Friday, November 10, 2006

Anything But Poker ?

Following on from the last post ive still hardly played this week. I reckon maybe about 5 hours in total in the last 5 days. I did play a 55$ and 109$ tournament last night but got nowhere in the loose (as hell) $50 game and lost a fairly big pot AK vs QQ in the $100 one. I will be playing more next week as i have some value games targeted. Only 2 weeks from St Kitts so its more important i play a few more multis i guess, and i will do this as long as im in a patient mood.

So what have i been doing of late. Golf, snooker, badminton, pool, running and looks like im building up to a piss up later tonight :) , maybe the last one before St Kitts but im not sure about that yet !

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