Friday, June 29, 2007

6 Monthly Review

Of course i almost forgot, its halfway through the year already so i guess its time for a short one of the above.

About £33,000 profit (including my 2nd biggest multi win) and played live in the following larger type events (buy in in brackets):

Las Vegas Pokerdome ($7,000)
Cardiff GUKPT (£1050)

Obviously also subbed for the WSOP main event to be played soon ($10,000)

No wonder ive been so lazy the last month or 2, this 6 months in terms of profit is excellent. Subbing for big events at a similar rate to before there is always that chance of the big stuff too which i have no doubt will come at some point if i keep my head on and give it the effort required.

June Review

A rather lazy month of poker made even lazier by an early decent multi cash. Ive finished £2,949 up, seem to have had at least every other day off from poker and when i have played its often been limited to 1 multi or a couple of hours cash. No problems though, pretty much as expected if i look at how May went and what i expected at the start of the month.

All my attention now is obviously on Las Vegas games and the WSOP main event. July could be a big winning month or a losing one and with June profit i can afford to stake myself up to $6000 in poker games out there without worrying about results. Cant wait to get out there, apparantly the hotel ive chose is great according to Karlos who moved in yesterday and the wireless connection is fine. Be great to have a change of scene and hit the live stuff again which ive been craving for some time now.

Looks like the high of 40 degree heat daily will stop me spending too much time outside so expect a lot of poker with some moaning or happiness on here either way. Looking forward to meeting up with Karlos/Punterz/Azimut/Oranges/Unstable and meeting Pirus who i havent met b4 also.

Also got the Mansion welcome party at the Tao nightclub in the Venetian as well as the Crypto party at the Playboy suite in the Palms. They are both the same night so it could be interesting as i definitely wanna go to both and think i have a day off after to recover before the main event. :))

Well im almost packed up and head off tommorrow afternoon as far as gatwick b4 flying Sunday for them 2 weeks of fun ...headache ... heartache ...etc.....

Expect daily updates i guess all being well.......

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Absolute Bloody Jokes

Played mansion for first time in over a week. Shocking, aint had cards that bad for a long time, managed the short stack well but ended up busting in about 170th/510 for a 14xbb pot. Along with it i played cash, moved tables a bit and streadily made small bucks then i sit on a 2,4$ 10 hander and this shocker happens within a few hands.

Short stack allin early for $40, now this table was bad and guy next to me calls. I hav QQ so make it $124 total which gets flat called. A flop of 762 with 2 diamonds and the pots big enough so i push allin 280. I get called by A5dd and of course the joker hits to win the $850 pot. Jesus i aint in the mood for bad variance like this and im just plain livid at the moment.

Didnt play at all yesterday and it seems to work as i was enjoying the game up until that hand, now i be surprised if i play the rest of the day im so friggen mad.

Rant over, gg wp vul. ******* ******** , hate this game sometimes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crappy Day

Probably on mini tilt from missing all the decent games last night, nothing seemed too appealing yet i still played. Didnt bring "A" game for sure but ran bad also anyway. I know not to play normally when im in that state of mind but the weathers crap so it seemed the best option at the time, never mind. Looks like Sunday cant come fast enough but tommorrows a new day.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Grrrr Frustrating Day

Damn it well frustrating. Hangover seemed to get worse as afternoon went on so i slept again then woke up and decided to play hardly any multis as i knew i wouldnt be in the right frame of mind. Busted early in a $100 but made it deep in a $70 (with about 25% added value) . Also played cash alongside and had been steady all day until a couple of overpair vs sets which i was close to getting away from but just not quite good enough.

Ok well the tourney, like i say very frustrating. Good structure and i got a double early as poor standard like most these days. Here are key pots later on, there were 850 entrants and i finished 33rd in the end for a rubbish $412.

120 players left, 2 allins b4 me and i have AA. Dont like it but obv call. Its QQ and 77 and the QQ makes a 4 card flush. Pot would have put me 2nd/120 on a monster stack in what was a very tight game towards the business end. Crippled and annoyed i still remain patient and make the cash before gambling as its a fast structure at that point and lots have blinded out. Win a J10 vs AQstd for a decent pot and stack increases nicely with 1 or 2 steals after where possible. Then playing 55k at 2500,5000 blinds my QQ runs into KK and i lose another huge pot that would have put me 5th/38 on a monster stack. Next hand i more than double Q9 vs J9 before a few hands later going out Q9 vs 55 for a pot that would have put me 12th/33. Top 3 were $16,000/9,300/6000 so obviously i was targeting those and am gutted.

