Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not The Month For Poker

Not feeling it this month pokerwise. After last post i played no more than 1.5hours in the 6 days after. I have played more this week but still not a large number of hours. Lots of break even sessions and finally a run bad, play bad, lose my head large loss a couple of days ago. Got a bit of that back yesterday and still good profit for month but that is in danger if i have another bad run and or lose my head again (would be only the 4th time this month, oops). Ideally i should drop down stakes and focus on some sort of promotion or race to get back into it but im not in a hurry until next month now really. Still undecided on Cardiff gukpt in 10ish days, see closer to time if i fancy it, maybe even a last minute decision.

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