Friday, December 31, 2010

Final 2010 Session

Lasted almost 3 hours this afternoon (without a break, grrr trying to stop that but fish kept me at tables). Was similar stuff to last night with some good 2/4$ hi lo going on and i wasnt disappointed. Didnt even get the downswing this time and made a tidy profit of over £600. Also bought a £250 bonus so final profit for Dec a nice healthy +£3,229.


Almost didnt go shopping as i woke up late and knackered but figured it was still the better option or poker so did so. Expected to stay until 7 or 8pm but came home a bit earlier.

Still wasnt really thinking about playing poker but in the end decided to hav a small bash just before 10pm. 50 minutes later after 7 tabling .5/1$ plo and running golden as well as having people throw money at me i was 4.5 buyins up but still not really in the mood to play any more !

So after almost not playing i was a happie happie. Expected that to be the end but....

An hour or so later i saw some juicy 2/4$ hi lo plo tables going so figured it was worth a shot. After going on my usual spiral downwards to begin with (maybe $400-$600) i managed to get a fish heads up on 2 tables and eventually hit my share of rivers after he had hit his early. Result was about $800 up in the end.

So again after almost stopping things went better than i could have expected.

Result on day was just over £800 up and sit on the month at a peak of £2,318 for December.

Expect to still play tommorrow though so will update with a final years profit figure once im done. Not that i like targets but +£601 tommorrow would put my spreadsheet on exactly +£30k for the year but unless i ran real good again or the games are juicy i certainly wouldnt expect to finish on that.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hard Day

A tricky day which, at one point i almost gave up on. Started bad and just got worse. Was happy with how i was playing though and didnt tilt and kept with it, even taking short breaks to cool off a bit. After going down about £800 i finished the day at +£600ish which is a big swing, given i didnt play plo above $1/2 and plo hi lo above 2/4$.

Anyway raked enough (about $500) to hit a target level on a site i needed and also cleared another sites bonus due to expire before the end of the year.

Could sit back and not play until 2011 and probably going shopping tommorrow but planing a low key nye. Im still recovering from a stomach bug i had over xmas so just not craving any booze yet.

Plan for 2011 is to ease in at first then from 5th rake $400 a day on one site for 25 days as part of a promotion. Hopefully this will test profit levels, game choice, motivation, discipline etc etc and if it suits set a trend for the year. If not i will look at a new plan of attack in Feb which would probably involve a wider range of games across more sites.

I guess i should do a review of 2010 although not sure if i will bother putting much effort into it yet. Most months have been very different to the previous or following one so maybe just a link to each monthly review would b more appropriate.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Run Good ?

Not played a whole lot since last post as been boozing the last 2 days but did manage ok profits Wed/Thurs for the few hours each day. Not sure what im up to today, my body is telling me not to drink a 3rd day in a row but i dont think im gonna listen. Anyways tables were golden just now. All .5/1 and 1/2$ plo played well and ran good too. Just over 2 hours session saw me tally +£440.

Dec tally back to over the 4 figures mark for first time since that boozy 2/4 session and sits on +£1,071 at mo. Will update below if play any more today but need some food now before i decide on my plan of action for the day.

Happy Xmas to all readers !

....edit 45mins more -------> +£1,107 = pub time :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tiring Day

Didnt play poker until after 6pm tonight. Had bad sleep night before despite feeling shattered when i went to bed. Was busy xmas shopping all day so im pleased to have still put a few 1-2hrs sessions in tonight. Did well first 2 but lost in the 3rd but overall finished +£90 on the day.

I think my figures yesterday might have been unrealistic i forgot i did play a fair bit of 2/4. I'll see how the nxt week goes I wanna try and come up with something concrete with regards to the stakes i intend to play 90%+ of my games at and the rakeback i would get next year if i fall into a routine of sorts on them (which is hopefully the plan).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally Some Volume

Reckon ive played 9-10hours today which is more than ive played in the last 10 days put together. Its about time and 4 different sessions spread throughout the day saw me finally turn a profit of £244 to put me on +£283.

Im as interested in how much rakeback i made too so i can try and get an idea of what i would make if i was just doing what i did today (.5/1, 1/2 and 2/4$) for 40hours a week and just breaking even. Just done some rough figures and if i could do 4 times a week what ive played today in volume i reckon i would get $40k in rakeback before other bonuses and promotions. Thats staying mainly loyal to one site though and hitting highest level which i know is probably unrealistic but im seriously looking at all options for the new year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Levelling Out

Played an hour or 2 both Thurs and Fri doing nicely both times to put me just back into marginal profit again for the month.

Friday night however i got more drunk than ive been for months and result was being sick all over my bedroom and strangely enough not managing any poker yesterday.

I still feel a bit dodgy now so prob wont booze tonight. Just had a session where i lost some chunky pots to complete chasing dead money players but somehow only managed to lose £25 which is excellent.

Cold has almost gone, just in chest now so dnt affect poker so fingers crossed i will finally put some decent volume in this week.

+£39 on month the only way is up from here .....maybe :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Quite As Planned

Not played since Sunday due to a cold i guess i was due after having such a good time away in the heat.

Destroyed my monthly profit drunk Sunday too attacking 2/4 plo and failing miserably. Now sit on -£350 but not too bothered, just wanna get rid of this spinny head before i start playing again which should be soon with any luck.

More frustrated about not being able to do any exercise than i am play poker. This could turn into a no exercise combined with overeating, overdrinking etc etc and i could be in a right state come Jan but we'll see.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Xmas Grind

Home again so i guess its time to start bashing up them online tables again.

