Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Short & Sweet, Rough & Smooth

As i write this i am at what is definitely my lowest feeling in poker to date. I didnt think i would feel worse this year than busting out of the WSOP main event but im mad with myself, my play, my preparation and my attitude to the game today. Basically im absolutely livid.

I lasted just over 2 levels when i bust my whole stack (less 25 chips) overplaying aces on the last hand before the break. Bust pot is as follows:

I raise to 400 (50,100) mid late position and get caller on button and in the big blind. Flop is 9d10dxx and i bet 900 which is reraised by the bb to 2400 (yes i know i should have folded there). The bb has been in more pots than anyone and i make a decision that he doesnt have better than a draw or a pair and flat call, almost certain to move in on the turn. The turn is a Kx and i am stubborn enough to stay with it despite his 3400 bet and move in. He shows 9,10 for 2 pair and i fail to improve and am left on 25 chips. Get that to 300 after the break then exit A4 vs AJ.

I never felt comfortable at the table and for some reason i just didnt have my head on today. I know im so mad mainly because ive gone out on a stupid hand which for a player of my standard is just not good enough. Anyway i will take the positives from this, that being the lesson not to overplay big pairs in early levels in big events. I also think i sub consiciously put pressure on myself in this event because of my good record to date in big games. I know i play better when im relaxed and feel like im freerolling with any win is a bonus attitude. Hopefully this feeling will not last too long as i can now have a few days holiday.

Other hands maybe worth a mention, well not really but ill stick em in anyway.

Blinds 25,50 i make it 200 utg with QQ. Flop is AJ8 and i bet 300 which is raised to 800, i put the guy on trips bare ace or AJ and peel off another card as i know potential to bust him is huge if a queen should come. Turn is a 10 giving me additional outs and he bets only 600 pricing me in which i call but miss and fold to a 1600 river bet.

Blinds 50,100 i call a utg raise of 300 with QQ. Flop Qh9hQx chk chk. Turn is a blank but i bet the quads to try and make the hand look weaker and he calls my 275 bet. River is a Jx and i check putting him on AK or a failed draw. I believe i was right as he bet 700 very weakly into the pot and i raised to 2500 before he folded so i was happy with the chips i got from that hand.

Blinds 50,100 i raise to 300 with KK and get 3 callers, flop is 975 and i bet 1100 to which all fold.

Er thats about it for any ok sized pots, anything else was just minimal pots. So i floated between 12000 and 16000 before that stupid pot.

So thats 4 big event multis ive played to date and 1 big event sixpac heat. Its still a good record to have cashed in 2 out of the 5 and hopefully i can look forward to the future and forget most of this in a hurry.

CPC Main Event

Drawn seat 1 table 12. Starts in 40 minutes. Looking forward to it as all other poker so far has been crapshoots. a few $100 stts and a couple of $200 multis which werent too interesting.

Got way too drunk day before yesterday and all day in bed yesterday as a result. Anyway im raring to go now, we play 10 levels of 50 minutes today so hopefully it will be a long day.

Other activities so far include:

Too much food
Too much drink
Day by pool
Day on catarmaran
Interviewed by Norman Pace for TV (of Hale & Pace)
Welcome party
Interpoker party

OK time for a few last minute nerves and hopefully another big poker day. No idea on stategy, will decide when i see type of table i have. I reckon maybe half the field will exit day 1 so a target of 30,000 chips at end of today is probably realistic.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Return To St Kitts For The Caribbean Poker Classic Starts Here

I leave in about 14 hours and cant wait. Im almost packed and looking forward to what will hopefully be another great poker adventure. With a buy in of $6300 and $3500 extra in the package for the all inclusive holiday ive been looking forward to my return.

Targets are really similar to any other big event ive played. First to have a good time, hopefully go deep and get another good chance of cashing. As this is my first return to an event ive played before (and done well in before finishing 13th/252) it would be easy to get carried away and be looking to beat last years position. Obviously this will be the case if i make the cash but at the end of the day im never looking at 13th in any multi, im either looking at cashing in it or winning it as this attitude has got me where i am today.

