Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Rare Sat Night In

Too hungover from yesterday so stayed in for a change but only managed a few hours once the headache had cleared. I guess im not surprised but the tables were sooooo bad late Saturday night. It helped that i ran well too obviously but it was the easiest £500 ive made in ages and bear in mind this is 4 tabling no higher than 1/2$ although most of it was lower than that.

After my previous posts i had a horrendous Wed where i couldnt hit a thing and everyone else was escaping. In the end though i was only a couple of hundred £ down so wasnt too unhappy. I think i made a good solid £400 ish including some rake bonus Thur. Friday i didnt play more than a couple of hours if that but made £100ish before getting far too drunk as usual.

Profit stands at a healthy +£1,824. Didnt wnna stop playing just now but gotta get my body clock earlier for an early long drive to Scotland Wed. I still expect to put 40hours ish weeks in up there though as ive been up there once already this summer so intend to make this trip a working holiday.

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