Sunday, June 03, 2007

Right Back To Blog Basics

Blog Basics = exactly what it was designed for which is having a good moan when things dont go my way. So many sick pots tonight i will struggle to remember some but i can certainly post a few here to get this rubbish out of my head. Im so mad and have been a lot throughout the evening on/off from 6:30 - 11:15 . Finished early now i cant take any more and definitely just donated on agressive tilt in the last $100 game but i couldnt care less, agressive tilt is different to normal tilt cos i still play the hand strong btw.

Right think the worst one by far has to be the $50k on betfair with 5000 starting chips and a great structure (the one i finished 3rd in last weeek). Played so many flops as its 8 and 9 handed often and got my stack up to 10k uncalled. I had been agressing big time before the hand below and i raised to bb 150 from the sb to 450 with AQoff. The bb hadnt played many hands and went straight allin 5000. I had set this up and had spare so eventually made the call (yes i know AK is a viable holding but if im right i and hold up i get to 15k early which in this tight long structure is huge) He had A6off and spiked a 6. What goes through these peoples heads ??? yeh i wont play a hand for an hour (well 6 or less mayb) then i will put 33xbb in preflop with A6off WP. Pot was to go 3rd/100. I busted shortly after to a guy limping with 88 then overbetting the JJ2 board, i decided to slow play KJ but of course he deserved the 8 on the turn which gave him a full house.

Never got going in pokerstars $215 and finished 1300ish/2000ish.

CPC freeroll 2000mpp sub, absolutely sick , some idiot calls 1/3 of his stack off preflop with AJ when he is safe to go through (top 34 did) , i crashed out 58th/351 when my 99 failed.

$110 prima $250k, shocking stuff seen on this despite busting really early which was frustrating. Some people cant spell "p o k e r" let alone play it.

Mansion again ace rag merchant got a chunk of my chips and never got goin.

Then the only cash of the night, played near perfect poker in my opinion and finished 32nd/450 in the $215 $100k tourney on ipoker. From the moment i flopped quad 2s and played them fast against AA i knew i was gonna do well but i had a few key pots which on another day would have propelled me to a huge result.

QQ vs AK lost to have gone 2nd/102 (monster stack obviously relative to blinds)
QQ vs AK lost to have gone 17th/34 (good chance of $1000 or final table i say 50/50)
Another pot odds call lost 3k for 10k when i only had 10k left too, it just wasnt happening at the business end unfortunately.
Ended up getting $500 but spent over $1000 in buyins tonight but thats poker.

I must try to learn to control my temper, im such a bad loser at the moment and get set off by the slightest thing. When i watch Phil H. having a rant it could so easily be me going nuts, i know exactly where he is coming from. Maybe i will call myself Animalbrat next time i create an alias or change one.

Only played a couple of games last night as the hangover was still affecting me big time. Lost a couple of 50/50s again one where the guy calls 14xbb with AJoff in what had been a tight game, god its so sick. Mansion was a complete joke, with a guy in a 3 way raised pot chasing a pot+30% bet with only an undercard flushdraw and no implied odds against me. He deserved the pot really , god it still makes my blood boil and that was last night !

Ok onto positives, feel like im playing so well and gambling in some great spots. So many huge pots ive lost or gone out on and it can only bode well for next months live stuff. I started thinking maybe i would buy into some higher stuff out there seeing as ive had such an excellent start to the year. Maybe if i have a profitable month in June i will consider using any June profit as a base of extra $ out in vegas. I know im good enough but i do need to feel comfortable with the higher buyins so its important for me to have a good think about this. Money wise im in a much more comfortable area than i was 6 months ago and with that in mind i probably deserve some higher stakes stuff, especially while on "holiday".

Rant over and im pleased to say it worked, i just feel knackered and gutted now, not mad, livid and i promise not to throw my headphones across the room like i did 30mins ago. (at least for a day anyway)

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