Ive read back over my WSOP blog entries and hopefully this will remind me of what it takes in these games to get somewhere with or without a fair share of cards, where to take risks, and where to make huge calls if my instinct feels right.

With a 50 minute blind level i will look to get more involved in the first few levels so an early exit is always possible. As ive said before i couldnt care less if i was first out, its much better than going a day or 2 into the event for no money (although experience gained can be useful). Whatever happens it will be interesting to see how it pans out and i will try and update my blog whenever possible.

I expect to play 1 or 2 warm up multis similar to last year. The $200NL and $300NL are the most likely ones on the first 2 days but i will decide when im out there. The good thing about those 2 is there is then a 2 day gap before the main event starts to basically just chill out. STTs for fun with a few drinks are bound to be on the agenda also.

Anyway it all starts here !!!

November Review

Another successful month with a final profit of £4788 in total. This was mainly due to winning a 2nd CPC seat (although a deal was done so i got $7800 cash). I also received cash for my 1% share in laddies poker which turned out to be £910 in the end, a tidy sum. I more than held my own in the games i did play although i did get a bit lazy after such a early win in the month. A good warm up for St Kitts in such a short month for online play and as mentioned prior St Kitts cash will be represented in December's profit if there is any.

No December targets, i guess i will see what my head is like when i return from St Kitts and take it from there. CPC targets in next post.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Semi-Drunk Cash And Table Image

Seeing as i dont post about cash much i thought i might as well include a couple of pots from the last couple hours play on 3,6$ NL, all 6 handed.

I was over $100 down with nothing happening and slightly pissed still so i decided i would probably stop within 20-30 hands to limit the damage. With this in mind i decided to reraise an $18 raise utg on the button which has also been flat called by utg+1 both playing good stacks so by no means committed. I went to $63 and all folded and i showed 72off hoping i would get a big hand in the hole or on the board before i leave the table with a much bigger chance of getting paid off.

Im pleased to say it actually worked for once, again im on the button probably 18 or 24 hands later and get AA. utg+1 makes it 30$ and i reraise to $75 (the same 45$ raise as before). sb moves in for $185 (with 99) and utg+1 goes all in $375 (AKstd) to try and shut me out and i was pleased to see a blank board for a nice pot.

That took me from $100-150 down to $400 up and i stopped for a break before returning and making another $200. Actually one of my best sessions for the month (given the small time i played) without a doubt and that will help keep the tidy monthly profit balance up.

This was my first poker for over 40 hours, i just havent been interested with the CPC so close and have found other things to do.

Dunno if i will play tommorrow, i need to pack but either way i will post a final monthly profit for November on here before i depart at about 3:30pm on Thursday (if on schedule). Any winnings (or major losses !) in St Kitts will go into Decembers figures.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Same MTT Story

Just isn't happening on the big important pots lately.

$109 game tonight, hit some nice pots early and only had my stack in danger once until the last 18 of the 90 players that entered ($5000 added).

That pot was a blind battle. 75,150 i raise to 450 in the sb with A5 flop is 952 i lead out for 600 and big stack bb puts me all in. I have enough 2500 or so so its a tough spot but i decide to go with it as a lot of players push without the 9 there. He shows AQ and i hold for a big pot to go 1/39.

18 left i lose AK vs 77 to have gone 7/14 (pays to 9)
then i double with A10 vs A3 before again losing to 77, this time with QJ for a pot to go 6/13. It had become a crapshoot but its disappointing to lose 2 x 50/50s to almost ensure a cash payout.

On to the next 100$ game, this one made me mad. I was playing fairly loose agressive from the start and had built my stack up nicely more with bluffs or semi bluffs than cards.

Anyway middle position raises 200bb to 600 and i decide to flat call in the sb with KQstd. bb moves in for another 800 more which the middle raiser only flat calls (so he cant be too strong or would have raised). Flop is Q9x with 2 clubs and the pot is big enough (3500) so i move in for 2500 to block any draw or mid pair. The raiser has 8c5c and calls for all his chips anyway, the all in short stack show AcKc so im actually not in too bad a state with regards to the flush. Despite that it still comes club club and im left on about 300 chips instead of 8.5-9k. That was to have gone chip leader 1/70 (100 entrants with $5000 added also).

