Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hard Day

A tricky day which, at one point i almost gave up on. Started bad and just got worse. Was happy with how i was playing though and didnt tilt and kept with it, even taking short breaks to cool off a bit. After going down about £800 i finished the day at +£600ish which is a big swing, given i didnt play plo above $1/2 and plo hi lo above 2/4$.

Anyway raked enough (about $500) to hit a target level on a site i needed and also cleared another sites bonus due to expire before the end of the year.

Could sit back and not play until 2011 and probably going shopping tommorrow but planing a low key nye. Im still recovering from a stomach bug i had over xmas so just not craving any booze yet.

Plan for 2011 is to ease in at first then from 5th rake $400 a day on one site for 25 days as part of a promotion. Hopefully this will test profit levels, game choice, motivation, discipline etc etc and if it suits set a trend for the year. If not i will look at a new plan of attack in Feb which would probably involve a wider range of games across more sites.

I guess i should do a review of 2010 although not sure if i will bother putting much effort into it yet. Most months have been very different to the previous or following one so maybe just a link to each monthly review would b more appropriate.