So who knows what im up or down on the day, prob a little up but dont care. Was after the big stuff and didnt enjoy playing at all after wasting another day hungover. Oh well 1 week today i will be in Las Vegas ...cant come quick enough especially if the weather forecast is right for this week !

Drunken Poker For A Change !

Well its been a while but in preparation for them caesars tourneys with $1/drink waitress service i thought i would give the tables a bash tonight after maybe....hmmmm er 1,2 pints...+ 6 cans + 1 bottle so 6-7 pints i guess :).

Done ok not sure on exact starting balance but definitely in profit, maybe about 250-300$. On 2,4 x 2 and also 1 x 5,10 , fun and games and as most think didnt run that well but any profit is ace when failing to hit any sets or decent disguised hands at all.

Sunday tommorrow, hopefully not too bad a hangover and a few decent buyins and proper buyins but we will see.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Lazy Day

By 11pm i wasnt sure if i could bring myself to play but in the end i decided to have a bash and see what happened. Sat on a 10 handed 2,4$NL and entered 2 x $59 jackpot sit & go sixpacs. 50 minutes later i had won $86 on cash and managed 2 firsts on the sixpacs for $91 x 2 profits. Still this hasnt motivated me to play any more tonight and the rooms a bit too hot so ive used that as the excuse to play no more.

I dont think i mentioned on here, i noticed a day or 2 ago that the sit & go sixpacs jackpot has been bunked up to $250,000 for now after being taken down from $190,000 to $50,000 a few weeks ago. I have no idea why but if im gonna play i gotta give that a bash lol. Only 4 more on the trot required. I think of it as a lottery ticket with long odds, but enhanced odds when you compare it to a true lottery. Of course its free with steady profit at the same time so theres nothing to lose anyway.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WSOP Thoughts

Seem to have hit a fairly lazy stage lately and since Sunday hardly played except for 2-3hours easlier on 2,4$NL. Managed a sound profit of around $300 playing 2-4 tables, thought i might venture back to the tables tonight but so far just aint been in the mood.

Not long now till Las Vegas (11 days) and its close enough that i struggle to focus on much else. Mansion have more or less confirmed i will get my 1st choice main event day of 1B so i should be playing on Saturday 5th July and hopefully beyond. Looked at the event structure again today for the 2nd time. Despite a double starting stack its not too much different with blinds more or less double for the first few levels. I will hopefully get a good table draw, but generally i think i will be looking at playing more flops first 1-3 levels and if i havent increased my starting stack, gambling more in levels 3-6. Last year i remained nicely above the average stack until a few day 3 hiccups and i know how valuable a larger stack can be if obtained early enough more so than ever these days. Whatever happens its bound to be more valuable experience which hopefully i can build on again, i really really wanna go deep but im not going to put any pressure on myself to do so as i know thats not the way. Got a new mp3 player this week and also got my initial currency sorted. Bring it on and lets have some fun, also looking forward to catching up with a few mates out there i havent seen since previous events. Provided the free wireless internet works properly in the hotel i will probably post on here at least once a day with updates anyway.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Madness

1 of those days so far in most tourneys. Had decent stack in mansion until 88 v AA, now 5k at 100,200 but was 9k :( This despite AA vs 66 preflop for 2k losin at only 25,50 and QQ vs AQ losin vs same chap preflop for 4.5k !!!

Betfair was a joke , i dont often moan bout cards but this was truly shockin. Still was happy with 60th odd / 140 bustin J10std vs AQoff in the end for an ok sized pot.

Bl sq non starter when donk not priced in calls reraise pre with 66 to flop set early.

So left in mansion and playin stars 150 WSOP seat for a m8 which so far follows the same bad path. Update lata mayb......

