Friday, December 05, 2014

Good Old Rant

Lets take a trip back to the good ole days when I used to moan on here a lot ! 
Started this month terribly,  was really determined to have a decent month but im sick to the core 4 days in.  Running $2,700 under ev over 4 days.  Behind on ev on all sites and down on all sites.  Actually don't think im playing that bad but the beats/lost flips and set ups as well are so frequent sometimes I just have to shut down to calm down a bit.

Just done another bit of analysis and im $9,300 under ev since 1st Oct although I know this doesn't include a one off freak session abroad where I lost about $1,600 when I should have roughly broke even if even luck.

Anyway rant almost over, dumb time of year for this as I want to play a lot of online poker in the winter time.  At this rate though I might end up under ev on the year.  It all evens out in the long run/end but it doesn't seem to help my temporary day after day faultiong mental state of late .  arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oct/Nov Stuff

Been a strange couple of months.  I guess I was due a downswing but after 3 really good summer months it sure hurts to have a couple of losing months in a row.  Lots of bad luck in there but I haven't been playing as well either and have got petulant far too often during sessions. 

Had my annual trip to the Caribbean for the 10th year running but it was a bit early this year and with less people out there that I hang around with I found it to not be a good trip at all.  Lessons learned anyway.  I did buy into a $1,100 main event out there and lost AK vs QQ for a top 5 stack with 20% of the field left (150ish runners started) but was happy with how I played given how little NLH I play these days.  My only cash out there was a tiny plo one which I hung on to mincash after losing a massive chipleader pot with 7 left 80/20 when chips went in on flop, again happy with it.  PLO cash game destroyed me out there and holdem was like break even most of the trip.

As said above online has been a struggle but I have done a lot of soul searching/experimenting/analysis the last week or so and feel I am playing well again and my attitudes a bit better so I am hoping to crush December and play a lot of volume at the same time.

Anyway here is the final figures for the last couple of months, nothing too much to worry about.  I know if I had run better I might have played better and luckily I have won some back the last few days as this month was closer to -£3,000 a few days back !

October:      -£1,669
November:  -£1,882

December I want to play a few of the next FTOPS series but other than that its revert to regular games although might avoid stars a bit more as I am already supernova there so wont reach any new bonuses this year.   After the 2 bad months I would need a +£5,200 month to equal last years profit but barring anything extreme either way I should finish somewhere between £40k and £50k.

Friday, October 03, 2014

September Profit

Another solid month with a bit of run good in there for good measure.   Wish the run good had been at the business end of any of the 3 scoop mtts I cashed in as it could have a been a huge month with a few more slices of luck deep.  Anyways cant complain as final profit was £5,621 even with taking nearly 5 days off at the end of the month.

Don't think im going to play any of the EPT London mixed game events, was tempted but just doesn't seem worth it when I factor in all the costs and effort for what's likely to be smallish fields.  Save those sort of buyins for next years WSOP methinks. Off to Caribbean for the 10th year in a row during November so plenty to look forward to at the moment.  Even though there's still 3 months left of this year it feels like im kind of winding down for 2014 already :) and I seem to have been more chilled the last month so hopefully can keep this mindset going.  A good example was the test today when I went up £600 in an early session before returning to a mental swingy session.  Rivered for a pot where I would have gone up to +£1,500 I went on a big downswing and was probably down over £1,500 before finishing -£660 but was still happy with that strangely enough.  Graphs say I should be £1,200 better than that so its just evening out some of the run good of late.    Actually hope that 5/10 game runs again as it was a lot of fun and I can take the hits and devolve myself from the money at the moment when im playing which is essential at those stakes for sure.  Anyway hopefully can get back into a good routine once the small bug ive got clears and exercise and grind the poker well together like most of Sept.  GL at the tables !

