Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Figures

Usually call it review but pretty much said key stuff in prev posts. Got some back in last week though in both low stakes mtts and a tiny bit of omaha hi lo cash. Final loss for month was -£2,380.

At least im now in profit again for 2010 (+£1,150) overall but expectation has gone down considerably. April target is a pathetically low +£2,000, at end of the day i just dont want another losing month having had 3/4 of them.

GL people its time to grind.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegas Booked

Just the flights so far as they seem to be filling fast. Flying out 13th June and back on 30th June although i guess if im doing well (or qualify for main event) i can extend that easily (last year was only £50 to change day of return flight).

Hoping to get back to consistent winning ways between now and then otherwise it will be very cheap hotel so i'll book that at a later date.

Only tourney that sticks out as a must play for me on trip is $1,500 PLO Hi/Lo. That may be my only WSOP event as theres plenty of stuff at Bellagio,Caesars and Venetian to choose from and i may just grind Rio cash games more this year. Unfortunately i wont be out there for the event i final tabled last year which is a bit sad really but the dates ive chosen suit me better. Just have to settle for the PL version instead. Lots to think about between now and flight anyway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Omaha Ban ?

Things just aint working out on the plo and plo hi lo games again. Again it was a trip to higher stakes that done me (5/10$) but it kind of takes away the point of the low stakes grinding if im just gonna lose it at higher stakes 1 or 2 times a month. The session in question i found 2 really bad tables and felt ultra confident. I chipped away nicely but then came the inevitable allin preflop hands. Think it was 6 times allin preflop and managed to scoop once (when only playing a half stack!) and i lost all the others, no quarters, no halves and no 3 quarters. I wouldnt mind but i was ahead and miles ahead in some in 5/6 of the prefloppers so just about sums up how ive run the last 3 months at that stake and above = bye bye to 5 buyins and hello to anotherover £3000 loss for the month.

So desperate times again and a change of plan, if i can follow it through remains to be seen though. Basically trying to avoid omaha cash completely and other cash too and go back to basics and hammer 6+ low stakes mtt at a time for 4-10hours 4 or 5 times a week. Only done 1 day so far but didnt hate it so gonna see how it goes. Stakes very low so far from $10-$80 but looking to increase that asap once i get back into the mtt rhythm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March (So Far.....)

Aint felt like blogging this month but thought i might as well chuck whats happened so far in a post.

First few days were tough. I got £500 rakeback/bonus and lose that and another £300 within the first 2 hours session without goin to higher stakes. I grinded it back and was sitting about +£250 a couple of days later when i had a decent evening and made it to +£1000.
Unfortunately thats peak and the next day i got very frustrated by several outdraws all be it on low stakes and saw a 3handed 25/50 plo hi lo game and jumped in it. Chopped 1 allin on turn which could have gone either way for $10,000 but lost the other allin for $9000 AA310cc on a Q102 flop vs QQ53. Basically exit and didnt play for about 3 or 4 days after.

Was sitting at -£3,700 sunday night when a heavily drunk session on 10/10plo luckily won me back $2000 odd, the big pot being KK44 vs AK67 allin pre with a short stack in as well for about a $3000 pot. Managed to leave in good shape and moved back down the following days and was golden until today including a +£1,300 day yesterday at 2/4$ max which i was well chuffed with. That put me -£150 for the month but ive had a bad day but good in terms of only losing £200 so currently sitting -£350 for March.

Laptop crashed last week too so was on old one briefly but fingers crossed all running well again now. Car problems and other stuff too (nout to do with house though :) ) all added to that bad week but appear to have turned the corner this week on life and poker luck. Cant say when next post will be dnt feel ive got much out of chucking this in here so just hav to see.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Feb Review

Hate finishing on a low but session i just had demoralised me. Couldnt fault my play much at all but just missed everything or cold decked etc. Fortunately i did win enough to cover it earlier on the day but 2nite reminded me how mental toughness is important, so frustrating losing when the play at tables tonight was basically horrendous overall :( Anyways finished £200 up on the day (+900 earlier and -£700 just now) so final profit for Feb 2010 is a healthy £6,497.

Would like this to have been higher but house stuff has left my poker time available so limited since 16 Feb so its a good figure overall. Have played a little 3/6 and 1 or 2 mishaps higher without ne serious profit or loss but im still keen to get back up to at least 3/6 and 5/10 plo asap really.

There are wsop rake races about but i dont think i want to commit myself to a long slog, ive just got too much other stuff on at the moment and i like the freedom of moving around the sites, more so when im at these lower levels. So March plan is basically the same but hopefully back to putting in the hours i managed the first couple of weeks of Feb and just hope to get past £5,000. If/when that happens i'll try to push on to £10,000 and prob try slightly higher stakes to try and achieve this.