Yeh busted both them, mansion reraised a button 600 raise to 1800 (1/2 my stack) at 100,200 from the sb with J10off which the guy flat calls. i push 1700 on the Axx flop cringing and he folds. Then wanted to reraise a hijack min raise from button with AJstd but chose to flop. Knew as soon as bb came in and flop of 9,10,J i prob be up shit creek and of course the bb who would have had a laughable 3xbb if their KQ missed had flopped a deserved straight. Like i say they deserved it after their blind out earlier to 3.5xbb and triple up JJ vs Ax vs 56std before blinding out again, quality stuff. Yep im in a sarcastic mood just now. Im actually surprisingly upbeat like im relieved to hav busted or something wtf is that about ? Anyway i still had 4000 at 150,300 but when i raised with Q10std and got the 2 blinds calling , a flop of 10,7,5 was unfoldable, the sb had slow played KK and that was me bust on still what a significant sized pot with outs. Pokerstars well, after losing 40% of stack early to a muppet i eventually managed to get back to more than the starting stack as the table was sooooo tight. I then took a debatable call with 88 for all my chips convinced the bb had AQ or AK as it looked like a classic squeeze. They had QQ and i was out but thats the gamble, blinds were only 50,100 but i had looked at the structure and despite 30 mins levels it still had a jump from 100,200 to 200,400 so i wanted ideally to get a stack before that jump if possible so a gamble seemed appropriate at the time.

Not sure where this leaves me on the poker front for the last 2 weeks before vegas. Was lookin fwd to tonight earlier but the bad start seemed to bring negative stuff in my head. As Sunday is the decent buyins day i really dont know if i will be motivated to play much for the time being and certainly aint gonna play through boredom. Lined up some other stuff for the coming week, so hopefully weather be good and keep myself entertained in other ways.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Temporary Change

In the booze ban. Oh dear i got absolutely wasted last night. I vaguely remember having a good time but i was dumb enough not to eat after midday which as the implied odds suggest given the juicy flop i now have probably my worst hangover of the year. I look for no sympathy but i ask was it worth it ? Who knows, but i woke up with my laptop on the floor (must have fallen), drink spills also on the floor and i just about remember being sick out of my window. Yuk , anyway just about to check 1 or 2 poker balances, i dont think i logged on last night but really have no idea with quite significant memory loss for the night as a whole. I can seriously say now im not drinking until i go away, im a fool really i should have 1 or 2 daily or so not the stupid 2 completely wasted sessions ive had this month but hey it seems more fun at the time. Ive been sick obviously last night but also this morning and i expect to be sick a few more times at least today. One of those lovely stomach acids times cos i havent eaten anything. I swear by heinz tomato soup as the best to cure a hangova but it dont think even it stands a chance today. Urrrrrrrrrgh oh well time to sign off and waste a day moaning and groaning at myself. GL all. :((

Friday, June 15, 2007


Just had an awful cash session, running bad and 1 or 2 bad calls towards the end , probably through frustration. Rocks and fish hitting all forcing me into some good laydowns easy in the session but i guess my patience got thin and i turned into a non believer at the end with the bad calls. Only lost about $600 which is actually good, the way i run i should have lost $1000-$1500 , honestly it was that bad ! The game aint that attractive at the moment, mainly cos of the early in the month win, my motivation to play remains fairly low, just cant wait to get to Vegas really and play some proper poker. Aint done much games the last couple of days, just winning cash session/losing cash session and a couple of mansion games which havent really been interesting at all.

A fool started abusing me on the last table telling me to reload etc, what an idiot he thought i was a bad player cos of the image i had created at the table. At least im doing something right but you still need to hit something to get paid against these fools. I gave a good bit of abuse back as i always stick up for my play but i didnt reload at first, just to wind the guy up. Another fool joins in abusing me, it was like wtf this got to do with you idiot, i didnt start this argument (honestly i didnt this time !!). He leaves so its just me and the first fool so i reload happy to play him heads up 400$ vs 800 but he folds his small blind then leaves the table without saying nout. LOL think i mentally won this one in the end and i also quoted this website so if any of you 2 fools are reading this, get a life and sort out your personal problems before you start on me idiots.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Time Off

Well after that last post which i guess pretty much sums up the ups and downs of my poker playing days/weeks/career i havent played a single hand of poker since. A win early in the month can bring on laziness but this isnt quite the case yet. Im just choosing not to play whilst finding other stuff to do whilst the weather is still great. May play some later but bit tired for now (see below).

Away from poker my back still gives me some mild grief on/off, but fingers crossed has been much better overall the last couple of weeks. This has allowed me to push on with a reasonable exercise schedule. Jogging a few times a week and golfing 2-3 times a week, its a hard life. So far ive kept to my mini booze ban (11 days now) which i may stop this weekend although im still not 100% sure yet.