I did cover my buy ins playing 1,2$ omaha on a terrible table but i think im itching for a bit of live tourney play, online mtts just arent satisfying me at the moment

Did play another 100$ game but lost interest after the 2 above although did have a huge pot 99 vs 1010 where the chip went in on a 742 board. I had been playing so loose i had to commit to his stack as he was dumb and easily could have just held the 7. Anyway hands the other way round and i win, just one of those pots.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Latest FTOPS + Other

Other being done ok on cash couple hours ago, hopefully luck has changed there as so far ive had a good day profit wise.

Also just busted a $55 2am weekly bounty game (which i get refunded with promotion through Doyles Poker, see the raketherake site link and please refer to my name and a/c number if you join up through them) with 748 runners, i went out 156th (pays to 81) on a 50/50 but not for a significant pot. I also lost 55 vs 10,8 against a weak stack just before that which resulted in my downfall in the end. I had held on 1 or 2 other pots so i cant moan that much, luck was level for the tournament overall.

On to FTOPS , again ive took a agressive stance and as is the norm it only works to a certain extent. I built my 3k stack up well to almost 8k when i lost this pot.

Raise in the cut off after no limpers with 6c3c to 360 (bb=120). Just the bb calls and flop is AcQcQx. I decide to check (obviously i often bet here but i wanted to see the turn and in pot limit you are more likely to get reraised imo, also i wasnt ruling out a semi bluff on the turn which would look stronger than a continuation bet if i missed). Turn is blank and bb bets 350ish into the 800 bet. I decide to raise and do so to 1000. He flat calls so im pretty sure he has a weak ace at best but also likely worse(eg a middle pp). I miss and he checks, he only has 2600 left and i feel a bet for his whole stack would look weaker so i bet 1800 , he thinks for ages and eventually calls with A2, gutted. That put me back to 5k and i decided to tighten up a bit but try and retain my loose image for a little longer if possible in case i hit a hand.

Then i dunno 10 maybe 20 minutes later this hand occurs at 100,200. Im playing a 5k ish stack at the time on the button.

UTG makes a single raise and table loose dummy (a lot looser than me and also a lot dumber) flat calls in mid position. I decide not to go mad and just flat call the 400.

On a flop of AdKd4h utg bets 900 into the 1500 pot and dummy calls, im happy to go all in here as im only behind a set or AK and reraise pot which is basically all in about 4k. UTG folds but table dummy puts me all in for my last 400 and shows Ah10h, perfect i think no split pot please.

Turn is a low h giving him any heart or 10 to knock me out and a 10 hits the river and im out. Apologies if u get chat banned Mark but i couldnt hold back and put in "f off dummy" in the chat box :((

This was a $200 Pol limit game with 1005 entrants. I finished 495th. Heres the nasty bit, the pot i bust on would have put me 45th/495 at the time (pays to 153), a big advantage in such a tight game. Im not normally a fan of PL but apart from the bluff that failed (which i dont regret) i was very happy with my loose agressive play and its a shame i didnt get more table time in this one. Im full of coffee tonight and its 4am and im wide awake and was looking forward to more of that game.

Just hope Mark gets better luck on his final table in Singapore, im sure he would prefer it to me getting it in this :) for a 33% share.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finally A Bit Of Luck

Or just better than normal anyway. Hit couple sets and stuff and got some cash back on 3,6$NL.

As for tournaments. Went out on pot to go 40/112 (pays to 63) in the 511 player 18$ rebuy. Board was 10d5x2d and i held Ad5d so went all in to take the pot there and then but a Q10off couldnt resist calling even though i bet 4 times the pot and it was an unraised pot. Knew i was only marginal favourite so didnt want a call but not a bad spot if i was called as i got them in first.

