Friday, November 18, 2011

Officially On Holiday

Right only bits here and there of play since last post.  Managed 4 hours this afternoon though and ran good once again.  Leave in 15mins for caribbean, no idea if im play much there live or online.  I certainly wont be playing at all if im not in the mood to anyway :)  May blog or wait until return to bother, have to see.  Sitting on £8,161 for Nov so i guess i can afford to do my tits on the live 5/5plo.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Burnt Out

Totally drained today, just had to stop early evening and take rest of night off.    Not surprised and didnt win or lose anything.   Only raked about half of usual.  No harm done and prob do similar tommorrow except reverse as i wont be logging on until the evening.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Steady Enough

Only 3 more days until i will have at least 1 complete day off from online poker.  Def need it.   Today was kind of dull , the games were ok but only got good right near the end when i was tired :(   Got off to a flyer winning about £400 in first 10minutes.  Stayed above that all day until 5 minutes before the end when i lose with a nut flush draw and big wrap for $700 on 1/2 (vs a pair and blocker f draw).  Still finished up just under £300 on the day which is still great i guess.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Worst And Best

Worst day for a while actually losing money at the tables.  Wasnt too bad though in region of £400-£500.   Best though was a promotion lucky hit of $1,100 and i also cleared my last bonus for a while of £380.  Hit new peak of £7,174 for the month :))

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hangover Of Hangovers

Somehow still managed to rake $380 today.  Only did $150 yesterday.   Intend to try and rake $500 a day Mon - Fri this week before a well earned holiday.   Made a few hundred £ yesterday but today ive made in the region of £600 + a £380 bonus.   I expect to hit a wall soon but i keep pinching myself thats its not happened just yet !   Profit sitting at a huge +£6,505 :))

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Mentally Draining Mental Day !!!

Another $500 raked.  Seemed easier today apart from the first 90mins at 10am.  I should have slept more and napped midday-2pm which sorted me right out.   Another crazy winnings day, games were just brilliant pretty much all afternoon and evening and i wasnt disappointed again running well in most of the bigger pots.

A key pot of the day was 3 handed at 3/6 hi lo where i saw a raised pot with KQJ10ssss.   Flop was Qx8s6s and i led with a chunky bet into the short stack who chucked his $90 in.  The big fish flatted as did i and the turn was Kx.  Fish leads 150, i put him in for 300odd more and he shows A488 !!!!  .   Ive still got plenty of outs and a king hits the river to take down roughly a $1,200  pot .   I just run good this month.  Im probably miles over ev but i dnt wnna used tracker at mo as it would probably scare me, lol.

Total profit for day including one of them £380odd bonuses i cleared is a massive £1,505 taking me to £5,343 for Nov.  No joy on spiking that $5,000 and i definitely wont play as much 2moz as im out all evening.  Still ill try to hammer it from Sunday again if not too hungover ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Very Long Day

Right 1:15am and just finished.   Longest day for ages and raked the target i was hoping.  That said i dont think i can handle this volume daily in any shape or form and will probably ease off to somewhere around 50% of the $500 gross rake ive achieved today.   I started just before midday and had 2 x hour breaks in there and obvious several 5-10 minute ones so reckon i played about 10.5 hours in the end.

Its been another great day with most of my profit coming from juicy hi lo games in the middle of the day.  £2,858------>£3,554 (cleared one £380 bonus in that and about to clear another early tommorrow).  plo was a big loser today, i just wasnt in the mood and it probably showed through into my results especially when i felt tired playing it.

OMG lol just realised ive hit another $450 in that promotion right at the end of the night again.  Happy days profits just gone to £3,838 !!!!!    Nice but still got tough decisions now whether to keep flat out and try and spike the $5,000 which is within my grasp, hmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dried Up But Sucked In

If i wasnt about to go on holiday i would only see the good side of what appears to have just happened.  I wont go into detail but the promotion i was half chasing has just lucked me $650.   Its highly likely i will get another $450 at some point but now because of those prizes theres a decent chance of a $5,000 bonus.    To achieve this i would need to be lucky and/or put in huge volume to maximise my chances.   Theres no clear reward though and i could in theory end up with little more.   Whilst ive felt ive put good volume in over the last 3 days i would need to almost exactly double that to maximise my chances and it would need to be every day really.  Im not playing more tonight as im drained and need to sleep on this and think about plans of action. 

Games were dried up today for me but maybe that was because they were just sooooo good Mon/Tues.  Didnt really make any money but cleared bonus on another site for about £120 and that $650 for the promo was credit too so its pushed me up to peak +£2,858.   Very close to clearing another £380 too so hopefully more good stuff to report in another 24 hours :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bottle That Attitude

Must be sommat in the water at the mo as im putting in great volume, enjoying the majority of it, and both playing and running good.   Made most of my money at the start and end sessions today but in the middle i should have been stacked 3 or 4 times in quick succession but managed to only get stacked once. I might have got away from that had i not used part of my timebank before the hand.

