Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Over The Place

Looking forward to the caribbean big time and gonna try and not play too much out there. Ive been playing a lot since Monday so can justify some time off. The one thing i have noticed the last 48 hours is my silly big mouth coming back in which i could understand if i was on a bad run or losing. Still i dnt care really, i always liked to vent at much higher stakes plo and i swear it confuses fish into playing worse against me, not that thats why i do it.

Monday i pretty much lost all afternoon on plo in region of £300. early evening hi lo games were juicy and i won about £900 on them, most on just £1,£2 pl. Later in evening i switched back to plo and run nicely to reverse that earlier loss so basically finished about £900 up on the day.

Tuesday is a bit of a blur now but basically never got going but only leaked a couple of hundred £ off despite playing several hours.

Today was pretty extreme. Most of it was similar to Tues but ive just finished a nutty 2/4$ session on plo where i lost £300 before going up £700. Finally got outdrawn again (was due) just as i was about to shut (was by same guy i took most profit from) so finished up about £500 on the session.

Result is a swingy and a bit stressful but well worth it peak profit for month of £5,086.