Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Return To St Kitts For The Caribbean Poker Classic Starts Here

I leave in about 14 hours and cant wait. Im almost packed and looking forward to what will hopefully be another great poker adventure. With a buy in of $6300 and $3500 extra in the package for the all inclusive holiday ive been looking forward to my return.

Targets are really similar to any other big event ive played. First to have a good time, hopefully go deep and get another good chance of cashing. As this is my first return to an event ive played before (and done well in before finishing 13th/252) it would be easy to get carried away and be looking to beat last years position. Obviously this will be the case if i make the cash but at the end of the day im never looking at 13th in any multi, im either looking at cashing in it or winning it as this attitude has got me where i am today.

Ive read back over my WSOP blog entries and hopefully this will remind me of what it takes in these games to get somewhere with or without a fair share of cards, where to take risks, and where to make huge calls if my instinct feels right.

With a 50 minute blind level i will look to get more involved in the first few levels so an early exit is always possible. As ive said before i couldnt care less if i was first out, its much better than going a day or 2 into the event for no money (although experience gained can be useful). Whatever happens it will be interesting to see how it pans out and i will try and update my blog whenever possible.

I expect to play 1 or 2 warm up multis similar to last year. The $200NL and $300NL are the most likely ones on the first 2 days but i will decide when im out there. The good thing about those 2 is there is then a 2 day gap before the main event starts to basically just chill out. STTs for fun with a few drinks are bound to be on the agenda also.

Anyway it all starts here !!!

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