Anyway GL to Mark Whent on the final table of the Betfair Singapore main event. Apparently he has doubled through countless times all against Tony G. Lying in 8th/10 at moment and guaranteed a nice payoff, 20-450$k. I guess my FTOPS results wont matter so much to him now lol, but they matter to me !!!

I Wasnt Gonna Play

And i wish i hadnt friggen bothered. Basically i found other things to do all day and didnt play for a 24 hours period then i figured i would play for up to an hour just before i hit the sack at 5am as seems the norm at the moment.

Again i would describe the session as fairly faultless. I know im at the top of my game at moment, but the gods just aint smiling. I have an excellent read for the game and i know rewards will come if i carry on playing like i am.

So on to the session to blog it out of my system ...again. :(

Finished $220 down for the 50 minutes play on 2,4$ and 3,6$NL. 2 Key Pots:

1) Preflop All In on 3,6 , i got the chips in first, i even typed in the chat box i had KK to try and discourage 1 or both of the callers that had put half their stacks in already. No of course they call and its KK vs JJ vs AKoff and of course the jack comes on the river for approx. a $550 pot.
Pissed me off more because the JJ player had been playing so tight, i knew they had AA QQ or JJ when they reraised me preflop (unlikely AA cos they bet too much) and of course the worst player gets the luck. Seems the norm of late unfortunately.

2) Preflop All In on 3,6 , i raise with AK gets called and another moves all in for $100-110.
AK vs AQ and of course the queen is the first card out of the pack and i fail to improve for approx. a $220 level for the session if that held.

These sort of runs are becoming easier to take with the experience ive gained in the last month or 2 but they sure are nasty, especially when they come day after day without a really good one inbetween. Also being up for the month does make it easier but maybe i should stick to 2,4$ as my luck at the 3,6$ is horrendous to say the least.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FTOPS Summary

Never really got going, played agressive from the start but lost half my 3k stack early.
Gradually built that stack back up to a peak of 3500 with plenty of missed flops by being agressive but lost a chunk (1k mayb) when i called a river bet on a Q43JQ with 77 but the preflop caller had J9 and i never recovered, slipping to 2k there.
Saying that the exit pot was another to add to todays collection, i had tightened up a little as the blinds had increased and details are as follows:

Raise on the button to 240 (40,80) with KJoff and just the sb calls.
Flop is K9x , chk i bet 333 which is flat called.
Turn is a blank, chk to me i take ages to try and look a bit desperate or weak (i dont use that tactic enough online i think) then push all in for 1000-1200 which is called by K9std.

Great i understand the preflop call but its dumb in my opinion to flat call a shortish stacks preflop raise with K9, any other king high board and i double, obviously i missed the river and lost the 3-3500 pot anyway. Anyway 1086th/1596 for the record.

Only 2 more of the FTOPS left, Thursday at 2am $200 and Sunday 11pm $500. Will do my best as always guys but just wasnt happening anywhere today or yesterday in the poker world for me (although so close to the TV, see other post)

Even Dafter Than Yesterday I Think

Oh where to start.......

Just crashed out of betfair added game where 1st place gave a 42inch TV, i finished 5th. About 200 ish entrants.
So many hands i could discuss but i havent got the energy, basically my luck completely let me down from 20 players down. Lost every pot odds call when behind and lost a couple of big pots when dominating the other player. I was card dead from 50 players down but at that time i was chip leader and was still able to conserve and build a stack with agressive play. I stayed within the top 3 players until the final table , the majority of the time being chip leader or 2nd place. I know i couldnt have played much better but it did become a crapshoot on the final table and my exit pot summed my whole day up so far.

150k all in with AK , called by AJ and flop is AJx. Even that pot would have put me joint 1st with 2 others and 2 weak stacks but you have to hit some cards to win these things and my "fair" share was just not there despite not needing to rely on it until the final table. I also lost AQ vs AJ at the final table to have gone 1/7 when i was middle stacked and the blinds werent quite so high.

Money was crap, it was the TV i was after but a do get a PSP for finishing in the top 9 and $160 from a $10 buy in so it could be worse and i guess its all warm up practice for St Kitts.

