Thursday, October 29, 2009

HU Over

Unsure what to write basically played crap for 30-60mins then played out of my skin and dominated for the next hour or so. Supposed to be on challenge at some point but i wasnt on a hole cam table so guess will only see allins and a few clips here and there, oh and mayb a cringy interview.

1st hand i lose 4000 2 pair vs nut straight
2nd hand i double up rivering a straight, he mucked after callin river but at least 2 pair
3rd hand i 4 bet 44 allin and he has AA and holds

so its 16k vs 24k after 3 hands with my 20% shot to win over.
like said above played crap for bit, low was about 6500 i think.
suck out K7 vs AK 7 on river er that took me back to 14 or 15k i think.
peaked at about 23k after playing small ball poker from there on as much as poss

then huge hand playing 22k i call a raise out of position with 34off then check raise his continuation bet to 5000 on a Kc8c4x board. he moves allin 300/600 level and not too much of it left its 11k to call and my instinct is he has flush draw at best but i really thought he had AJ AQ or even worse to be honest. After about 2 minutes i went with my instinct (sommat i regret not doing in my first match enough) and made the call. He showed 75cc for gutshot flush draw and overs so i guess i maybe was 50% but irrelevent anyway as flush immediately hit the turn.

left with 4200 i double through Q4std vs K10 before the strangest of exit hands.

he limps button and i chk 93off
flop QQ3 and i check raise his about 700 bet to about 1600
turn is Kd making 2 diamonds on board and ive got bout 6500 left
read on flop was he had nothing, maybe king or ace high so i bet 2400ish so i had option of getting away but lookin committed at same time (obv would go with instinct or read if he shoves)
he flat calls and i still believe im ahead at this point , river was a low diamond and i shove my 4000ish allin
he says call and i thought he said jack high but no he says jack high flush and shows J7dd WTF
says he thought i was at it on flop but WTF if thats the case shove the turn and have some fold equityor reraise the flop, hate his play on this hand but whatever. I wanted him in i guess and i played so well the last hour i wasnt angry just disappointed.

Would have been mad with myself if i bust the K7 vs AK i truly played shocking up to that point and it definitely was a match of 2 halves. Took more from this match than the 1st one and hopefully will make my experience count to grab a live title one day in the future.

Online ive stayed level since that huge loss other night but (if im not pushing my luck as still playing) im up a couple of £k tonight so far. Looking forward to the 1st week in Nov where i hope to ease right off and chill out ,unless im in a complete addict mode and the games are good of course ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HU Win Online Loss

Mixed day, got a bye then made last 16 (pays 4 only 42 entered) after 3hrs 20mins beating Marc Goodwin. Dont play hu again till Thursday which is a good job cos i just dropped my biggest loss online for months in one session, arrrrrrrgh :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

As It Stands

Right heres how the month has gone in £ so far. Lost chunk first 3-4days -£9k at worst. Went on mad run for about 2 weeks after with only 1 small losing day. Peaked at £38,500 then hit real bad couple of days to drop £12k of that. Edged back up to £32k over nxt few days but lost a couple of thou yesterday before i drove to Bristol the play a £550 game so currently £30k + £3,300 HU package next week. Also having to play 3-4hrs a day min online for a promo which will prob net me $1000+ but with a huge slice of luck could nab an Aussie Millions package.

The £550 was fun, i thought i would have found it difficult focusing after such a good month and losing approx 4x buyin b4 i even started and this was true for the first couple of levels where i wasnt overly impressed with my game at all. Picked up after first break though and managed to hit some good hands which obviously helped. Was prob top 3 of not chip leader after 5.5 levels with 49k (starting 10k) but missed loads after that and got resistance in the wrong places. Dropped to 35k then back to 40k before i called a reraise with 99 and lost a pot to have gone to 77k vs AA on a AQ9 flop. 5xbb out a few hands later. Had fun though, dunno what it is but i really like Bristol Gala casino and was glad a made the effort to attend. Drove back after so didnt play any live cash games but glad to have played with some chips before the HU championship next week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Downswing Time

Very poor day by my last 2 weeks standards. Even tilted a bit at one point which contributed to losing 1 stack. Bout £4,000 down today, sounds sick but if i published my total profit for the month it would be sicker so i cant complain, just posting here so can start a fresh tommorrow.

