Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just Bad Travel Variance

Well after missing that flight we stayed in a cheap shabby hotel near the airport for a night. Checked in for flight to amsterdam but when about to board we are told its delayed so we would miss connecting flight in amsterdam. Key another desk and more travel arrangements. Now we have to collect baggage from arrivals and take a bus to Orly airport (45mins away told but was twice that) where we now travel direct but on Air Caribe instead. Only just really got to gate there 10mins before boarding cutting it fine but boarding went on ages so prob would got away with another 45mins if required.

Anyways now comes in good stuff as we are in premium economy and got 2 seats each for most of the way. All runs smooth until........

Waiting in St Maaten for luggage and told it aint got off. So get to hotel and finally get to nice room before getting pissed. Been beach today, totally brilliant. Got call to say luggage arrives 2pm at airport, 4pm now so hoping it will turn up before we head out at 6pm for poker.

Hoping its all good from here but wouldnt let it spoil it and so relaxed already , ready for some live poker which appears very french local fishy types. Options for cash games last night 1/2 2/5 NLH and 5/5 PLO all uncapped. Arrghh dunno if im rolled for 5/5 but will probably give it a shot tonight if i bust the $220 freezeout early.

Heard its -4 back home still and lots of airports shut etc so overall just dnt care bout the hassle ive had, it should b worth it and seems it so far.


TEAMDOBB said...

who is there Rob and did Azi get there ok without delays as his conection was tight as well?

Amatay said...

Enjoy fish, i should have come with ya :(

Robert "Animal" Price said...

same , a day in paris then we travelled together but that lucky git got his case, we didnt :(