Raked in the region of $400 , cleared a £380 bonus (and 60% of the next one!) and made poker profit in the region of £600.   The best bit of it all is i didnt play any hands at all above 2/4 (and most was 1/2 or .5/1) so it was truly a really really good day.  Getting committed to a promotion a bit although its weird and i might achieve the bonus i "should" get in the next 24hours or in weeks, theres a luck factor to it.  Ideally this will come before i go on hols as i dont want to feel obliged to play online at that time.  Still anything that motivates me to put the hours in is only a good thing while im not sick of it for a change !

Peak of  +£2,440 for Nov, expecting similar volume tommorrow if in the mood, hope to keep it going up.  Sorry for lack of hands, i did try to memorise a few interesting ones today but im so tired i cant even be bothered to think about them.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Decent Day

Despite drinking 3 days on the trot i still managed to play about 8 hours today.  The latter ones were all break even but my afternoon session was excellent with lots of fish about and lots of run good to report.

Since 2nd Nov i've kind of been in freefall and dropped from +£2,000 to only +£600ish over several days and sessions.  Today however saw me rake a lot and build that profit back up to +£1,380.

Played my supernova 1million$ freeroll Saturday and got the usual reminder of my hate for nlh.  Sit there building stack from 10k up to over 20k without any allins.  Call an allin for 1/3 stack with KQ and lose to A9off.  Rebuild stack back up to 22k with blinds now at 500/1k it was still a good stack with 2000/5500 left and 1000 getting paid.  Average stack 26k and i get it in KK vs QQ to lose a 48k pot :(  

Plan to try and play a lot this week starting with 2moz and hopefully up to Friday unless i get sick of it.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Hindsight Day Off

Stuck between thinking i was just being lazy cos ive started so well and not being in the mood to play.  Decided it was the first so played anyway and escaped a level afternoon.  Wasnt so fortunate in the evening though and shut down after less than 2 hours when i realised i really just wasnt in the mood today and should have had a day off.  Result -£500 and only self to blame although i did run bad on high mixed games again, will have to give them a wide berth from now on.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Good Day, Bad Finish

Bit frustrated as i write this as nothing seemed to go right in the last session.  Games were limited but i did find some juicy ones but rivers were killing me and right at the end i got 1 outted to pretty much sum the post midnight session up.   Lost £300 that session but overall it was another really really good day making about £500 profit and clearing that bonus for nearly £400 more.   Must not get carried away though, that last session reminded me how easy the profit can get wiped out.  Didnt play higher than 3/6 today and that was only like 12 hands.  Ran well early on 2/4 plo scooping a $1,200 pot and generally the hi lo alongside was very steady too.  Oh did play 10/20 8game for a small period as big fish there but no joy and took a knock there also in the last session as well.  Another solid day under my belt anyway.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bumper Start

Pretty wild day overall, try and sum it up below.

First session was best in terms of winning stacks but was at lower stakes.   It gave me a cushion though as i started the next session about +£600 and soon lost that on 1 huge pot at 5/10 missing up and down straight and flush outs vs a made straight in a reraised pot preflop.  Fortunately on a diff site i ran good at 3/6 an hour or so later and left a $600 buyin table with about $1,500.  

I played a lot more hi lo games today for a change but still mixed in a reasonable portion of plo as well.  The dabbles in 3/6 and 5/10 were small and majority was 1/2 and 2/4.   The hi lo went really really well, only really losing near the end to a couple of runner runner types but i really cant complain as its been a really decent day to start the month on.  

Im sitting on +£818 and probably raked over $300 today.   Almost cleared a £380 bonus so it will be interesting to see if the curse of last months bonus clearing is still there when i return tommorrow and try to wipe that out before i make it !!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October Figures

Just about to tally up final figures and take an early night after playing over 10 hours today at the tables.   Was a volatile day losing loads to start with and i was down about £1,200 wiping out my months profit early during that first session.   That session lasted 5 hours and by the end of it though i was only -£600 for it.    

The 2 shorter evening sessions saw me fair better.  All sessions have been on anything from 1/2 up to 5/10 and there was a point i almost sat 10/20 where a big fish was but couldnt do it as i knew i would have played a bit scared which you just cant do in plo.  

I think i will continue with the stakes ive been on the last few days and see how i fair.  I should probably put some sort of stop loss in place but i wont be playing much after the 19th when im abroad anyway so i think this month i will just stop if i get into an comfortable hole or at least ban myself from certain stakes should the need arise.   The next 2 months will be full of experimentation just like last year so see what games i will attack in 2012.   I think ive got a good balance going at the monent and seem to be enjoying it a bit more and even coping better than i would expect to when i do lose a stack or 2 in a row.  Will definitely play some live plo in the Caribbean too which is normally 5/5.

Final figure is  +£1,904 which im happy with.   Ive cleared a lot of bonuses which essentially make up that profit but on the other side ive probably raked somewhere around $4,000 which is more than i normally would have.   Looking back i know i hardly played the first week or 10days so actually ive done really really good volume since then and of course theres more rake at higher stakes.

Happy hunting people !