Edit...back on lost thousands more :((:((:((:((:(( , reverse variance kickin in big time :(:(:(:(:(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterdays Loss

For the first day in a week i had a losing day. Also had memory loss after too many drinks and a nasty resulting hangover today :(

Actually only lost £500 yesterday but ive had my best week at the tables since June. Wont post figures yet in case i swing back down but i dont think i could be playing or running better. Had an offer accepted on a house and at this rate i wont need a family loan i had planned to keep my bankroll from being squeezed too tight.

May play the Bristol £550 next Saturday but ive got the World Heads Up £3,300 on the Tuesday after so havent quite decided yet. Defintely not going to the carribean now but hoping i might make a Florida/Vegas trip mid November if house doesnt get in the way. Similarly i would luv to go to the Aussie Millions again but completion date might clash with this so just to to see.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Of This Please

Sucked out for $5,000 pot earlier near start of day. Got it in with low flush draw, gutshot and a set vs made nut straight and nut flush draw to fill up. Even sweeter was after this i won another big pot which i wouldnt have had without the stack so "implied luck" made it worth more ! Came back tonight and run good some more although i think i got it in ahead the majority of the time for a change :) Result is an excellent day, beginning to justify and eye up Carribean, Florida and Vegas trip again. Need to decide on that stuff by the end of the week really.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MTT Night

Pool cancelled so entered some mtts for a change.
2 x $500 1 x 150euros and 1 x 50euro rebuy.

So far bust the 150 euros. Should bust b4 i did but guy played his nut flush as bad as possible vs my lower flush so only lost 1/3 stack when river paired and he led into me. Sadly ran AK into KK 30mins later and gone.

doubled in 1 x $500 floppin 2 pair vs kk early but lost a 20% chunk in other with QQ vs AK on a Kxxxx board. Flying in 50 euro rebuy , was in top 10 last check 10mins ago.

Also entering $70 sat in mo, update later


Damn QQ vs AK lost finished 545th/1426 in one of the $500s pot was to go joint 6th :(:(:(
Still in the 2 others, ok stacks nout to report really
Also still in that $70 sat.


Arrgh just value bet KK big on a 10,9,5,10,J board and matey had checked the river to me with A10 and didnt raise but i lost a lot on that pot, would gone broke if he raised flop like ne half decent player mind

Also doubled short stack up 66 vs 89 on a 459 flop :( in other so weak in that too.


Doubled QJ vs A10 50rebuy.

Down to last 2 guaranteed $1,000, 1st gets $5,200 package.


Rubbish in 50euro rebuy guy minraises from mid to 1400 i make it 4200 playin my cursed 77 hand and he flat calls. I only have under 6000 left. Flop 998 looks good until he calls with J9std , nice call preflop chump :(

Anyways got rid of the disappointment, turned a 30k vs 42k deficit round against remarkably easy hu opponent to win a £3,300 package ($5,262) to the World Heads Up Championships at the end of this month.

Still in ipoker $1,000,000 479/703 , 1689 entries

Doubled K6 vs AQ , nout other than that still 50% of average 350 left 200 paid.

keep moving table :( did get KK but no action but also got a K2std shove through and a 74std steal. 228/288 average 58k although i will start ignoring that as my blinds ratio is more important now.

timing well so far to raise and as a result moved to highest spot mo ago. currently 173/225

Ah bust just after bubble for $800 33 vs 99, gg thats me lot for the night i hope :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Donating Back

Had 3 days off and returned today all be a bit hungover. Run bad but played ok. Bad was 2nd set vs top set hu losing $6000 pot but worse was guy playing hand as bad as possible to win a $3600 pot. Its easier to describe here than copy and edit history:

I raise to $60 and get 2 callers im now in 2nd position on a flop of KJ6hhx. My hand is AAxxQ5hh. I check knowing reg guy bhind will nearly always bet and he bets weak 100 into 190 pot. Other guy flats and i make it pot 588 to go. Guy bhind folds but now other guy goes allin for $1600. Figure ive run into a set being slow played but obviously 0% fold equity the way ive played the hand. Nope he has Ah10h10x6x for as bad a played draw as possible.

If this complete muppet raises before it gets back to me i fold every time but no he plays it completely backwards for whole stack with no fold equity. Of course board comes 6x xx and i lose. So livid cant believe how bad his play is although i know the guys a complete loser that think hes great, ive played him hundreds times and he so easy to read.

Chucked it into odds calc and im amazed to see its 50/50 but makes no diff to above where guy takes down 288 uncalled if he plays the hand properly.

