Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Prep

Only woke up at 4pm today, was exhausted from day 1 , i guess i put a lot of effort in without realising. Played 70 mins online all on 10/20 immediately and was as golden as can be with all bluffs getting through and all calls made of others bluffs right, as well as winning nearly all the preflop or flop allins ! Result was a £8,550 profit. Expected to return for a lot more after dinner but popped in the grosvenor only to bump into Den (Denlizliz) who had just bust. Spent rest of evening talkin to him and railing Steve (Ultgamb) who also made day 2 with about an average stack i think. Just done another 90 mins on 10/20 just now and managed to collect £2,050 so finished £10,600 on the day, crazy stuff !

Will try to enjoy tommorrow but not interested in just cashing so if i see big gamble possibilities im likely to take them. Keen on making my first GUKPT final table but to be honest only the top few payouts are of any true interest the month ive had.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 1a Summary

Too tired to post any hands just yet but happy with my play and stack at end of day. Peaked at just over 60k but finished on about 54,000, average 40,000. Play resumes Saturday 2pm.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walsall Looms

Decided at the end of last week to go to the Walsall GUKPT this week. I have taken my buyins for the £275 omaha and £1,060 main event (day1a likely) out of my montly profit and am looking forward to a small change of scene all be it not quite so glamorous as previous trips of late :) Driving up Wednesday and im interested to see how i play given the month im having. Main objective is to not assume anything and not be complacent, each individual game is different regardless of previous results or winnings. Just going to try and relax and enjoy myself as i know that is when i play best anyway. Should be fun just hope i dont get bored and start daydreaming of online omaha part way in :)

Online last few days has been more volatile than usual but i guess thats because ive been on 25/50$PL omaha as well as 10/20.

Friday was only about an hour in play and made quick £4,500.

Saturday i think i dropped about £6000 before quickly recovering and finishing £13,250 up on the day.

Sunday was the mad day, i had grinded early and only lost about £2000. When i returned (with some booze inside me but this wasnt an issue) i just missed all big pots and at one point found myself down a sum of £32,000. Fortunately the variance came back and i ended up a respectable £11,350 down for the day which felt like level or a win in my brain.

Today i woke up very late so only played this evening. Was steady at first floating between £1000-£2000 up but there wasnt much tables to choose from. Then some good games hit one site and i sat on 10/20 and 25/50 there for a while. Ended nicely £9,500 up and thought that would be it. I glanced later though and a guy i dont respect was sat at 25/50. Ended up playing him HU for 90 mins on 2 tables and took him for about £13,000. Total profit on the day = a record (for cash games only) of £22,550. Profit for month back to peak after Sundays drop.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Animal Sessions

Wednesday: 25/50 lost about £6,000 but finished £3,200 up on day.
Thursday: Crazy day see below.

Afternoon was on nearly all 25/50. Lost $12,000 fairly quickly and almost moved site but then ran good in the nick of time and steadily the stack grew. Finished £14,000 up a couple of hours later.

Back this evening for a crazy night. Quickly went up £2,000 before going into a few hours of pure hell. This was all on 10/20 and a lot on hi lo yet i still managed to lose several buyins. I then floated between £10,000 and £14,000 down on the session (eg level on the day) for absolutely ages. Finally the game dried up when i had got a chunk back and i was left playing v v fast aggressive HU hi lo against the same guy on 2 tables. An hour or so later and completely drained i managed to claw all of the evenings work back to level, ie i finished £14,000 up on the day. Ahhhh what a life !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dont Always Win - (Late Edit - Or Do I ? )

Just to prove i dont always run good and i dont rely on running good heres a dabble i had a 50/100 a moment ago. I can take the loss, just thought id blog some hands for a change.

lost 5 pots against same guy only beating him once for $4k pot and a smaller when weak pot.
But this pot done me, bad variance so wont be playing that stake again this month:

button $350 (playing $2k) , villian pot raise to $1,150, im bb with AA103 1 suit and pot to $3,800. He is only playing $8100 and flat calls. Obviously there is no folding here regardless of cards. Flop is J85 with his flush draw, he has 10,10,8,7 and hits gutshot 9 to win the $16,800 pot.

exact odds me/him on:
preflop 62/38
flop 39/61

flop not relevant really as committed almost 50% of his stack preflop so unfoldable. :(

Late edit: Didnt play for hours after that session but logged back on just after midnight. After 5 mins and dropping £2000 (£11,000 down on the day at that point) i had a golden 2.5hrs session on 10/20 again and made it all back. Finished £50 up on the day lol !

Monday, February 16, 2009

In Shock - Best Poker Score Ever

Just bust 3rd/9061 in ftops $129 NL holdem tournament for $54,366. Obv had my fair share of luck in the 12 hours it took but couldnt quite finish it off. 77 vs 99 bust hand 7 flopping but 4 diamonds to be flushed out. Also same guy had rivered an A3 vs other guys JJ to stay in which cost me $36k more and HU. Also won £10,500 on omaha cash earlier in the day so all in all my best day ever by a mile. Total £47,000 profit on the day, sick. Sickest part is not getting 2nd or 1st, im still disappointed as had 40% chips in play a few times but always got knocked back. Wasnt to be though i guess and to be honest it was the highest standard final table ive ever played live or online by a mile.

