Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Drunk Funds

Didnt play Sunday combo of hangova and thought a day off needed after that drop sat night.
I managed to bust 2 sites Sat night. 1 of which i will leave as expecting a credit due soon. The other wouldnt let me deposit today so 2 networks kinda out of action for the time being !

So with just 2 sites to choose from (for hi lo) i sat today late afternoon on 1/2 & 2/4 for an hour then again this evening for several hours. I know i ran very good but i also played well with no tilt and managed to claw back a significant chunk of the Sat night losses.

Few more days yet before the weekend but if todays profit survives until then it will be a personal battle to not risk/lose it drunk again but hopefully at least it will be there and thats better than playing when down for the month :)

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