Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Interesting Night

And yes my mood has gone up and down like crazy again and im sure there is more to come. As it stands im 14th/106 in the 402 entrants first £109 GCSOP on interpoker. Some very interesting hands so far which i might list below in a moment. Others played include a £22 sub for tommorrows £215 game which i won despite losing an AA vs QQ at the final table to go chipleader of 9. Left on 5xbb i got lucky/aggression and got through when 3rd place blinded out completely for £0 (top 2 went through lol)

Also got a really good run in my Ladbrokes team game (which is prob over now as we have done nothing in the first few weeks). Ended up busting a pot QQ vs 10s to have gone 18th/67 (456 entrants), only a $22 game but would been nice to keep the team going with a top few result.

Anyway so at this time im left in the GCSOP game only and hoping for luck at the business end. Early on i lost AA vs QQ on a queen high flop to take me back to 3400 (starting stack 4500) but there was no getting away as QQ only had a short stack anyway. I lose got back in though with some good aggressive betting and got up to 10k still quite early in the game. Unfortunately a combination of 4 games going at once and no real spots i just stayed at that stack for a while. First real big key pot in a multiway limped pot when i had 10,7off and on a chked board of Q457 the button bet and i just called him down (turn and river) and his ace high pushed me up nicely.

I then got another freeflop with K3off and doubled to the weakest player at the table holding KJ allin on a K,3,2 board !

Then i took a flop with K9std on the button from a deepstacks cut-off raise. I figured him for any linked 2 and was gonna raise the flop pretty much whateva fell. On a J,8,7 flop i raised his 1600 bet to 3800 (pot was 2800 on the flop) which he called. Turn was a 10 and he pushes allin , i knew he had the 9 and this was an awful play by him (why not let me bluff again?). Turned out he had 9,10off so an i was freerolling for a queen for massive pot (4 outs, split otherwise). It didnt come but it gave me good image which has probably gone now as ive had no real spots although he has folded ther sb twice since to me.

Only pot of signif. since was calling an allin with 44 and busting A6off (plenty of spare chips to call with and his was a button push).

Anyway will update later below, back to the action.

Damn it got caught at it by a very dubious call. Had been so card dead and felt no spots after last update and was sitting on a decent stack of 22k midpack of the 66 players left. Blinds were only 400,800 and i had 9,10std in the sb. Button (only been at the table 3 hands b4 this and doubled 10s vs AQoff and stole utg) has me covered when they make it 3200. I move allin but they call with AQstd and i get no help on the board. Cant believe they called such a big reraise but thats poker, u always have to be prepared to get caught at it. Anyway i was still 39% to win and obviously i would have made same bet with probably anything from 10s to KK or more likely AK if i was in tight mode. Pot was to have gone 8th/66 (pays to 50) with a massive chance at the top cash. So, so , so many huge stacks lately in multis, i dont think that wsop event can come quick enough ! Was 4 hours before i bust , these are very long games with a decent structure so obviously excellent multis practise. Maybe i should have tightened up for the money but its not in my nature and i will always stand by moves like that 100% (maybe its cos i get away with a lot of them :)) )

Oh well off to chill out b4 bed, then golf and more punishment tommorrow. I feel surprisingly upbeat for such a bust which is a good thing anyway.

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