Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Strangest Way To Win Part Of A CPC Package

This is crazy and i dunno what my emotions are at the moment. I played a $154 CPC shootout with excellent value with only 22 runners in it. Survived a few coinflips to eventually go heads up 7k vs 13k against. I got back to level chips when the guy became disconnected. Now this causes a massive moral argument as to whether to let the guy back in but i know most others would just take the chips as ive been disconnected before as have most players at crucial times, its the downside of online poker. Recently crypto updated their software so that there is 15 seconds or so in between every hand to give the other person a chance to get back in. The trouble with that is this uses up the blinds level so it would have been a crapshoot at 300,600 had he come back in as normal. Anyway as i knew i was at a disadvantage if i wait since the low blind level was always gonna help me, i decided to just take the chips in play as they come. Eventually the guy came back in but the blinds had rose and the stacks were approximately 14k vs 6k. I immediately offered a deal where i give them $3500 to guarantee a good cash win (as it was now a crapshoot) and also to cover a bit of the guilt i was feeling , hopefully they will be ok with that. So for my troubles ive got $11300 less $3500 = $7800 so im happy and im also amazed that its been credit to my account immediately, i didnt expect that :))).

Earlier in the evening i had switched off despite some good value tournaments cos my hangover was just doing my head in, im glad i came back on anyway.

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