Ok moving on to the rest of the nightmare....

Steady cash tables made me $200 up in the afternoon but i returned this evening and heres a couple of examples, the first is just variance but the second one just takes the piss:

2,4$NL 1st hand of the evening im in the bb obviously and get 66. sb makes it 10$ in total and i take a flop of Q64. He bet, i raise, he call, turn = blank 10. i bet he all in i call he has QQ and bye to $200 1st hand of the night !!!

Later on 3,6$ a free sb top up with Kc8c sees a flop 4 handed of 9c8x3c. I bet 12 , utg (who is a huge loose dummy) makes it 105$ with a mass overbet. I think im over 50% favourite (or a lot more) against this nutcase so i move all in for $400 in total. He thinks and calls with 76off and of course hits a 5 on the turn and i miss any club saver. Defintely the biggest pot beat ive had for weeks but the horrendous play just made it so much harder to take. Was about a $850 pot and when this guy calls $300 more into the $550 pot he is only a 20% dog to win.

Anyway its a strange day overall because im down only about $150 on cash and obviously the tourney small win above currently covers this. I will probably venture back onto the cash tables at 2am when the next FTOPS on Full Tilt starts which i have a 33% freeroll in. 200$ six seater $250,000 guaranteed. My play for the day has been top notch so far, i only recall 1 reckless semi gamble move when i moved in with QQ on a KJ10 board on a cash table but the other guy had KKK and i missed. It wasnt even that bad a move as i had outs if i was wrong but if he had AJ or lower then i would have got a fold for sure and he wasnt deep stacked, but just enough that he would have folded.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

OK That Deserves A New Post

Im still in shock, so ridiculous dunno whether to laugh or cry.

Double that stack up to 2k with A rag vs Q8 hitting ace on turn when committed in bb.
Lose 1k on a king high free sb with shit loads of callers. I have K2 which was good getting 2 callers on each street until flush comes on river. (That would have put me to a 3500-4k stack)

So down to 1k and what happens, well i think its my biggest hand to be beaten in holdem limit or no limit. I know ive seen higher and had higher beats in omaha but pretty sure my personal biggest beat in holdem for sure.

Basically button raises to 300, im only on 900 and reraise obviously gonna commit to any board so betting is irrelevant.

I have KQoff , board comes Kx9c9x. Chips go in and im up against 10cJc. Turn is Qc and the river is Kc. LOL i lost with Kings full of Queens to a Straight Flush, Nice.

I think i can safely say my name was not on any cash in that tournament. Thx Mark/Luke for the reminder of how limit is only to be played very rarely for fun purposes if thats possible.

On another note i busted more cash while this was going on and i can safely say this is worst day ive had in poker for 3 - 4 weeks in the end.


Just loading this up in a good mood , steady all night although no good in a few tourneys.

Then this happens

9 handed 2,4$ NL utg raises to 20$ 1 caller, im in bb with 22 and call, flop is K42 with 2 hearts, chk raiser bets 32 caller folds and i raise to 80$ making the pot 200$ when he flat calls. There is no way i lay down this hand now and im prob all in or close on the turn and hope he has a king or AA in the hole. Turn is Qh and im all in 200$ for a $200 pot, he calls with 8h9h wtf ??? utg raise 9 handed to 20 jesus, crazy but i still have outs but miss and now im down for the day.

Anyway reason for logging was just to put an update on here on the FTOPS on full tilt for my investors.

3k starting stack missed every draw so far (4 or 5 in total) , 1 draw rivered against me for a medium pot. Was as low as 1800 but currently 2300 after 1 hours play.

Correction just gonna shut and missed with AQstd after break, down to 2k :(

OH dear further update (only a few mins after last one)

Fuking joke have to give u investors full details so you can know just how bad im running in this.

