Saturday, June 08, 2013

May Figures

Sorry for delay in post.  Urgent family stuff got in the way the last couple of weeks so I haven't played a single hand.  

Month was very good before that with a couple of cashes (circa $1000 each in $215 buy ins) in SCOOP but without the luck needed at the business end. 13th was best finish in Stud 8 but you need that slice of luck at the end.  EG the 2nd last pot I was in the guy hit his 7th street for a pot that would have put me joint top with 4 others with 14 left, instead im crippled.  That guy went on to chop 3 ways.

Cash games were good and steady especially in the 2nd part of the month when the confidence was higher.   Anyway profit was £11,383 but again need to adjust for rakeback down as im still cashing in a lot from last year.   Adjusted figure was £5,477, solid especially when I consider the week off at end and I think I had a few days near the start I didn't play either.  Cant even be bothered to look at ev graphs but well under it again I think.  Dnt care just wnna get back playing and may resume this evening if im in the mood.