Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review/Figures

Strange year.  It started huge with a lot of run good in there too.  Pre vegas months weren't quite as good and vegas itself was challenging but I passed missing out on the huge stuff but happy with my play and results which covered my buyins and gave me that shot at huge $ again on another lucky day.  Summer post vegas was really good which is unusual for me but the complete opposite then occurred for the final 3 months of the year.  As a whole its a solid poker year, all be it volatile at times.  The last 3 months have generally been hell ev wise but im still about $6k above ev for the year as a whole.  I wish I could conquer the mental/emotional side of poker as I know when im in the zone and not worrying about it im playing my best game !!!

Figure is +£45,637 just £2,264 short of 2013s profit.  I guess that means I should aim for £50k next year.  Anything over £30k is good though and above £50k would be very very good.  Im also hoping I will buy into more WSOP events this year and may well do about 5 weeks out there, nothing booked yet though.  Last year I bought into about $13k of mtts out there, if all goes well I wouldn't be surprised if its somewhere over $20k in 2015.

Right time for some graphs I guess.  This is my main site which includes plo and plo hilo:

Below is the same graph for the previous year.  In 2014 I focused more on playing better and game selection often on less numbers of tables whilst moving a lot more of my volume over other sites.

Next is secondary site which included biggest variety of games inc plo hilo, limit o8 , plo, NL hilo , NL hilo cap as well as other games not tracked

and comparision for 2013

and 3rd site, note the nightmare last few months on it !

2013 same site

Only other graphs uploads are pure plo on main site just to convince myself that my game is a winning game not just a break even game before rakeback like I used to think and be happy with !  stakes are .5/1 and 1/2 as that's 95%+ of my games.

And finally plo same graph for 2013 comparison

Hopefully 2015 will be a good year with less tilt and less boredom at the tables !  Very close to booking 33 nights in Vegas as I write this even though the full schedule isn't out yet !  Good Luck to anyone that still reads this :)


Dany Picas said...

Very good blog .

You can add me to your list of blogs? thank you, GL

Anonymous said...

I still read it Pricey, so don't stop, good year well done.

Wayne JVR

Robert "Animal" Price said...

hahaha cheers mate