Thursday, November 04, 2010


Lots of different games planned this month. I wanna see what i enjoy as well as trying to gage where my time is best spent $wise, more so for next years targets than this one.

Ive already played some NL holdem mtts which i pretty much bubbled 2/3 but didnt really enjoy them much. Im in an ongoing experiment on stars to see what sort of bonuses i can get for multitabling low limit O8 too.

Beyond these i also want to try some NL holdem cash games and see how this goes and maybe some of the 45/90/180 man games as well.

Start to this month has fluctuated a fair chunk. Rakeback was £450 total and i know i cleared a $200 bonus yesterday. I peaked at +£520 day1 but lost nearly all that day2. Today has been steadier and the games have been better than the dry first two days for action. Thanks to some awful players throwing money at me im now sitting at +£571.

Right im off to bed hoping i will get to sleep before 6:30am and wake up before 4:30pm, i failed yesterday :( If i dnt sleep within 30mins im firing the poker back up ;)

edit..... 8:15am :( sleep attempt number two , cost me $47 in last unplanned session too :((

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