Thursday, March 11, 2010

March (So Far.....)

Aint felt like blogging this month but thought i might as well chuck whats happened so far in a post.

First few days were tough. I got £500 rakeback/bonus and lose that and another £300 within the first 2 hours session without goin to higher stakes. I grinded it back and was sitting about +£250 a couple of days later when i had a decent evening and made it to +£1000.
Unfortunately thats peak and the next day i got very frustrated by several outdraws all be it on low stakes and saw a 3handed 25/50 plo hi lo game and jumped in it. Chopped 1 allin on turn which could have gone either way for $10,000 but lost the other allin for $9000 AA310cc on a Q102 flop vs QQ53. Basically exit and didnt play for about 3 or 4 days after.

Was sitting at -£3,700 sunday night when a heavily drunk session on 10/10plo luckily won me back $2000 odd, the big pot being KK44 vs AK67 allin pre with a short stack in as well for about a $3000 pot. Managed to leave in good shape and moved back down the following days and was golden until today including a +£1,300 day yesterday at 2/4$ max which i was well chuffed with. That put me -£150 for the month but ive had a bad day but good in terms of only losing £200 so currently sitting -£350 for March.

Laptop crashed last week too so was on old one briefly but fingers crossed all running well again now. Car problems and other stuff too (nout to do with house though :) ) all added to that bad week but appear to have turned the corner this week on life and poker luck. Cant say when next post will be dnt feel ive got much out of chucking this in here so just hav to see.

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