Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Updates

Well yesterday first, played 1 game $154 CPC shootout and was unsuccessful at the first hurdle. A little cash also only about level.

Today i've played my raketherake freeroll which was a 1 in 5 chance of $4000 cash (with 31 runners) but unfortunately i pumped the wrong pots early on and crashed out, it was a very tight fairly good standard game so im not too bothered anyway and a big stack early would have been a massive advantage.

I also played another $154 CPC shootout, again the standard in the 1st level was good (apart from the heads up guy, see below) but i played very well, especially 3 handed to build up a 6k vs 2k heads up lead. I then lost 2nd best 2 pair vs top 2 pair on only the turn card (cheers for that) to go back to level and the other guy chased in a nasty (fairly dumb call) gutshot which he hit on the turn of course to cost me another 2k. I threw the chips in then and of course got the luck then to double up 50/50 (tooooo late) before losing another chunk when he calls my 2xbb A5 raise with 75off and bets 800 on a 763 flop and showed the cards when i folded. So basically this guy hit everything apart from a survival 50/50 by me, i ended up losing a 10,5off vs K9off preflop which he called at the last micro second from my overraise (very surprised he called but he had no idea so maybe it aint that surprising). Pot was to have gone 6k vs 2k again so was in with a chance still but the board failed to help and i was again out at the first hurdle.

Thats the end of cpc subs now as its too close to the event so ill have to find other targets in the future !

Still in a $36 rebuy 90th/250 left (860 entrants) on just over average chips. Also have a $200 game later that i have to play for a mate which i get 33% of any cash for free.

Update to follow later i expect.............

................Late Update

Busted out of bl sq shortly after last blog entry, i went all in after a short stack had moved in in front of me. I had 88, the short stack had 99, unfortunately for me a guy that had me covered behind had KK !!!.

They happen , if i had got lucky i was i was 18th/220 if i fluked that pot but not to be.

Full Tilt $200 has started well but that doesnt mean much in a 3010 player multi !!!

................Later Update

No joy i finished exactly 1000th/3010 (paid to 459) in the end on a 22 vs AJstd coinflip.
After a good start to move my 3k stack to 9k hitting some nice hands i just missed everything at got overraised preflop 3 times running with the only semi decent hands seen in the last hour or so. Twice i let it go , although one was tempting, and the other time i had Q10std vs AJoff for a 5k pot that lost leaving me with a 5k stack at that point.

Thats the first time ive played Full Tilt and i have to say the structure isnt bad and the graphics are very easy to use, i must sort out a rake a/c and start playing myself sometime before the end of the year for sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Animal

Only 10 days to go to a week in the sun. Can't bloody wait..

You mentioned in an earlier post that you had seen a revised structure for CPC ie 15k starting stacks. I can't find this anywhere. Have you got a link?

Cheers young man.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

Yep getting close now, gimme a shout if you see me at the airport m8. Assuming you are on the same virgin flight (9:30am fri) i'll prob be in the airport with azimut most of the night, no sense in me booking a hotel as my body clock wouldnt let me sleep much if at all.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

thats .html at end of link that its chopped off or go through cpc link on blog into "detail" and "structure of main event"

Anonymous said...

Cheers Animal - don't know how I missed that link.

Just read about your bad day at the office. Not alot to say about that other than your next big cash is obviously just around the corner.

Yeh, I'm on same flight so see you there. If you are speaking to Azimut there are 2 things: 1. I still owe him a pint for the CPC
qualification fiasco last year - I didn't meet him in St Kitts 2. Tell him to take the rest of this week off. He needs a rest... And I don't want him overtaking me in the leaderboard thingy..

Cheers man

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Week Off For Azi, LOL. If i hadnt met him in person i would have thought he was a robot. If i had the motivation (or addiction) to play as much as he does i think i would easily double my earnings. He's in Singapore and that still dont stop him from playing, the man is part machine, he must be.