Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Omaha Ban ?

Things just aint working out on the plo and plo hi lo games again. Again it was a trip to higher stakes that done me (5/10$) but it kind of takes away the point of the low stakes grinding if im just gonna lose it at higher stakes 1 or 2 times a month. The session in question i found 2 really bad tables and felt ultra confident. I chipped away nicely but then came the inevitable allin preflop hands. Think it was 6 times allin preflop and managed to scoop once (when only playing a half stack!) and i lost all the others, no quarters, no halves and no 3 quarters. I wouldnt mind but i was ahead and miles ahead in some in 5/6 of the prefloppers so just about sums up how ive run the last 3 months at that stake and above = bye bye to 5 buyins and hello to anotherover £3000 loss for the month.

So desperate times again and a change of plan, if i can follow it through remains to be seen though. Basically trying to avoid omaha cash completely and other cash too and go back to basics and hammer 6+ low stakes mtt at a time for 4-10hours 4 or 5 times a week. Only done 1 day so far but didnt hate it so gonna see how it goes. Stakes very low so far from $10-$80 but looking to increase that asap once i get back into the mtt rhythm.


havin_a_laff said...

watch out for guys flatting or limping AA. I'm serious it seems to be all the rage at the mo.


Blogolopoulos said...

ahh Omaha. Turns the tightest hold'em player into a maniac.

Drives me absolutely batty.

I grinded away on the 1/2 PL tables for the last few weeks only to go off on the higher stakes.

Chin up bro! Perhaps we shall find that discipline someday. :)

SnipeR said...

arr man you sound like ur having my kinda luck, i had to quit online cash as the swings blew me too bits, but keep at it im sure you'll do ok ;-], add me if you can..cheers.

Amatay said...

sell your house and go back to 10/20 pls with some 25/50 thrown in

Fenix35 said...

I warn you MTT swings can be pretty brutal too :(