Still just in profit for month but annoyed big time obviously, prob done for night although may go back on afta long break :(

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thats A Bit Better

Didnt play till late as head all over shop after house offer refused and found out i might be in a bit of a bidding war.

Glad i hit the tables in the end though, was steady early evening and wiped out the £2,600 loss for Oct into a £500 profit.

After an hour break or so ive just had a 3hrs+ session till 4:15am and finally got some good games and hit some big pots on both plo and hi lo. Biggest pot was $7,400 when i managed to get $1200 in preflop with AA108 1 suit only to be called by 2 players (1 covering me and 1 with $1900 more behind) . Flop came Q22 with 2 of a diff suit (unfoldable) and the $1,900 check called allin with KKQJ no flush draw and my AA held.

Combined with some hi lo stuff i finished £4,700 up on the session and am finally in profit for October to the tune of £5,200. +£7,800 day on $10/$20 max is a rarity for me these days and i will savour the moment. Just hope i can push on from this and not be dragged down again :)

Monday, October 05, 2009


Great stuff well played by this guy. Waits until no fold equity on turn and chk raises me and of course i miss half the pack outs.

10/20 OmahaGameTable (PL) - Mon Oct 05 18:10:30 EDT 2009
Table Table 135455 (Real Money) -- Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: Grind4Fun ( $4823.40)
Seat 2: me ( $2177)
Seat 3: Cille09 ( $1949)
Seat 4: bajawa ( $2057)
Seat 5: TheKung ( $1307)
Seat 6: spfjlkw ( $3768.46)
bajawa posts small blind (10)
TheKung posts big blind (20)
**Dealing down cards **Dealt to me [ Kc, Ah, Jh, Ts ]
spfjlkw folds
Grind4Fun raises (60) to 60
me raises (210) to 210
Cille09 folds
bajawa folds
TheKung folds
Grind4Fun calls (150)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 9h, 6s, 3c ]
Grind4Fun checks
me bets (300)
Grind4Fun calls (300)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Qh ]
Grind4Fun checks
me bets (1047)
Grind4Fun raises (4188) to 4188 (best raise of the year award wp)
me calls (620)
me is all-In.
** Dealing River ** : [ 7c ] (only 23outs thx)
Creating Main Pot with $4381
** Summary **Main Pot: $4381 Rake: $3
Board: [ 9h 6s 3c Qh 7c ]
Grind4Fun balance $7027.40, bet $4698, collected $6902, net +$2204 [ 5d 7h 4s 6c ] [ a straight, Three to Seven -- 7c,6s,5d,4s,3c ]

Another several hours put in already and still playing a bit. First 2.5hr session i went about £5,000 down before coming right back and finishing £2,000 up. Began winning this evening then the shit hit the fan with the above amongst many other hands. Fortunately hi lo has been kinder to me so far and im only £1,000 down at mo, may update later if this changes either way much.

...............later edit
went back on 10/20 hi lo 1 table for 2hrs+ and finally caught some hands. finished £1,600 up on the day so Oct balance lies at -£2,600 now.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tough Start

Played Thursday and Today so far in October. Complete joke so far.

First day i went up a nice £1,500 but returned later to some really bad games only to lose all that and a couple of thou more to complete losers. Also managed to get a chat ban that day which bothers me more than i thought it would.

Today i lose £3,000 within the first hour running as well as i can (NOT). Guy stayed there though and got it all back over the course of 3 hours. Played again for a couple of hours after that and posted a £800 profit so only £1,200 down before session just now.

Just played/playing a 3 hour session now and was thinking i had saved the day again after dropping some to begin with. But no i managed to get $2,500 allin on a turn on a 922k board only to give matey a deuce on river for the $6,000 pot. Nice i run good. So if i finish now which is lookin likely as games are dying im a nice £4,000 down for October instead of about £300 down if that $6,000 pot held, lovely. Actually lets try and be honest , it bothers me more that this guy played his hand so bad more than the fact he rivered it. he min raised the flop to 400$ 922 (im 99A6) when i had continue bet 200. turn king and he only bets 500$ into whats now $1100+ but is all to happy to instant call $2,000 more when i chkraise allin with QQ42. Lets see , well unless im on a rediculously dumb bluff which is pretty much never there is no hand he can beat, oh wp u dumb ******.

On a positive note im playing well and the action and games are a complete joke, gg