Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Early Night

8 hours from leaving for my 2nd trip scotland this year. 12-14 hour drive and early start so gotta shut down the tables early tonight despite the standard being pretty bad as per normal at the levels ive dropped to.

Overall been a frustrating few days since last post but i did have a good day yesterday thanks to my last session to balance it out. Last profit tally of 1824£ ----> 1720------->1614------>2050------>2134 and about to tally the loss for this session, hoping it wont drop below the 2k. oh **** just lost $80 on last pot b4 sitting out. cooler but had loads of outs to scoop a $450 4way pot :(

+£1,993 hmmmm about what i expected i guess given that last pot loss. May carry on updating up north or if dnt play as much i may leave it until i get back in 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rare Sat Night In

Too hungover from yesterday so stayed in for a change but only managed a few hours once the headache had cleared. I guess im not surprised but the tables were sooooo bad late Saturday night. It helped that i ran well too obviously but it was the easiest £500 ive made in ages and bear in mind this is 4 tabling no higher than 1/2$ although most of it was lower than that.

After my previous posts i had a horrendous Wed where i couldnt hit a thing and everyone else was escaping. In the end though i was only a couple of hundred £ down so wasnt too unhappy. I think i made a good solid £400 ish including some rake bonus Thur. Friday i didnt play more than a couple of hours if that but made £100ish before getting far too drunk as usual.

Profit stands at a healthy +£1,824. Didnt wnna stop playing just now but gotta get my body clock earlier for an early long drive to Scotland Wed. I still expect to put 40hours ish weeks in up there though as ive been up there once already this summer so intend to make this trip a working holiday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grinding Up

Since last post i lost £300 playing a bit hungover but didnt do much wrong, was just full of coolers. Then yesterday i played a full day and was finishing around 2am £400 up when a really bad player sat. Result was i couldnt leave until he left after 6am but it was worth it as i fininshed +£800 for the day.

Im like a zombie today as a result of that unplanned session (and 10-12 hours in total that day)but i did manage £100 profit and also got some rakeback paid so sitting on peak for month of +£1,113. Hoping to keep moving up from here although staying at the same low stakes unless i see a good game slightly higher. Discipline, Effort and Non Tilts are all well at the moment so just trying to keep the same attitude going.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Night Off

Just played couple hours today and managed a nice profit. I seem to have broke the start of session curse, not losing for the last 3 sessions. Trying out a slightly new mixture of games which seems to be keeping my mind on the job. Still putting in a lot of hours but last 4 sessions or so been very steady without much at risk and ive managed to get back to a £400 profit for the month. Time for beer.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Seriously ?

WTF within 5 mins of loggin in ive lost a full stack on 1/2£ hi lo gettin it in as huge favourite to scoop or get half 3 way. At same time ive lost half a stack on 3/6$ hi lo to a runner runner rediculous fish. Then 5 minutes later i lose a stack on 2/2$ hi lo. Beginning to absolutely hate the game again, dunno if i can take much more of this bull.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Its Tough

Arrrrrrgh been putting in loads of hours maybe average of 7 a day this month so far and its really beginning to get to me as i still sit at a loss. I gone from £200 up to £1,000 down to £400 up and back to £300 down today.

Every session ive played i always lose at least a stack at the start and often more so am left fighting for the 2-4hours to get back to level or better. I still think im playing well but theres a combination of missing out on too many big pots and the tables just not being as easy as they were a year ago. I probably split 50/50 ish on hi lo and plo at the moment. Its the first time for a while ive put any volume in at plo and its disturbing how tough some tables can be. Ive been moving tables a lot to try to keep with the worse players and making sure ive got notes on regulars as well. I would hate to do it but i might have to get some software if i cant turn this around. Dunno if ive said before but i wish all tracking software was banned, it really is detroying the game in the long term. If you cant beat em, join em though :(

Anyway i cant be faulted for lack of effort at the moment and after an early finish tonight i expect to return tommorrow for more pain. One thing that does spring to mind is how "lucky" i was to have had such a good year last year before the tables changed. As ive probably said before i guess i should go back to mtts but at the moment im just refusing to give up the ghost on cash tables as it is/was? where the easiest money and the best flexibility is.

Anyways needed that mini-vent after a truly shocking day today. Draw a line under it as usual and restart tommorrow.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Great Start

Within 5mins dropped a buyin on 2/4£ hi lo to a guy butchering his hand as bad as he can.
Table broke so took a break and returned bout an hour later. Got some back vs as bad players on 1/2 but decided to deposit and play plo on another site.

Managed to win a half stack on plo 2/4$ with flopped straight vs naked f draw which missed but then the usual stuff come along.
call a reraise with J987 and get it allin on a J34flop with f draw vs KQ1010 with higher f draw which hits. 10mins later vs same guy its all on a A89rainbow flop with J1076 vs AAxx , he immed fills up. soon after i lose half a stack with standard callin down with aces only to be shown a nicely diguised 3 of kind when i had the guy dominated on the flop. a few mins later i get 2 flush draws by turn against a shortie so bet and he flats. river gives me 2nd nut flush so i chk raise it for his last 64 (40pot) only for him to show the nut flush....to top it off he types "ty" in the chatbox when for once i havent put nething derogatory in the chat box. I leave immmed after having butchered £800 on plo in space of an hour (bout 3 stacks) without feeling i had done anything wrong.

Told myself to stick to mtts this month but after dropping that buyin within 5mins i couldnt face nething and result is ive done my tits already after only a couple of hours play. Lovely *** knows what im doing from here. Think i might just stick with it at same stakes (untilted of course) and only stop if i lose a huge chunk and say get to -£5,000 or sommat.

.......later edit took and break then had 6hours at tables untilted up and down all over shop was -£1,000 at one point but finished -£327 (-£500 truly cos had rakeback payment). think im playin well though so will prob attack the tables again tommorrow for another bashing no doubt.