Friday, November 17, 2006

Latest FTOPS + Other

Other being done ok on cash couple hours ago, hopefully luck has changed there as so far ive had a good day profit wise.

Also just busted a $55 2am weekly bounty game (which i get refunded with promotion through Doyles Poker, see the raketherake site link and please refer to my name and a/c number if you join up through them) with 748 runners, i went out 156th (pays to 81) on a 50/50 but not for a significant pot. I also lost 55 vs 10,8 against a weak stack just before that which resulted in my downfall in the end. I had held on 1 or 2 other pots so i cant moan that much, luck was level for the tournament overall.

On to FTOPS , again ive took a agressive stance and as is the norm it only works to a certain extent. I built my 3k stack up well to almost 8k when i lost this pot.

Raise in the cut off after no limpers with 6c3c to 360 (bb=120). Just the bb calls and flop is AcQcQx. I decide to check (obviously i often bet here but i wanted to see the turn and in pot limit you are more likely to get reraised imo, also i wasnt ruling out a semi bluff on the turn which would look stronger than a continuation bet if i missed). Turn is blank and bb bets 350ish into the 800 bet. I decide to raise and do so to 1000. He flat calls so im pretty sure he has a weak ace at best but also likely worse(eg a middle pp). I miss and he checks, he only has 2600 left and i feel a bet for his whole stack would look weaker so i bet 1800 , he thinks for ages and eventually calls with A2, gutted. That put me back to 5k and i decided to tighten up a bit but try and retain my loose image for a little longer if possible in case i hit a hand.

Then i dunno 10 maybe 20 minutes later this hand occurs at 100,200. Im playing a 5k ish stack at the time on the button.

UTG makes a single raise and table loose dummy (a lot looser than me and also a lot dumber) flat calls in mid position. I decide not to go mad and just flat call the 400.

On a flop of AdKd4h utg bets 900 into the 1500 pot and dummy calls, im happy to go all in here as im only behind a set or AK and reraise pot which is basically all in about 4k. UTG folds but table dummy puts me all in for my last 400 and shows Ah10h, perfect i think no split pot please.

Turn is a low h giving him any heart or 10 to knock me out and a 10 hits the river and im out. Apologies if u get chat banned Mark but i couldnt hold back and put in "f off dummy" in the chat box :((

This was a $200 Pol limit game with 1005 entrants. I finished 495th. Heres the nasty bit, the pot i bust on would have put me 45th/495 at the time (pays to 153), a big advantage in such a tight game. Im not normally a fan of PL but apart from the bluff that failed (which i dont regret) i was very happy with my loose agressive play and its a shame i didnt get more table time in this one. Im full of coffee tonight and its 4am and im wide awake and was looking forward to more of that game.

Just hope Mark gets better luck on his final table in Singapore, im sure he would prefer it to me getting it in this :) for a 33% share.

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