Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Even Dafter Than Yesterday I Think

Oh where to start.......

Just crashed out of betfair added game where 1st place gave a 42inch TV, i finished 5th. About 200 ish entrants.
So many hands i could discuss but i havent got the energy, basically my luck completely let me down from 20 players down. Lost every pot odds call when behind and lost a couple of big pots when dominating the other player. I was card dead from 50 players down but at that time i was chip leader and was still able to conserve and build a stack with agressive play. I stayed within the top 3 players until the final table , the majority of the time being chip leader or 2nd place. I know i couldnt have played much better but it did become a crapshoot on the final table and my exit pot summed my whole day up so far.

150k all in with AK , called by AJ and flop is AJx. Even that pot would have put me joint 1st with 2 others and 2 weak stacks but you have to hit some cards to win these things and my "fair" share was just not there despite not needing to rely on it until the final table. I also lost AQ vs AJ at the final table to have gone 1/7 when i was middle stacked and the blinds werent quite so high.

Money was crap, it was the TV i was after but a do get a PSP for finishing in the top 9 and $160 from a $10 buy in so it could be worse and i guess its all warm up practice for St Kitts.

Ok moving on to the rest of the nightmare....

Steady cash tables made me $200 up in the afternoon but i returned this evening and heres a couple of examples, the first is just variance but the second one just takes the piss:

2,4$NL 1st hand of the evening im in the bb obviously and get 66. sb makes it 10$ in total and i take a flop of Q64. He bet, i raise, he call, turn = blank 10. i bet he all in i call he has QQ and bye to $200 1st hand of the night !!!

Later on 3,6$ a free sb top up with Kc8c sees a flop 4 handed of 9c8x3c. I bet 12 , utg (who is a huge loose dummy) makes it 105$ with a mass overbet. I think im over 50% favourite (or a lot more) against this nutcase so i move all in for $400 in total. He thinks and calls with 76off and of course hits a 5 on the turn and i miss any club saver. Defintely the biggest pot beat ive had for weeks but the horrendous play just made it so much harder to take. Was about a $850 pot and when this guy calls $300 more into the $550 pot he is only a 20% dog to win.

Anyway its a strange day overall because im down only about $150 on cash and obviously the tourney small win above currently covers this. I will probably venture back onto the cash tables at 2am when the next FTOPS on Full Tilt starts which i have a 33% freeroll in. 200$ six seater $250,000 guaranteed. My play for the day has been top notch so far, i only recall 1 reckless semi gamble move when i moved in with QQ on a KJ10 board on a cash table but the other guy had KKK and i missed. It wasnt even that bad a move as i had outs if i was wrong but if he had AJ or lower then i would have got a fold for sure and he wasnt deep stacked, but just enough that he would have folded.

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