Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Xmas !!!

Right where to start.   Much of the same since last post (until today).  Was still playing well but running awful.  I did manage to get a bit going then got whacked right down to level for the month again a few days ago.   Anyways stuck with it and finally rewarded with a huge day for me considering its all cash games.  Made +£2,500 today (its incredibly rare I get a day above £1,000 these days to put that into context) and there wasn't even that much high stakes in there.  Just hoping I can not donate it back any time soon although pub tomorrow/xmas day family/pub boxing day so it shouldn't be too soon ;)

A couple of days ago the EPT Malta schedule came out, nothing booked yet but seriously looking at playing a 1100euro stud hilo out there along with a week or 2 spring holiday in March.

In April im heading up north to Scotland (non poker) and this year im considering doing 4-6 weeks of the WSOP from the end of May.   That full schedule isn't out yet but they have released a teaser with a few key events listed.

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dD said...

and a Merry Christmas to you too, sir !! :)