Today it was another coastal walk, the plan being to eventually walk from North Cornwall border to Lands End. Stage 1 was the border - Bude and Stage 2 (today) was what turned out to be a much easier walk from Bude - Crackington Haven. It was about 10.5 miles, about 2 miles longer than stage 1, but turned out to be much easier due to less heat, fitter legs and a not quite so steep route. It actually took us 5hrs 15 minutes which is exactly the same time as stage 1 ! Anyway ive stole the diary link from a guy that walked the whole coastal path and you can see the bits that make up our walk so far on the link below. Next leg is likely to be Crackington Haven - Tintagel (11.5 miles) but its unlikely this will be until late July now as we cant all tie in with dates until then.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bad Temptered ****** Animals / Big Win At Bottom After Fuming

Im so glad there are distractions and its summer. What an absolute joke every tournament i enter is at the moment. It follows a similar pattern of steady chips or big stack then a load of bull just before the money or big money. Examples:

Betfair $320 $50k about 150 runners. 5k stack up to 6kish early flopping lots as so deepstacked. Then call a min raise for 60 on the button with 83std. Matey b4 me bets pot of 425 and i raise pot to 1575 which he calls. Flop had been 873 with 2 diamonds btw. Turn is a black ace and i push allin for his 3k left. Of course he had A8off and im left on 1k or so. Went down as low as 700 then got the pointless luck to triple 77 vs xx vs xx and next hand suck a fish in with a gutshot vs my top trip Js so back to 5k. Progress nicely after tightening up and making a good resteal against a weakish stack button raiser. Peaked at 18k then lost 3 pot odds calls of all in which i had the best hand in all including AA vs K8 (lost to a full house). Left on 9k at 1200 big blind utg my 99 runs into chipleaders 10s , what a joke and of course it holds up for him. Out in about 35 of 150 ish runners. Also didnt mention escaped AJ vs 44 on a A456 board at one point, big laydowns are as important as big winning pots in the big games.

Had a vip freeroll of 13 players with a $2500 package and $1000/$500 for 2nd and 3rd next. Good structure in this and played well to progress to chipleader without being in any danger then at 200,400 i push the small blind with 55 and the flaming rock fool bb calls allin for 3400 with only A6off. He hits and im only about joint chip leader but now in a dangerous spot. Anyway my fate is sealed a few hands later when i overraise an utg min raiser with JJ but of course the big blind (same stack) wakes up with KK and a king on the flop seals my fate. Sick game , if i won the 55 i could have freerolled to the money and if utg hadnt raised i prob get away from that JJ. Sometimes u have to bash your head against a brick wall during/after multis and in one more game and despite it being a big one i couldnt care less now what happens (still playing properly but negative thoughts 100%). 35th/58 at mo in the $100k on ipoker (pays to 50) $215 443 entrants, guess update later on here or fume when bust/bubble more likely.

Btw i aint proud but i went nuts at guy in the chat box earlier on betfair, he gave fair bit back but after i got back in he types nh a few times, i apologise for being a **** which he takes v well. My short fuse is becoming a bit sad at the moment online but i think its only cos i put so much effort in and cant help it when i really put effort into a game. No excuses but i doubt i will change years down the line cos i know its never the money that gets me wound up, play or comments being the usual culprits.

Still playing well i suppose is the important thing and i couldnt be much happier with my play tonight, one mistake which was marginal that i know of anyway.

Later update: luck reverse so far fingers crossed. Crept into money at 7xbb then KK vs A10 and 88 vs AQ both hold and cos game so level im 2nd/44 but crapshoot so not as good as sounds but i'll take it for now.

Later update:
Just hit final table: Got some luck for once, lets hope its till the end. The massive key pot though so far was one i lost AK vs 10s for 20% of the chips in play with only 14 players left. Pushed uncalled and had few pots odds both ways. When i hit the final table i was only 7th/10 but ideally i would like to finish 4th or higher for $6000+. Now 6th/9 after busting 1 player but folding AQ on a blank flop.

