute to call on river and even used the sad "i dont like it" phrase to save embarressment if his 3rd nuts K10 was behind, lol.

I managed to get back to 3200 peak in the next level uncalled. About 3.5-4 hours in after making myself play the short stack as well as i felt i could i found the perfect spot to double with AK vs a mid position raise after a limper of 650. I had 2850 so didnt expect matey to fold to my allin but was surprised to see him call with K4ss as he had been pretty solid all day. Out came 963 with 1 spade turn 5s and river another spade and i was gone. Would have been nice to have got back to 6000 at that 100/200 level as i know i would have felt like i was freerolling then but not to be.

Annoyingly omaha cash didnt get going that night so i sat on a £1/£3 NLH for fun after/during a few ciders. 1st 2 hands i win £100 and about £400 hitting a full house 2nd hand. Just stayed levelish after and left a few hours later £400 up with a few free ciders paid from chips :)

Overall could been a better trip but couple days away and a change from the routine is good for me. Online i dropped maybe £1000 over those 2 days with not much time put in. I had won a lot more since last post without going into detail and ive just reversed that £1000 with a short session this afternoon since i got back too so the month still retains a very very good start.

To put it simply Luton isnt exactly the nicest place to go to for a trip away and i doubt i will go back after the December freeroll tourney.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


1) Luton: Wednesday - Friday unless i make day 2 of main event booked.

2) Incredibly volatile and lucky start to August yesterday. Lost £3,000 immediately, recovered and went £3,000 up then went on sick run and went £5,000 down. At that point i def tilted a bit and dumbly opened up a 25/50$ PLO table. 2 Incredibly lucky pots later and i was £2,000 up again on the day and i shut the 25/50$. Then proceeded to lose that £2,000 before winning a $9,300 pot on 10/20$ to finish £4,800 up shortly after. Despite vowing to finish there i returned 30mins later as was couple of shorthanded hi lo games going. Another 30mins or so later i had made another £2,000 so finished £6,800 up on the day. So easily could have lost £10,000 or slightly more on the day but truly escaped. Its only early today but just made a quick £1,000. I wonder if i can motivate myself to try some mtts later for a change, def shutting down now for the afternoon anyway, honest ;)