Sunday, August 02, 2009


1) Luton: Wednesday - Friday unless i make day 2 of main event booked.

2) Incredibly volatile and lucky start to August yesterday. Lost £3,000 immediately, recovered and went £3,000 up then went on sick run and went £5,000 down. At that point i def tilted a bit and dumbly opened up a 25/50$ PLO table. 2 Incredibly lucky pots later and i was £2,000 up again on the day and i shut the 25/50$. Then proceeded to lose that £2,000 before winning a $9,300 pot on 10/20$ to finish £4,800 up shortly after. Despite vowing to finish there i returned 30mins later as was couple of shorthanded hi lo games going. Another 30mins or so later i had made another £2,000 so finished £6,800 up on the day. So easily could have lost £10,000 or slightly more on the day but truly escaped. Its only early today but just made a quick £1,000. I wonder if i can motivate myself to try some mtts later for a change, def shutting down now for the afternoon anyway, honest ;)

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