Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Review

Another volatile month but the main difference this month is playing a lot better despite running just as bad/worse than the previous 2 months.   Barring sommat daft later (im not even planning on playing as have mild bug which is spinning my head out a bit) ive still managed to obtain a decent profit.  Checking my ev over 3 sites I would be another £4,400 up if I ran level this month but as it is ive finished up with a respectable +£2,936.  I did final table a 6max hilo event on ftops but crashed out in 6th, theres so much luck at the business end and I generally play to win so could just have easily crashed out on the bubble in 20th odd or won it.  Wasn't a huge field and cant remember the figures exactly but think I got $2,000 which covered my buyins for other evens + a bit of spare.  Top maybe was $10k?

As ive mentioned before I shouldn't focus on the ev as im probably still up on it over the whole year (figures on that to come in annual review) but its difficult when its been 3 tough unlucky months in a row especially outside of summer.   Ive still found myself tilting a bit and even had to shut down some decent tables 2 nights ago as it seemed like most allins were going against me regardless of %s.  I took yesterday off to clear my head and it kind of worked until I woke up feeling rough today !  Ive not boozed since Boxing day and intend to try and keep this to a minimal level in January.  Ive also put half a stone on in the last 6 weeks and let myself go on the exercise front.  Done a little the last week when I haven't been stuffing my face with food or booze but its gonna be a tough road to get back just to where I was !

Will adjust above if I play later, depends how bored I get :(

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