Early 100 call i raise to 200 on button with KK and get bb and caller calling.
Flop 10,6,5 rainbow chk to me 100 called by bb only.
Turn = 9 giving 2 diamonds, chk me 200 he call.
River = J diamonds he bets 200, i call and he shows Jc9c

Jc9c R u kidding me, i restrained from swearing as i didnt wanna get u chat banned Mark and believe me that was difficult. Im now left on 900 chips with bb at 120, i wont update any further unless there is a comeback, ridiculous.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Updates

Well yesterday first, played 1 game $154 CPC shootout and was unsuccessful at the first hurdle. A little cash also only about level.

Today i've played my raketherake freeroll which was a 1 in 5 chance of $4000 cash (with 31 runners) but unfortunately i pumped the wrong pots early on and crashed out, it was a very tight fairly good standard game so im not too bothered anyway and a big stack early would have been a massive advantage.

I also played another $154 CPC shootout, again the standard in the 1st level was good (apart from the heads up guy, see below) but i played very well, especially 3 handed to build up a 6k vs 2k heads up lead. I then lost 2nd best 2 pair vs top 2 pair on only the turn card (cheers for that) to go back to level and the other guy chased in a nasty (fairly dumb call) gutshot which he hit on the turn of course to cost me another 2k. I threw the chips in then and of course got the luck then to double up 50/50 (tooooo late) before losing another chunk when he calls my 2xbb A5 raise with 75off and bets 800 on a 763 flop and showed the cards when i folded. So basically this guy hit everything apart from a survival 50/50 by me, i ended up losing a 10,5off vs K9off preflop which he called at the last micro second from my overraise (very surprised he called but he had no idea so maybe it aint that surprising). Pot was to have gone 6k vs 2k again so was in with a chance still but the board failed to help and i was again out at the first hurdle.

Thats the end of cpc subs now as its too close to the event so ill have to find other targets in the future !

Still in a $36 rebuy 90th/250 left (860 entrants) on just over average chips. Also have a $200 game later that i have to play for a mate which i get 33% of any cash for free.

Update to follow later i expect.............

................Late Update

Busted out of bl sq shortly after last blog entry, i went all in after a short stack had moved in in front of me. I had 88, the short stack had 99, unfortunately for me a guy that had me covered behind had KK !!!.

They happen , if i had got lucky i was i was 18th/220 if i fluked that pot but not to be.

Full Tilt $200 has started well but that doesnt mean much in a 3010 player multi !!!

................Later Update

No joy i finished exactly 1000th/3010 (paid to 459) in the end on a 22 vs AJstd coinflip.
After a good start to move my 3k stack to 9k hitting some nice hands i just missed everything at got overraised preflop 3 times running with the only semi decent hands seen in the last hour or so. Twice i let it go , although one was tempting, and the other time i had Q10std vs AJoff for a 5k pot that lost leaving me with a 5k stack at that point.

Thats the first time ive played Full Tilt and i have to say the structure isnt bad and the graphics are very easy to use, i must sort out a rake a/c and start playing myself sometime before the end of the year for sure.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

£910 More Profit Without Playing

Final payout for 1% in "laddies poker" the racehorse, not bad at all and im sure i will try and get a share in the next one for the fun element also. Anyway im too ill to carry on blogging so the posts stop here for today.

Drunk, Hungover And A Reference To Dean Troop

OH dear im still pisseeeeeeed as a fart and its 1pm the next day, i also i have a monster animal hangover and struggling to keep any fluids down. Thats it i ban myself from drink for 2 weeks until i land in st kittssssssssssssssss.

On the plus side i made $200 from poker last night playing 2 x $3,6 NL , on the negative side i dont remember playing a hand so in theory i could have bust shit loads.

Dean Troop (Q3off) slept in a field , and i thought i was drunk !!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Anything But Poker ?

Following on from the last post ive still hardly played this week. I reckon maybe about 5 hours in total in the last 5 days. I did play a 55$ and 109$ tournament last night but got nowhere in the loose (as hell) $50 game and lost a fairly big pot AK vs QQ in the $100 one. I will be playing more next week as i have some value games targeted. Only 2 weeks from St Kitts so its more important i play a few more multis i guess, and i will do this as long as im in a patient mood.