Just played 2.5hours session just now and got a £220 seat in Bristol for 27 Dec for $31. Was debating whether to enter but was huge value and can justify the travel on a date that definitely suits me for a change.

Live summary for trip was -$1,180 mtts but +$2,115 cash.

Might go back on shortly although pub is more tempting, profit for Dec sits on +£767 at mo.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Likely Last Hot Update

Still 2 days and 7 hours before i leave but i can feel it creeping up :(

Didnt play the main (only 52 runner and silly flat pays 9 payout) and a good job as that evening at 9 or 10pm the day/week before caught up with me and i was exhausted.

So not much to report, no gamblin online since day 1 as internet has been infrequent.
No gambling Sunday. Hit tables yesterday for a $220 +$100 rebuy plo event. In for $420 and only 16 runners, pays 3 i was left with average stack with 11 left but wasnt gnna sit on it and lost a key pot to have gone from 12k to 16k with J,10,9,7 vs 8,6,4,3 i think on a 10,5,2 flop and just dribbling down before busting K,Q,J,6 dbl suited vs A,A,7,4 1 suit allin preflop to have got back to 11,oooish with 10 players left.

Did hit the 5/5 plo later and went from 300$ to a peak of about $750 before dribbling back to $450 so in profit on that again at least.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Golden Seat

OK since the last post i played the $100 rebuy satellite to main of $1850+$150 with my stack going up nicely to begin with before crashing back. After dinner break it followed the same pattern and i managed to lose a pot to have gone to 16k with average less than half that and playing for 11 seats. Was licking my lips after calling a raise with 9,10std and the board coming Q99A before frenchie showed QQ. Eventually crashed out around 35th or sommat but overall very happy with my game.

Yesterday was a busy day getting up at 6:30am for golf. Managed to squeeze some time in at the pool after lunch before a needed power nap. Wasnt really up for the $220 freezeout but played it anyway and started attacking the vodka at the same time. Result = early bath just before the 1st break but that worked out for the best in the end.

After more and more vodka in a couple of bars i was definitely more drunk than any other night and i dont even remember what time i returned to the casino. As i walked in they were opening a 2nd table of $5/$5 plo so i jumped in (there had only been 1 table all week so i hoped this would be a juicy one given it was saturday night). Immediately went on soft drinks and got an early double with 2nd set vs 3rd set in a raised pot. I had only sat with $300 as im still trying to find the optimum comfortable buyin for a 8 or 9 handed game. 2 or 3 hours later i finally went card dead and stopped shitting all over the deck. I had found a golden seat and the first 1-2 hours i pretty much won around 75% of any pot i entered. This included several chunky pots. All players were only in for $200-$400ish so the only really large pot i got was a 3 way allin with 2nd nuts full house on a KJ5JQ board for around $1,000. I just couldnt lose an allin and finally left at about 2am with $1,915. The strange thing was this table was actually much tighter than the crazy one the other day which again made me realise just how lucky i had been. I didnt need to run any big bluffs but did pick up lots of small pots with almost near perfect timing in multiway pots.

Got a big decision today as main event starts at 4pm. Its now just before 10am and im itchin to do some lengths of the pool before lunch and go to the beach. I know i can justify buying in if i want to but the 1st purpose of this trip was holiday and im really not sure if i want to enter and play 1-2 days of deepstacked poker for possibly no reward in what will probably only be about 50 players mtt.

Hmmmmmmm we'll see how i feel around 2 or 3pm i guess :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Luggage Time

2 days overdue our luggage finally arrived just in time to change, shave and head out for the evening yesterday.

Weds i played the $220 freezeout here which was ok but i knew i probably wouldnt play many more of the mtts unless i enter 1 or 2 of the bigger ones. Ended up 23/60odd and happy with game.

Thurs i skipped the mtt, had a few drinks and meal then hit the 5/5$ PLO. Im not rolled for this really but i guess i can attack the credit and debit card if required. Im never a massive fan of 8 and 9 handed PLO and can struggle to adjust but i think its just inexperience in not playin it enough. Variance can be brutal but fotunately after going 500 down yesterday i turned a $350 profit in the end.

Will probably play the same later although i havent ruled out the $100 rebuy supersatellite tonight. Bit of sunburn yesterday after spending around an hour in the sea my shoulders were obv exposed a bit too much. Lots of shade and tshirt today but must go beach its absolutely fantastic.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Bad Travel Variance

Well after missing that flight we stayed in a cheap shabby hotel near the airport for a night. Checked in for flight to amsterdam but when about to board we are told its delayed so we would miss connecting flight in amsterdam. Key another desk and more travel arrangements. Now we have to collect baggage from arrivals and take a bus to Orly airport (45mins away told but was twice that) where we now travel direct but on Air Caribe instead. Only just really got to gate there 10mins before boarding cutting it fine but boarding went on ages so prob would got away with another 45mins if required.

Anyways now comes in good stuff as we are in premium economy and got 2 seats each for most of the way. All runs smooth until........

Waiting in St Maaten for luggage and told it aint got off. So get to hotel and finally get to nice room before getting pissed. Been beach today, totally brilliant. Got call to say luggage arrives 2pm at airport, 4pm now so hoping it will turn up before we head out at 6pm for poker.

Hoping its all good from here but wouldnt let it spoil it and so relaxed already , ready for some live poker which appears very french local fishy types. Options for cash games last night 1/2 2/5 NLH and 5/5 PLO all uncapped. Arrghh dunno if im rolled for 5/5 but will probably give it a shot tonight if i bust the $220 freezeout early.

Heard its -4 back home still and lots of airports shut etc so overall just dnt care bout the hassle ive had, it should b worth it and seems it so far.