Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oct/Nov Stuff

Been a strange couple of months.  I guess I was due a downswing but after 3 really good summer months it sure hurts to have a couple of losing months in a row.  Lots of bad luck in there but I haven't been playing as well either and have got petulant far too often during sessions. 

Had my annual trip to the Caribbean for the 10th year running but it was a bit early this year and with less people out there that I hang around with I found it to not be a good trip at all.  Lessons learned anyway.  I did buy into a $1,100 main event out there and lost AK vs QQ for a top 5 stack with 20% of the field left (150ish runners started) but was happy with how I played given how little NLH I play these days.  My only cash out there was a tiny plo one which I hung on to mincash after losing a massive chipleader pot with 7 left 80/20 when chips went in on flop, again happy with it.  PLO cash game destroyed me out there and holdem was like break even most of the trip.

As said above online has been a struggle but I have done a lot of soul searching/experimenting/analysis the last week or so and feel I am playing well again and my attitudes a bit better so I am hoping to crush December and play a lot of volume at the same time.

Anyway here is the final figures for the last couple of months, nothing too much to worry about.  I know if I had run better I might have played better and luckily I have won some back the last few days as this month was closer to -£3,000 a few days back !

October:      -£1,669
November:  -£1,882

December I want to play a few of the next FTOPS series but other than that its revert to regular games although might avoid stars a bit more as I am already supernova there so wont reach any new bonuses this year.   After the 2 bad months I would need a +£5,200 month to equal last years profit but barring anything extreme either way I should finish somewhere between £40k and £50k.