Saturday, November 18, 2006

Same MTT Story

Just isn't happening on the big important pots lately.

$109 game tonight, hit some nice pots early and only had my stack in danger once until the last 18 of the 90 players that entered ($5000 added).

That pot was a blind battle. 75,150 i raise to 450 in the sb with A5 flop is 952 i lead out for 600 and big stack bb puts me all in. I have enough 2500 or so so its a tough spot but i decide to go with it as a lot of players push without the 9 there. He shows AQ and i hold for a big pot to go 1/39.

18 left i lose AK vs 77 to have gone 7/14 (pays to 9)
then i double with A10 vs A3 before again losing to 77, this time with QJ for a pot to go 6/13. It had become a crapshoot but its disappointing to lose 2 x 50/50s to almost ensure a cash payout.

On to the next 100$ game, this one made me mad. I was playing fairly loose agressive from the start and had built my stack up nicely more with bluffs or semi bluffs than cards.

Anyway middle position raises 200bb to 600 and i decide to flat call in the sb with KQstd. bb moves in for another 800 more which the middle raiser only flat calls (so he cant be too strong or would have raised). Flop is Q9x with 2 clubs and the pot is big enough (3500) so i move in for 2500 to block any draw or mid pair. The raiser has 8c5c and calls for all his chips anyway, the all in short stack show AcKc so im actually not in too bad a state with regards to the flush. Despite that it still comes club club and im left on about 300 chips instead of 8.5-9k. That was to have gone chip leader 1/70 (100 entrants with $5000 added also).

I did cover my buy ins playing 1,2$ omaha on a terrible table but i think im itching for a bit of live tourney play, online mtts just arent satisfying me at the moment

Did play another 100$ game but lost interest after the 2 above although did have a huge pot 99 vs 1010 where the chip went in on a 742 board. I had been playing so loose i had to commit to his stack as he was dumb and easily could have just held the 7. Anyway hands the other way round and i win, just one of those pots.

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