Friday, August 07, 2009

Luton Trip Report

I'll try keep this one short as not too much to talk about unless i mayb put a few hands down from the £1060 main event.

£330 omaha , less said the better. Lets just say a $10 online mtt or even a bingo hall were good comparisons.

£1060 main, couldnt have gone much worse at start anyway. After the first 2 levels i was down to 1675 from the 10k starting stack. Missed 4 or 5 draws and hit nout. One of those was an up and down straight flush draw vs a set (would/should gone broke in if raised pot pre). Another key pot was raising pre to 200 after a 50 limper with J10suited on button. Flop A1010 turn blank river blank. i got chk called on every street after betting 400, 650 and 2000. Matey took 1 minute to call on river and even used the sad "i dont like it" phrase to save embarressment if his 3rd nuts K10 was behind, lol.

I managed to get back to 3200 peak in the next level uncalled. About 3.5-4 hours in after making myself play the short stack as well as i felt i could i found the perfect spot to double with AK vs a mid position raise after a limper of 650. I had 2850 so didnt expect matey to fold to my allin but was surprised to see him call with K4ss as he had been pretty solid all day. Out came 963 with 1 spade turn 5s and river another spade and i was gone. Would have been nice to have got back to 6000 at that 100/200 level as i know i would have felt like i was freerolling then but not to be.

Annoyingly omaha cash didnt get going that night so i sat on a £1/£3 NLH for fun after/during a few ciders. 1st 2 hands i win £100 and about £400 hitting a full house 2nd hand. Just stayed levelish after and left a few hours later £400 up with a few free ciders paid from chips :)

Overall could been a better trip but couple days away and a change from the routine is good for me. Online i dropped maybe £1000 over those 2 days with not much time put in. I had won a lot more since last post without going into detail and ive just reversed that £1000 with a short session this afternoon since i got back too so the month still retains a very very good start.

To put it simply Luton isnt exactly the nicest place to go to for a trip away and i doubt i will go back after the December freeroll tourney.

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