Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Review

Didnt play tonight. A rollercoaster throughout the month with profits reaching just over £10,000 before dropping back to under £3000. Finally finished at £7,392. If i do decide to play Thanet GUKPT though i will take the reduced buy in out of that profit so it will be in the region of £6,500.

95% cash games and some good rakeback due for a couple of sites. Hopefully get some cash through from Littlewoods in October for the EPT/CPC package too.

Still need to take the game a bit more seriously when im well up for a month early and not get complacent. Easier said than done as are the drunken dodgy agression sessions.

Basically hoping for another good month in October to set me up for all the live games in November. In fact i will roll myself more in November if i sustain the profit level of the last couple of months.

Probs Again

Totally livid again. A few sick outdraws for huge pots set me off and tilted a significant chunk off again. My own fault shouldnt have been playing as tired but didnt fancy anything else so really was playing to avoid boredom = dumb.

So lost my head, my mind and my money, thank *** its the end of the month which is still a good month profit wise. Maybe i should avoid playing 2moz but ill c what mood im in.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part 2

Wasnt too wild on the poker front in end as crashed at mates but did hav a small dabble. Had lost £400 b4 i went out in 30mins but managed to get half that back in the drunken early hours.

Sry but no more to say, dullest post of the year i know.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Part 1

1st drunk installment is good, raped 10/20 hi lo and made a wad that almost matches what i lost last Saturday !

Will it last out tommorrow when i know i'll be more drunk though !

Look out for part 2 coming sooooooooooooooooooooon

Friday, September 26, 2008

Calm Before The Storm ?

Been playing loads and loads last couple of days. Only break even Wednesday but made a few hundred £ tonight on usual hi lo games. Was more trying to clear a couple of bonuses which are almost done now.

Im now basically back to where i was before my last drunken session. Will i be able to resist playing this weekend if i have a few ? Will i lose my head and a wad again or maybe get lucky :) Who knows, i write this now in the hope i might be a tad more disciplined than last Saturday when i bust 2 of my accounts :(

On another note im considering playing the next GUKPT event in Thanet (Kent i think) a couple of weeks into October. Will decide in about a week but kind of makes sense as its been a while since live stuff. Also i have 2 x $270 tokens to use up in satellites but given my reluctance to play online mtts im confident they will let me trade them towards the £1060 buy in. If so i'll feel like im in at a reduced buyin which is always handy on the mental side of things.

Right off now hopefully for a lack of poker weekend, i know ive played more than enough this week !!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Drunk Funds

Didnt play Sunday combo of hangova and thought a day off needed after that drop sat night.
I managed to bust 2 sites Sat night. 1 of which i will leave as expecting a credit due soon. The other wouldnt let me deposit today so 2 networks kinda out of action for the time being !

So with just 2 sites to choose from (for hi lo) i sat today late afternoon on 1/2 & 2/4 for an hour then again this evening for several hours. I know i ran very good but i also played well with no tilt and managed to claw back a significant chunk of the Sat night losses.

Few more days yet before the weekend but if todays profit survives until then it will be a personal battle to not risk/lose it drunk again but hopefully at least it will be there and thats better than playing when down for the month :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Dear

Becoming a familiar story this month unfortunately. After a steady few days i lost a huge chunk last night drunk again. Im still in profit for the month but all my hard work last week undone in a few hours and still one more weekend left in the month to try and avoid blowing more. Get a grip... again !

Friday, September 19, 2008

November Holiday Schedule

For my use really may even repost it closer to departure.

04.11.08: 6pm Train in Exeter for Gatwick to hotel

05.11.08: 10:45am Virgin Flight to Las Vegas
05.11.08 - 15.11.08: HGVC Hotel Las Vegas (usual one link on blog)

15.11.08: 6:05am American Airlines Flight to Miami
15.11.08: Hilton Miami
16.11.08 - 23.11.08: Caribbean Poker Cruise

23.11.08: 9:15pm Virgin Flight to Heathrow
24.11.08: Home asap

Good Times

That last post stuck in my head and 95% of my play has been grinding successfully the last few days on lowish stakes tables. The only point of concern was a great afternoon today before i proceeded to donate back this evening with some nasty tilt. I got over it though and got lucky again to go even further up than i was in the afternoon !