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Profit

Another good solid month which, once again, im very pleased with given it's summertime still !
The only blips were mid month for a few days and didn't finish well the last 2 or 3 days dropping a bit.
Final figure of £6,033 taking me to a year total of over £40k.   Was hoping for a £4k/month average at the start of the year and nicely above that although its probably all run good that makes that bit up.

Obviously going to try and keep the same going in Sept, will also try and play several WCOOP events some of which I can play for free as I have lots of fpps to use up that I haven't included as rakeback profit anywhere.  GL anyone that still reads !

Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Game FTOPS Time

Im hoping i'll go deep and update here as I go but this could be a big fail :)

7:30pm start and I have multi entered so its 2 x $530 so its an expensive one if I don't cash.   6 max so gonna have to have hardly any cash games alongside.

Have started the month well though so its out of profit.  had a few days off over the weekend as was away for a friends wedding.  hoping to motivate myself to play 2 or 3 others this week at $215 a pop. Justifying the large entry as I ditched the £550 plo option at DTD this week which had 1 re-entry and still unlikely to go to Barcelona.

edit 25mins in , structure isn't brilliant for a $530 more suited to a $215.   not hitting well maybe missed couple of bluff spots in plo but overall shocking start on both tables.  2803 and 3913 from 5k starting stack  :(

8:55pm  settled in but stacks nvr been above 5k on each table./// survived one allin and got back only to lose a capped pot pre in limit holdem board ran out a9756 with me holding aa and matey 88 rivered it urrrgh.... cant hit up and down straight and flush draws and low draws on 7th in stud8 missed a few of them for not even half the pot./....mega frustrating but enjoying it and just glad to be alive in 2 still.

9:20pm out of 1 got crippled on plo hand before busting in nlh aq vs QQ with 15xbb.  only 3300 in other one which could fly in shortly

9:55pm break 3100  :(

22:08 haha get above starting stack first time vs guy calllin all way with Q83 in stud8 and nothing apart from a gutshot on 5th , even paid me halfbet on river off with king high. hand k9k vs a 9 raiser I reraise and same guy has aa(3) disguised and I have to call it back off.....sums my night up at moment 2600 .....2mins later back to back aaxx in plo and got bit action without allin on both ...back to 4900 lol ........ couple mins later double up to 10k aj107 allin on k97 board vs 3pair...had been check to me in position and I bet big for fold equity so easily committed when he chkraise...average chips aint gonna sit on them though :)

10:55  22k peak stack as said above not sitting back and a lot more luck lately but people don't fold often ....LISTEN TO SELF DONT BLUFF MUCH AT MO :)
av 15k  11th/48 pays 18

11:55 another good hour and nice scary scoop pot in o8 right at break....47k   6th/20  hoping to at least cash and get my money back !   crazy razz 6mins level was in 90% of pots and dealt huge hands although didn't really progress was fun :)

in money 7th/18 still not in profit though $1060 entries , $937.50 cashed lol.  

00:55   11th/15 was up to 4th but lost couple of key pots in stud8 happy though but relying on that luck more again ;)   37k av 49k  money doesn't really jump much until final 6 table so certainly not waiting too long.

01:24  crippled lost a key big pot in  o8 with A294dbl std vs A2106 flopped flush draw on a kj10 flop but matey chk called with bottom pair.....mayb could got him off it on jack turn but chose to take free card at flush ...chk chk river :(   12/12 in need of a lot of luck but still in with a good shot

01:36 gutted could get anything playable the rest of o8 and dribbling away in stud I went with K98ddd, improved to a pair and flush draw by 6th but was against naked jacks from the start that held up.  $1,275  , the most annoying bit is the stacks had evened out ridiculously.  with 12 left there were top 8 stacks between 65-80k  so a double up would have been even more valuable than normal.  bust pot was about 45k I think :(   For the record top 3 paid 20k,13.5k and 10k  148 entries but only 118 unique ones as most people entered it twice !

Guess that rolls me into the others I wanna play.  As noted earlier did ok on the few cash games I had alongside until the later stages so made just under £500 on the day :)