Later update:
Got well involved, too much action to list really. What i will say is with 6 players left i had just lost 10s vs JJs for 120k pot and was left on 10k with the big blind at 10k !!! I got lucky, yeh u heard it first i got lucky :) ....anyway with 3 players left i was the weakest and almost got back in after a big bluff with queen high but i then lost a chunk priced in hugely in a big pot and eventually busted J8std vs 99 preflop. So 3rd for $8000. I gotta be happy but i know im gutted and disappointed not to make 1st or 2nd for $26k/$17k respectively. There was a bit of poker left in the game with 4 left after a big crapshoot so its a shame. Its in my nature to always go for the win, i wouldnt be where i was today without that gambling mind. Well obviously thats a good profit so far for June and i dunno if ive said before but im going to use my June profit as potential stakes in Las Vegas. Definitely gonna try the $1000 bellagio game for sure, its time i put some decent money in myself and give myself regular chances of bigger stuff. If i have a losing month in July so be it, i know im playing my best poker online at the moment and hope i can translate that into some live stuff as well.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Grrrrrrrr (in Running)

Damn it frustrating last couple hours. Been trying shootout subs for £1050 GCSOP tommorrow at 4pm. Just lost heads up for a seat (nothing for 2nd). Survived a few allins when weak but inbetween this guy just kept hitting on the allins for the seat.
Lost all of these for a seat:

89 vs A3
K3 vs A3
K8 vs A2 board came 567KA just to completely put me over the edge

and A8 vs A6 lost for 12k vs 3k stacks but out.

These shootouts are so bad , im not sure how many i played but i got to the final table on all but 2. Anyway im left on 2 final tables now , 1 with 2 seats and 1 with 1. Blimey im mad now i cant imagine what i be like in a bit if i dont get one. Update in a bit.

Oh dear wanna smash something, just busted 4th when 2nd in chips in the 2seater one. Chip leader calls my allin with 77 putting his seat in jeopardy as i hav over half his chips. My god some people are so clueless, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr. Also pretty much lost in the 1 seater one. Basically ive had all my luck when im weak so i cant finish these fools off. 10s vs AA im out to a lucky idiot.

*** that i wanted to play golf all afternoon 2moz anyway. Lets hope they do shootouts for the cpc again cos the standard in them is totally beyond a joke so its great value.

Oh and i forgot to mention i lost a big stack in mansion when down last 1/3 of the field. QQ vs QQ vs KK preflop except the KK just flat calls my allin and doesnt take the 10k off the other QQ stack. What fools we have in the most basic of postions in poker, good for long run. Makes me mad and livid in the short term when they get lucky. Lucky for me i hav a blog.

30mins later:

Note to self, hot bath is good to exile the tilt, feel much better, gutted but not angry. Anyway made $300 earlier for an hour or less on the cash tables so paid for most of those failed subs and mansion anyway.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Best Hour On 2,4$NL 2 Tables

Wasnt really intending to play tonight but fancied a short session in the end so sat at 2 x 6 handed 2,4$NL tables. 1 hour later i left with $1180 profit, that will help towards the multi fees ive lost so far this month :) Best hand was the one below, it was my 3rd preflop raise in a row but these people were calling with anything preflop (drunks luv em):

KK UTG+1 make it 14$ and get caller behind and the 2 blinds, flop is KxJc3c.
Check to me and i bet 35$, button folds , sb makes it 70$, bb flat calls, i make it 250$ in total , sb allin and bb calls allin.
Turn Qh and river 4s and i win approx a $1100 pot. sb had J3 (probably suited lol) and bb had Qc5c.

Yes in one sense i should be playing more to take full advantage of these player types but i hav enough money and like to be lazy and choosey about when and for how long i play, especially when its this lovely hot weather :)

Not Too Much To Report

A full 48 hours away from the tables followed by a return tonight for 2.5hrs. Lost $600 very quickly on 3,6$ but managed the reverse variance on 2,4$NL and eventually finished about $150 up. All cash games, no multis since last post.

Its far too hot (not complaining) to be playing much poker at the minute, this summer weather is the reason to play more in the winter and take it easy around this time of year. Dont understand people that want to play 8hrs+ for what seems every day but each to their own i suppose.

Only other change is my body clock which seems to be getting later and later at the moment. 4am now and i know i aint going sleep for at least 30mins - 1hour yet, bit daft considering im not playing much poker but what the hey.