Weekend approaching just a short reminder to myself to not push my luck although not yet sure if drinking as had a cold all week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hard Times

Profit dropped again significantly last night. Real moody again at the tables which i aint been for a while but definitely caused some arrogant tilt which cost me on at least one site.

Earlier i had entered 4 mtts for first time in ages, highlight losing flush draw and gutshot vs overpair to have gone 1/58 from a 200 runner 50euro rebuy. Maybe that got under my skin or some cash games outdraws but lost it again, all be it sober this time.

Anyway to sum up, need to get some respect for the game again. As arrogant as it sounds i know ive been winning too easily the last couple of months. Result = its far to easy to sit down and just assume im gonna win every time without putting proper effort or focus in. Ive done a load of withdrawals today partly cos i dont trust myself to stay at a steady stake level and partly to encourage me to grind again at the lower level despite still being approx £4000 up on this month. My poker roll sitting in accounts is lowest for months now which is obviously deliberate and tactics which i hope will change my mindset at least for the 2nd half of September anyway.

Hope i dont play today but happy hunting to those that do !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Problem Solved Just Dont Get Drunk

Didnt touch the casino last night, miles more hammered than night b4 though and attacked high stakes poker. Basically lost huge chunk. At end of day if i compare monthly profit now with what it was Thursday its the same although it has swung both ways like nuts. Ah well at least i wont be drunk until next Friday, maybe i try hiding the Laptop (WJVR techinique) when im goin out drinking. Who knows ah well know i had good night out anyway :):):)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forget Banning Drunk Poker BAN DRUNK BLACKJACK

So basically last Friday i accidently clicked on a blackjack icon on a poker table and risked chunky money but got away with it with a lucky streak to win a nice chunk. Reality hits home today i was lucky not to bust my monthly profit playing eyewateringly high $ per hand last night, basically max $ per hand allowed on that site but wont say what that was. I went down a few bets and was more likely to bust that account than "escape" but escape i did and managed to stop a few bets up.

Reason for post = i know im drinkin tonight as well and i do not want a repeat of drunk Friday blackjack even though ive got away with it twice this month i know its a ticking time bomb to a big loss.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Bookings

International flights sorted - into Vegas 5th Nov (my birthday) - return from Miami on the 23rd Nov

Still to book list (for my info really)

Gatwick Hotel
Vegas Hotel
Internal flight to Miami on the 15th Nov

Right onto poker, played loads tonight as know i wont play so much next few days as normal with weekends nowadays. Lost an absolute huge wad before recovering some and i guess im not too unhappy about losing £900-1000 on the day given all circumstances put together. Terrible in chat box again, just cant help myself far too often.

Awaiting approximately $6000 cash element of that EPT package used for CPC, hoping it will come before end of the month to boost me up. Months profit is still v good but lost my focus and discipline a bit last week and havent won nething before tonights loss which is first week for a while.

Pete or Kev if u read this get booked on CPC u know u wnna.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Registration Confirmation: Caribbean Poker Classic

Despite an excellent start to September i havent been getting into the games the last few days. Hopefully that will change now im confirmed on part of the Caribbean Poker Classic 2008. That EPT package i had on hold for 6 months has been used for what i hope should be a great holiday with a bonus chance of money obviously.

$10K CPC Main Package
• Stateroom for two with complimentary meal plan
• $2500+$200 Main Event buy-in
• $2300 in tournament vouchers
• $2000 cash for travel and expenses

I also think i will get the difference between 10,000euros and 10,000$ credit to my account also this month.


I feel excited already ! Anyway i havent mentioned i think im going to go to Las Vegas the week before as well, have to sort that out and the flights asap so i can relax.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Aug Review

Just quick post as knackered from a 14 hour road trip return from holiday.

Played less mtts than have done for months, stuck to cash mainly omaha hi lo and omaha with some other bits in there too. Had 1 drunken bad gamble but 2 drunken good gambles (so basically got away with 2/3 so lucky there i guess).

End result best month since Feb and definitely best profit made almost solely from cash games. +£10,735

Weather was awful so i did play a lot the first few weeks of August but less last 1/3 on holiday. A fair chunk of rakeback goes into the base of September anyway.

Bloggin = same, eg keepin goin at least once a month but dnt expect many posts.