Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sick Game

Testing my patience to the max, absolute joke in all games. Ahead when money gone in all time apart from one very strong bluff that an idiot couldnt fold to. Sick beats again, get someone putting 50xbb in with QQ preflop. Thats your average player online wait for QQ KK AA or AK and stick the lot in. Great poker well played. I had AA and displayed it with my bets but of course he deserved the queen on the flop. It aint about the money as this was a tiny game but im sick of building stacks only to lose to idiots getting lucky with play at the shittest standard. In the £215 game im playing v tight and guy overraises me 20xbb with 55 preflop , yeh great move , thats how i busted as i had AK which was unfoldable but christ my range their is any pair AK or AQ and im gonna call as ive only 3k at 75,150 (4500 starting stack). Mansion a joke too, have middle pair and flush draw which fails to improve. Think its time for a day off from tournaments and probably the england game (which will only make me cringe more i expect). Poker can piss off, im too tired from golf earlier and just wanna relax, i guess i was dead money tonight. Well no i was just playing lucky donks as normal.

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Jack Dashed said...

I know how you feel. Although, to be fair, until recently I actually was a donkey so I can hardly talk...

Now I get out-drawn because I am not betting enough to make the pot-odds poor enough for him to fold. My computer went belly-up the day I realised this; as soon as the new one arrives I'm going to go and get all my money back..!

Good luck,