Monday, November 29, 2010

The Longest 8 Minutes of My Life

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg missed connecting flight by 8 minutes so stuck in paris airport hotel for a day. No direct flight until Wed too so forced to go via Amsterdam 2moz around 6:45am. Aint slept for over 30hrs so gnna crash shortly. Left Bristol over 30mins late despite not saying delayed so gutted so far.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fly In 12 Hours .....

Off from Bristol in almost exactly 12 hours time. Not looking forward to driving up there, its minus 4 here already but im lucky the snow seems to have escaped my travel path for the most part. Good time to get away for obvious reasons, just hope i dnt get any delays as ive only got 80mins turnaround in Paris before flying that 2nd plane to the lovely warm caribbean :))

Not much poker at all since last post, think i won a bit one session and lost most of it back to the next or sommat. Anyway profit sits on £5,122 for Nov which im well chuffed with, not sure if i will get any more poker in before end of month.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Over The Place

Looking forward to the caribbean big time and gonna try and not play too much out there. Ive been playing a lot since Monday so can justify some time off. The one thing i have noticed the last 48 hours is my silly big mouth coming back in which i could understand if i was on a bad run or losing. Still i dnt care really, i always liked to vent at much higher stakes plo and i swear it confuses fish into playing worse against me, not that thats why i do it.

Monday i pretty much lost all afternoon on plo in region of £300. early evening hi lo games were juicy and i won about £900 on them, most on just £1,£2 pl. Later in evening i switched back to plo and run nicely to reverse that earlier loss so basically finished about £900 up on the day.

Tuesday is a bit of a blur now but basically never got going but only leaked a couple of hundred £ off despite playing several hours.

Today was pretty extreme. Most of it was similar to Tues but ive just finished a nutty 2/4$ session on plo where i lost £300 before going up £700. Finally got outdrawn again (was due) just as i was about to shut (was by same guy i took most profit from) so finished up about £500 on the session.

Result is a swingy and a bit stressful but well worth it peak profit for month of £5,086.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanks to a golden session on 2/4 shortly after that last post where i won just about every allin for an hour and also a nice rakeback cheque of £500 im sitting on peak of £4,075.

Been nearly all plo and becoming a total addict again (although winning obviously helps) . Been making steady profits on .5/1 and 1/2 mainly although did have a downswing a day or so ago but it was minimal and ive just had a good finishing session tonight to wipe out that.

Probably raking a fair bit at mo so hopefully bonuses/rakeback chunks will be nice in future if i keep these sort of games up.

10 days exactly until i fly to caribbean for a holiday although there is poker on out there so i might have to have a dabble :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mixing Stuff

Still playing lots of different stuff and currently back on the plo trail.

After last post was just on hi lo for a few days and peaked at +£1,200 before going on a downswing for a few days.

Following the weekend break ive been 90% on plo from .5/1 up to a gamble session just now on 5/10 (was on a good table though so justified) but mostly 1/2.

Still not 100% comfortable with what games im targeting exactly on which sites and stuff but hopefully it will become clearer the more volume i put in.

Anyways basically gone from +£800 monday to +£1,500 then back down to +£1,200 before luckily dragging in my biggest pot for a long time on that 5/10 table along with hitting lots on 1/2 after to hit peak for month of +£2,100.

Happy hunting!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Lots of different games planned this month. I wanna see what i enjoy as well as trying to gage where my time is best spent $wise, more so for next years targets than this one.

Ive already played some NL holdem mtts which i pretty much bubbled 2/3 but didnt really enjoy them much. Im in an ongoing experiment on stars to see what sort of bonuses i can get for multitabling low limit O8 too.

Beyond these i also want to try some NL holdem cash games and see how this goes and maybe some of the 45/90/180 man games as well.

Start to this month has fluctuated a fair chunk. Rakeback was £450 total and i know i cleared a $200 bonus yesterday. I peaked at +£520 day1 but lost nearly all that day2. Today has been steadier and the games have been better than the dry first two days for action. Thanks to some awful players throwing money at me im now sitting at +£571.

Right im off to bed hoping i will get to sleep before 6:30am and wake up before 4:30pm, i failed yesterday :( If i dnt sleep within 30mins im firing the poker back up ;)

edit..... 8:15am :( sleep attempt number two , cost me $47 in last unplanned session too :((

Monday, November 01, 2010

Oct Review

Finished +£1,054 which i guess is ok considering i was restricted to live games (apart from stars and f tilt) for the whole 2nd half of the month. Shame i didnt cash or come back in profit from vegas but it was a good trip which im still trying to recover from right now.

As for Nov once im over some annoying jetlag and got my body back after an unavoidable 3 day piss up i am lookin forward to hitting some large volume of games online, probably a large variety too. Just have to see whats about and what i fancy playing to ease back in. Dont leave for the caribbean until the 29th so hoping to get a decent figure by then to even allow me to comfortably enter the $2,000 event out there if i fancy it.

Happy Hunting !