So what have i been doing of late. Golf, snooker, badminton, pool, running and looks like im building up to a piss up later tonight :) , maybe the last one before St Kitts but im not sure about that yet !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lazy & Lack Of Motivation To Play Times

I suppose i should have expected it, after a decent win so early in the month ive gone into one of my "i cant be assed to play" moods. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts but at the moment i just have little desire so my play will be limited to any value games that i do actually fancy. Ive spent well over an hour tonight looking at new sites for other decent offline packages that could be worth targeting to increase my interest. There are 1 or 2 but nothing really that exciting to target loads of subs to really. Most of them only have finals when im away in St Kitts anyway so there isnt that many to choose from.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Detail And Latest Milestone

Appears that was my 4th biggest cash win last night and it also has taken my cash profit from poker to over £100,000 in exactly 2 years since i started keeping details of earnings. With a CPC package and some cash (£800) from the sale of the horse still to come also.

I didnt play particularly well last night, it was a very tight game and whilst i did up gears at the right time i had to survive a few hands to make it to the winning post.

1) 9 left blinds 50,100 i flat call with AA and check raise all in on a king high board, KJ calls and i hold up.

2) 4 left blinds 100,200 55 vs AJ preflop when i was out if i lost but i became chipleader when i hit.

3) 3 left blinds 150,300 K4std vs 33 preflop when i was out if i lost but again i was marginally chipleader when i hit

I did lose AJ vs KK preflop when i was chipleader of 4 players but i had pot odds when i got reraised and more so because i still had an average stack when i lost and it was a win only game. If i hit i was on a monster stack 3 handed with 60% chips in play.

In the end i guess i picked my spots well and i probably played better than i thought but the variance of luck had to be in someones favour and it was mine in that tourney even if it wasnt massive bits of luck.

So many good games listed for tonight but im playing pool and thats probably a good thing as i dont really feel up to playing much today anyway.

The Strangest Way To Win Part Of A CPC Package

This is crazy and i dunno what my emotions are at the moment. I played a $154 CPC shootout with excellent value with only 22 runners in it. Survived a few coinflips to eventually go heads up 7k vs 13k against. I got back to level chips when the guy became disconnected. Now this causes a massive moral argument as to whether to let the guy back in but i know most others would just take the chips as ive been disconnected before as have most players at crucial times, its the downside of online poker. Recently crypto updated their software so that there is 15 seconds or so in between every hand to give the other person a chance to get back in. The trouble with that is this uses up the blinds level so it would have been a crapshoot at 300,600 had he come back in as normal. Anyway as i knew i was at a disadvantage if i wait since the low blind level was always gonna help me, i decided to just take the chips in play as they come. Eventually the guy came back in but the blinds had rose and the stacks were approximately 14k vs 6k. I immediately offered a deal where i give them $3500 to guarantee a good cash win (as it was now a crapshoot) and also to cover a bit of the guilt i was feeling , hopefully they will be ok with that. So for my troubles ive got $11300 less $3500 = $7800 so im happy and im also amazed that its been credit to my account immediately, i didnt expect that :))).

Earlier in the evening i had switched off despite some good value tournaments cos my hangover was just doing my head in, im glad i came back on anyway.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Connection Problems / October Review

Didnt play at all Monday then when i sat down to play Tuesday evening i realised my internet connection is playing up and this could take a few days to sort. Because of this im unsure of my exact monthly profit at this time but i know its in the region of £3,300 (£3,357 actually) which is satisfactory. My cash from the sale of laddies poker horse is not included and i should receive this in November and will include it in that months profit instead. I continue to look forward to St Kitts , even more so now its cold and dark all the time outside. After a rough couple of weeks (where i only lost £500 on what was was worst run since March) at the start of October it came good as i knew it would. Bad runs always end when you know your ability is good enough to run through them. Once through them they just improve you as a player with the experience gained.

Targets for November = relax, get bit fitter, get pissed fair bit, enjoy the st kitts experience at the end, and hopefully make some cash for the month. (Note if any cash is made in St Kitts it will go into December profit anyway)