I have considered changing my wsop dates and going earlier but i cant see it happening really. I think 14 nights is enough and i dont want to be out there regreting extending it, i would rather do the 14 and know for future visits how long to stay ideally. Still yet to book parking/airport hotel and also need go shopping for few things including new mp3 (or ipod) as my old one is stuck on maximum volume ! Laziness is maybe taking over again, but given the hot weather who cares :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sick Game

Testing my patience to the max, absolute joke in all games. Ahead when money gone in all time apart from one very strong bluff that an idiot couldnt fold to. Sick beats again, get someone putting 50xbb in with QQ preflop. Thats your average player online wait for QQ KK AA or AK and stick the lot in. Great poker well played. I had AA and displayed it with my bets but of course he deserved the queen on the flop. It aint about the money as this was a tiny game but im sick of building stacks only to lose to idiots getting lucky with play at the shittest standard. In the £215 game im playing v tight and guy overraises me 20xbb with 55 preflop , yeh great move , thats how i busted as i had AK which was unfoldable but christ my range their is any pair AK or AQ and im gonna call as ive only 3k at 75,150 (4500 starting stack). Mansion a joke too, have middle pair and flush draw which fails to improve. Think its time for a day off from tournaments and probably the england game (which will only make me cringe more i expect). Poker can piss off, im too tired from golf earlier and just wanna relax, i guess i was dead money tonight. Well no i was just playing lucky donks as normal.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Interesting Night

And yes my mood has gone up and down like crazy again and im sure there is more to come. As it stands im 14th/106 in the 402 entrants first £109 GCSOP on interpoker. Some very interesting hands so far which i might list below in a moment. Others played include a £22 sub for tommorrows £215 game which i won despite losing an AA vs QQ at the final table to go chipleader of 9. Left on 5xbb i got lucky/aggression and got through when 3rd place blinded out completely for £0 (top 2 went through lol)

Also got a really good run in my Ladbrokes team game (which is prob over now as we have done nothing in the first few weeks). Ended up busting a pot QQ vs 10s to have gone 18th/67 (456 entrants), only a $22 game but would been nice to keep the team going with a top few result.

Anyway so at this time im left in the GCSOP game only and hoping for luck at the business end. Early on i lost AA vs QQ on a queen high flop to take me back to 3400 (starting stack 4500) but there was no getting away as QQ only had a short stack anyway. I lose got back in though with some good aggressive betting and got up to 10k still quite early in the game. Unfortunately a combination of 4 games going at once and no real spots i just stayed at that stack for a while. First real big key pot in a multiway limped pot when i had 10,7off and on a chked board of Q457 the button bet and i just called him down (turn and river) and his ace high pushed me up nicely.

I then got another freeflop with K3off and doubled to the weakest player at the table holding KJ allin on a K,3,2 board !

Then i took a flop with K9std on the button from a deepstacks cut-off raise. I figured him for any linked 2 and was gonna raise the flop pretty much whateva fell. On a J,8,7 flop i raised his 1600 bet to 3800 (pot was 2800 on the flop) which he called. Turn was a 10 and he pushes allin , i knew he had the 9 and this was an awful play by him (why not let me bluff again?). Turned out he had 9,10off so an i was freerolling for a queen for massive pot (4 outs, split otherwise). It didnt come but it gave me good image which has probably gone now as ive had no real spots although he has folded ther sb twice since to me.

Only pot of signif. since was calling an allin with 44 and busting A6off (plenty of spare chips to call with and his was a button push).

Anyway will update later below, back to the action.

Damn it got caught at it by a very dubious call. Had been so card dead and felt no spots after last update and was sitting on a decent stack of 22k midpack of the 66 players left. Blinds were only 400,800 and i had 9,10std in the sb. Button (only been at the table 3 hands b4 this and doubled 10s vs AQoff and stole utg) has me covered when they make it 3200. I move allin but they call with AQstd and i get no help on the board. Cant believe they called such a big reraise but thats poker, u always have to be prepared to get caught at it. Anyway i was still 39% to win and obviously i would have made same bet with probably anything from 10s to KK or more likely AK if i was in tight mode. Pot was to have gone 8th/66 (pays to 50) with a massive chance at the top cash. So, so , so many huge stacks lately in multis, i dont think that wsop event can come quick enough ! Was 4 hours before i bust , these are very long games with a decent structure so obviously excellent multis practise. Maybe i should have tightened up for the money but its not in my nature and i will always stand by moves like that 100% (maybe its cos i get away with a lot of them :)) )

Oh well off to chill out b4 bed, then golf and more punishment tommorrow. I feel surprisingly upbeat for such a bust which is a good thing anyway.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Right Back To Blog Basics

Blog Basics = exactly what it was designed for which is having a good moan when things dont go my way. So many sick pots tonight i will struggle to remember some but i can certainly post a few here to get this rubbish out of my head. Im so mad and have been a lot throughout the evening on/off from 6:30 - 11:15 . Finished early now i cant take any more and definitely just donated on agressive tilt in the last $100 game but i couldnt care less, agressive tilt is different to normal tilt cos i still play the hand strong btw.