Right htf am i going to get to sleep , hmmmmmm.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tough Day

Probably shouldnt have played today but despite a hangover and sore throat i couldnt resist as im truly an addict at the moment. (didnt play drunk though last night!!!) Within 10mins i had busted $4000 and spent most of the day chasing that. Thankfully patience was rewarded eventually when i had a golden 30mins in the evening which saw me peak at £2,500 in profit. Lost some back though and finished £800 in profit which i was happy with as i didnt run well overall for the day.

The two previous days were a different story with nice chunks of luck in both. £6,800 and £7,400 profits although i did peak at £10k on the 2nd day before variance finally kicked in.

It would be nice to enter some tournaments tommorrow for a change but easier said than done when the usual omaha urge kicks in, will have to see on the day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back On The Feb Rollercoaster

The last 3 days were pretty steady, i was running good and never looked like having a losing day. Made £1,000 , £7,300 & £8,550 respectively pretty much concentrating on 10/20$. Today however was a completely different story but i guess its what makes poker so interesting.

My first session for 1-2hrs left me in a hole at £5,000 down. Was on the worst side of variance and at one point i lost 3 stacks to the same guy within 5 minutes six handed. These included set over set which i could have got away from if truly on top of my game. Then i get top set vs 2nd set and he hits quads on the turn !

My 2nd session didnt fair much better dropping another £4,000 at worst point before getting back to level then losing another £2,000.

So at £7k down for the day i hit a third session (not tilted i might add) but this time i was golden. At one point i couldnt miss a thing. The nice table was ending up with $20,000 on a $2,000 buyin which i certainly havent done before. Anyway a few hours later and that £7k loss had turned into a £4,800 profit on the day !

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Final Thailand Blog

Sitting in an airport lounge currently. Was a good trip to relax on , shame bout the 2-3days illness but took it in my stride. Connection which i knew would be dodgy could have been better but then i expected that so not a major issue in the end. Last 5 sessions ive had as follows on 2/4 - 25/50 but mainly 5/10 and 10/20:

+ £1,000
- £9,000
+ £12,000
- £4,500
+ £4,500 (in airport lounge although still maybe time for bit more yet ;) )

Apparantly Melbourne had record temp of 46 degrees today , thk god i left there lol.
Anyway its back to the cold and dark England, just hope i dont have any travel hassle from Heathrow to home.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Restart Feb

Despite the stomach bug i managed to build up an £11k profit in the first 4 days. Then today it all went tits up after peaking at £13k for the month up i missed everything and ran awful in a 2 hour session tonight. Lost 3 $10k pots on 25/50 and a $9k on 10/20 = bye bye to this months profit.

May play some more before i leave Saturday but if not i'll start again when i get back home. :(

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sick Day

In more ways than one yesterday indeed was a sick day.

Lets start off with my health, soup was on the menu but the attempt at a tuna baguette failed when i was left feeling sick again for a few hours after.

Next the length of time spent playing online yesterday. Obviously i cannot accurately determine this with breaks and all but i know it was in the region of 16 hours. Cable tv is down here and theres only so many dvds i can watch. Thankfully i luv omaha at the moment so it was a constructive and enjoyable way to pass the day.

Sunday i had dropped £1100 for a poor start to the month playing ok but running awful. That all changed on my first session of the day yesterday. Basically ran as almost as good as i could for a few hours on 5/10 and 10/20 and ended up £10,000 up on the session. When i returned after a mid afternoon nap i quickly dropped £2,500 and was pretty much stuck around that mark for the rest of the night. However just before the tables broke at 6am local time i got some back and finished £8,500 up on the day. My best day this year, my longest time of online poker ever in a day.

Unsurprisingly bit tired this morning but im sure ill sleep this afternoon again. Cant do swim, gym or even walk on beach so it dont really matter what happens to my sleeping pattern until i leave Saturday. Laters fellow addicts....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jan Review - What A Difference A Day Makes !

Not to poker fortunately but to my state of mind. 24 hours ago i was the most relaxed ive been for months if not years and it wasnt just because i was having a good poker month. Im sitting here now with full blown (without going into detail) symptoms of a bug or much more likely food poisoning. Also before this came on last night the internet went down for like 18 hours (longest yet by a mile) and prevented any chance of my evening session i was looking forward to. Just hope this bug dont last more than 24 hours thats all i ask for.

Onto January (sad im writing this in such a negative mood really) which pokerwise couldnt have been much better short of a huge cash in an Aussie Millions event. Omaha has gone from strength to strength as has my attitude and enjoyment of the came. Now the WSOP schedule is out im really looking forward to playing a lot of omaha and hi lo events this year on the back of Australias trip.

Previous best month ever was October 2005 at £31,000 + a $10,000 cpc package. Until last month i hadnt come close to beating that since (peaked at £28,000 b4 losing £20k in one day in Dec).

Well thats all history now as i can report a record final profit of £40,063 for January which actually would be higher if i lowered my $ exchange rate on my spreadsheet which is still sat at 1.5. The best bit is i havent played that much omaha at 10/20 or 25/50 this month which defintely bodes well for future months. Be interesting to see what happens in Feb and March following on from this but watch this space to find out !

Right time for plenty of fluids :(