Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FTOPS Summary

Never really got going, played agressive from the start but lost half my 3k stack early.
Gradually built that stack back up to a peak of 3500 with plenty of missed flops by being agressive but lost a chunk (1k mayb) when i called a river bet on a Q43JQ with 77 but the preflop caller had J9 and i never recovered, slipping to 2k there.
Saying that the exit pot was another to add to todays collection, i had tightened up a little as the blinds had increased and details are as follows:

Raise on the button to 240 (40,80) with KJoff and just the sb calls.
Flop is K9x , chk i bet 333 which is flat called.
Turn is a blank, chk to me i take ages to try and look a bit desperate or weak (i dont use that tactic enough online i think) then push all in for 1000-1200 which is called by K9std.

Great i understand the preflop call but its dumb in my opinion to flat call a shortish stacks preflop raise with K9, any other king high board and i double, obviously i missed the river and lost the 3-3500 pot anyway. Anyway 1086th/1596 for the record.

Only 2 more of the FTOPS left, Thursday at 2am $200 and Sunday 11pm $500. Will do my best as always guys but just wasnt happening anywhere today or yesterday in the poker world for me (although so close to the TV, see other post)

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