Right think the worst one by far has to be the $50k on betfair with 5000 starting chips and a great structure (the one i finished 3rd in last weeek). Played so many flops as its 8 and 9 handed often and got my stack up to 10k uncalled. I had been agressing big time before the hand below and i raised to bb 150 from the sb to 450 with AQoff. The bb hadnt played many hands and went straight allin 5000. I had set this up and had spare so eventually made the call (yes i know AK is a viable holding but if im right i and hold up i get to 15k early which in this tight long structure is huge) He had A6off and spiked a 6. What goes through these peoples heads ??? yeh i wont play a hand for an hour (well 6 or less mayb) then i will put 33xbb in preflop with A6off WP. Pot was to go 3rd/100. I busted shortly after to a guy limping with 88 then overbetting the JJ2 board, i decided to slow play KJ but of course he deserved the 8 on the turn which gave him a full house.

Never got going in pokerstars $215 and finished 1300ish/2000ish.

CPC freeroll 2000mpp sub, absolutely sick , some idiot calls 1/3 of his stack off preflop with AJ when he is safe to go through (top 34 did) , i crashed out 58th/351 when my 99 failed.

$110 prima $250k, shocking stuff seen on this despite busting really early which was frustrating. Some people cant spell "p o k e r" let alone play it.

Mansion again ace rag merchant got a chunk of my chips and never got goin.

Then the only cash of the night, played near perfect poker in my opinion and finished 32nd/450 in the $215 $100k tourney on ipoker. From the moment i flopped quad 2s and played them fast against AA i knew i was gonna do well but i had a few key pots which on another day would have propelled me to a huge result.

QQ vs AK lost to have gone 2nd/102 (monster stack obviously relative to blinds)
QQ vs AK lost to have gone 17th/34 (good chance of $1000 or final table i say 50/50)
Another pot odds call lost 3k for 10k when i only had 10k left too, it just wasnt happening at the business end unfortunately.
Ended up getting $500 but spent over $1000 in buyins tonight but thats poker.

I must try to learn to control my temper, im such a bad loser at the moment and get set off by the slightest thing. When i watch Phil H. having a rant it could so easily be me going nuts, i know exactly where he is coming from. Maybe i will call myself Animalbrat next time i create an alias or change one.

Only played a couple of games last night as the hangover was still affecting me big time. Lost a couple of 50/50s again one where the guy calls 14xbb with AJoff in what had been a tight game, god its so sick. Mansion was a complete joke, with a guy in a 3 way raised pot chasing a pot+30% bet with only an undercard flushdraw and no implied odds against me. He deserved the pot really , god it still makes my blood boil and that was last night !

Ok onto positives, feel like im playing so well and gambling in some great spots. So many huge pots ive lost or gone out on and it can only bode well for next months live stuff. I started thinking maybe i would buy into some higher stuff out there seeing as ive had such an excellent start to the year. Maybe if i have a profitable month in June i will consider using any June profit as a base of extra $ out in vegas. I know im good enough but i do need to feel comfortable with the higher buyins so its important for me to have a good think about this. Money wise im in a much more comfortable area than i was 6 months ago and with that in mind i probably deserve some higher stakes stuff, especially while on "holiday".

Rant over and im pleased to say it worked, i just feel knackered and gutted now, not mad, livid and i promise not to throw my headphones across the room like i did 30mins ago. (at least for a day anyway)

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yep im that drunk, life should always feel like this but its rare, never mind lets consider some gambling right now and see what happens :((

Morning Massive Hangover Update:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, right lets see what the damage was, i remember playing some heads up games. Looooooooooool played a HU game $20 and won it then moved onto a $100 HU omaha game and won it :)) ...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head, ok thats it im having a sausage sandwich.

Also considering a month without drink and thats not just because of the hangover, we will see. It would be good preparation for vegas so i may do it.