Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Likely Last Hot Update

Still 2 days and 7 hours before i leave but i can feel it creeping up :(

Didnt play the main (only 52 runner and silly flat pays 9 payout) and a good job as that evening at 9 or 10pm the day/week before caught up with me and i was exhausted.

So not much to report, no gamblin online since day 1 as internet has been infrequent.
No gambling Sunday. Hit tables yesterday for a $220 +$100 rebuy plo event. In for $420 and only 16 runners, pays 3 i was left with average stack with 11 left but wasnt gnna sit on it and lost a key pot to have gone from 12k to 16k with J,10,9,7 vs 8,6,4,3 i think on a 10,5,2 flop and just dribbling down before busting K,Q,J,6 dbl suited vs A,A,7,4 1 suit allin preflop to have got back to 11,oooish with 10 players left.

Did hit the 5/5 plo later and went from 300$ to a peak of about $750 before dribbling back to $450 so in profit on that again at least.

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